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The Roots Playlist for Jimmy Fallon’s 5K

Yesterday Jimmy Fallon more or less announced he’s going to take on a 5K. We love this news! For new runners, it’s an excellent goal to set for yourself. Those 3.1 miles aren’t extreme and are completely manageable. He’s doing it the right way and seeking out a little training guidance. He asked Twitter which app he should use and the unanimous vote was for Couch to 5K, our choice, too.

Jimmy already tweeted that he might give up. We think that’s nonsense. So, to keep him motivated, we’ve come up with a The Roots playlist. He might be able to slow jam his way through the news, but he’s going to need some bumping beats to carry him through a 5K.

The best runners have a little support from their friends, and what better support than music from your very own house band?

Jimmy, load up your iPod with these songs* from The Roots: (more…)

Jimmy Fallon to Take on Couch to 5K

Most people get up and run first thing in the morning. Comedian Jimmy Fallon tweeted about it. The first tweet from his @JimmyFallon account this morning was asking his more than 5.3 million followers which app he could use to start running a 5K.

“Any good ‘learn to run a 5k’ apps out there that you guys like? Theres a bunch, but which one is good?”

It sounds like the late night talk show host wants get up from behind the desk and move a bit more. Maybe the visit from President Obama, aka the Preezy of the United Steezy, inspired him to go after the PALA, the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. He has already worked out with Michelle Obama. Or maybe he’s setting us up for an awesome bit on the show. We tweeted out a request to find out what his motivation is, but haven’t yet heard back.

App suggestions of course poured in, as did one message to skip the app altogether. @FatTonysMacbook suggested, “You could always just…run,” to which Fallon replied, “nah… too easy.”

Nothing worth having ever came easy, Jimmy! (more…)

Michelle Obama Works Out Jimmy Fallon at the White House [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon in spandex at the White House? Where’s Secret Service or a good watch dog when you need them?

The first lady continues a marathon promotion for her Let’s Move initiative’s second anniversary with an appearance tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. In one of the grand rooms of the White House, Michelle challenges Jimmy to a field day-like competition. Only after he changes out of the spandex and in to proper workout attire.

After announcing at a press conference that the first lady would “be willing to make a complete fool of myself to get kids moving,” Jimmy wanted to take full advantage. However, as you’ll see in this clip from last night’s episode, Michelle more or less whips Jimmy at each competition. Who’s the fool now?


Jimmy Fallon’s Pre-Emmy Diet Involves Crunches with The Situation

The biggest night in television is just days away, and everyone in Hollywood is preparing. The 62nd annual Emmy Awards will air this Sunday, August 29 on NBC and for the first time in more than 30 years will be live on both coasts. Hosting this year is late night funny man Jimmy Fallon, who says he’s proud of the work they’ve done for this year’s show and is so excited about everyone seeing it he wishes they could just air it early.

We had a chance to speak with Jimmy as he took a break from rehearsals at the Nokia Theater in Hollywood. He said one of the biggest challenges facing him in preparation for the show has been keeping his weight down. It seems as though the ladies aren’t the only ones trying to lose weight before their red carpet appearances, Jimmy as well “just wants to lose weight.” He said if you were to ask him what he’s wearing, he’ll tell you Spanx made by Tom Ford.

Listen now to hear more with Jimmy and how he’s ensuring the tux fits Sunday night. His tactics may involve 5,000 crunches a day with Jersey Shore‘s The Situation. He also talks about the weight loss show he enjoys, and which he thinks has “derailed.”