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Biggest Loser 14 Official Trailer Reveals New Contestants, New Logo, and New Theme

They’re back and not necessarily bigger than ever, but definitely younger! NBC’s Biggest Loser will return to prime time on January 6 for the much-anticipated season premier of the show’s 14th season. A season off has allowed the producers to refocus and (we hope) select a cast as inspiring and motivated as some of the show’s most popular contestants ever. In this official trailer released by NBC, we have a feeling we got just what we asked for!

Jillian Michaels returns to Biggest Loser this season, joining forces in the gym with Dolvett and Bob, as they “Challenge America,” the new theme for this year. We’ve seen the biggest contestants before, but this time they’re introducing us to their youngest contestants – three teens under the age of 18. The show has been a force in impacting the obesity epidemic in our country, but now they’re going to show how we can all impact childhood obesity, too. (more…)

Jillian Michaels is a “Light Workout Day” in Jennifer’s Weight Loss Journey

“I’ve dropped 7 points off my BMI,” was a recent tweet posted by Jennifer S. That’s quite an accomplishment, considering in February this year, she, standing at just over five-feet tall, weighed 301 pounds. As of last week, she’s down to 265 pounds!

We introduced Jennifer last month as she took her weight loss plans from just-getting-started to hitting-it-hard. We armed her with Jillian Michaels’ BodyMedia arm band and her new Body Revolution 12-DVD series, as well as plenty of her own determination. We’re pleased to hear she’s doing so well.

“I’m trying to keep it positive most of the time,” she told us about her journey so far. It can be a struggle when you have more than 100 pounds to lose, but with the right kind of attitude it can be a healthy adventure.

She’s still using Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution at levels one and two. She says you’re supposed to go up a level every two weeks, but she’s just not comfortable making that transition yet.

“It’s not geared toward someone in the obese category or with my knee problems,” Jennifer said of the DVD. She likes the workouts, tweets about how intense they are, but is also smart enough to listen to her body and not push herself to the danger zone (she had a partial knee replacement in June and has been cleared to workout by her doctor). She laughs telling us that she uses the Jillian DVDs for her “light days” on Wednesday and Sunday. “If you can imagine!” (more…)

HealthBuzz September 7: Jillian Michaels Returns to Biggest Loser, Creating a Workout Schedule, and Last Chance Summer Recipes

It’s the first Friday and the first weekend of September, which means it is time for some healthy news! This week’s HealthBuzz consist of hot headlines from DIR and our partner sites, like HelloGiggles, FitBottomedGirls, Bob Greene’s Best Life, and a mouth-watering recipe from Truvia.

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Jillian Michaels Announces Return to Biggest Loser With a Big Twist [VIDEO]

Jillian Michaels left the Biggest Loser in May 2011, and earlier this week she announced that she will be returning to the program’s 14th season in January. The next Biggest Loser will be unlike the previous 13 seasons as they tackle childhood obesity off the ranch.

Candice Ball Lost 41 Pounds with P90X and Insanity

Candice Ball of New York City had been struggling with her weight a majority of her life. Embarrassed by her body, Candice developed a low confidence level. In December of 2011, she decided to shed her unhealthy weight and change her lifestyle by using two of the most powerful weight loss methods available.

National Yoga Month Educates the World About Yoga’s Health Benefits

September is national yoga awareness month. Yogis love to spread the word and love of yoga to those who aren’t familiar with the practice. Our resident yoga expert, Jill Lawson, educates our readers on the history and health benefits of yoga. (more…)

Jillian Michaels Announces Return to Biggest Loser With a Big Twist [VIDEO]

Jillian Michaels appeared on the TODAY Show this morning to make a big announcement concerning her relationship with America’s favorite weight loss show, The Biggest Loser. The top trainer was excited to share that she will be returning to the show for the next season in January, but the contestants won’t be who you may suspect.

“The show has chosen to take on something very controversial,” Michaels told TODAY. “They’re going to go after childhood obesity.”

At what seems the height of our nation’s childhood obesity epidemic, perhaps the most recognized weight loss show ever has decided to step in and help battle the bulge. Michaels explained that there will be three teens on each team ages 13-17, however, unlike the original show’s format they’re not going to be on the ranch and they won’t be competing.

Because weight loss for children can be a touchy subject and Michaels is not the most delicate of trainers, some are concerned that the show may end up taking the issue too far. But Michaels assured that it’s something she and the show’s producers recognize needs to be handled with care. The bottom line is, she stressed, childhood obesity needs to be addressed.

To ensure they’re approaching childhood weight loss professionally, sensitively and effectively, the Biggest Loser has reportedly already consulted experts and child psychologists to equip the trainers to coach the children in positive and healthy ways. Instead of focusing on a number, they’ll be equipping the teens with healthy habits that will last them a lifetime. (more…)

INFOGRAPHIC: The Most Famous Celebrity Fitness Experts Include Jack LaLanne, Jane Fonda, and Jillian Michaels

We’ve turned working out in to an all-star career. While most personal trainers toil away in gyms across the nation, a few rise to become household names. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone suggest what they’d give for even an hour with Jillian Michaels.

The former Biggest Loser trainer is probably the most well-known celebrity trainer these days, with a media empire rivaled by very few. Her face and name are on everything from DVDs and gym equipment to workout clothes and supplements. If you want to lose weight, Jillian Michaels seems to light the way.

She’s not the first to have lead overweight Americans to their goals without ever having met. Richard Simmons, Billy Blanks, and Suzanne Somers are just a few of the famous fit faces highlighted in this poster from The Flex Belt. (more…)

The Beginning of this True Weight Loss Story Starts with BodyMedia and Jillian Michaels

We love sharing true weight loss stories, and do so as often as we can. Each one is truly inspiring and can always connect with so many of us on so many different levels. It’s hard not to see ourselves in the faces, trials, and successes of each of these individuals.

It’s not often, though, that we get to catch a weight loss story in the act, and we’re excited to do that with Jennifer S. from Wichita, KS. I met Jennifer earlier this year and, like most people, was instantly drawn to her larger than life charisma and personality. Not long after we met, I started seeing her posts on Twitter mention how many calories she’d had in a meal or photos of slimmed down meals. She was trying to lose weight, and going about it in a healthy way.

“I just started eating differently,” she said. With that, her weight loss journey begun at 301 pounds this past February. Today, she’s down 30 pounds weighing in at 270 pounds. As for a goal on the scale, she doesn’t have one. Her attitude there is pretty balanced.

“I just want to be able to be active and play in league sports (like I did in high school) if I want to,” she told me. Jennifer is also looking forward to getting off of her meds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

When I learned of Jennifer’s weight loss goals this past spring, I knew I wanted to support and champion her journey. But I knew my Tweets would only go so far. That’s when I decided to do something that would help both of us out!

We received Jillian Michaels’ BodyMedia arm band and her new Body Revolution 12-DVD series. I decided to put both of those tools to a true test and invited Jennifer to try them, provided she shared her progress and opinions with us. And that’s what she’s doing! (more…)

Neon Colors Brighten Fitness Attire and Workouts This Summer

One of the biggest fashion trends of the season is not hard to miss. It’s neon! Reminiscent of the glowing 80s, the bright colors are getting official fashion endorsements across the media. E! News’ Giuliana Rancic was amongst the first to announce the style trend, as the fashion expert told viewers bright colors, particularly neon, would be the color to wear this summer.

Why neon for this season? As reported by The Washington Post, Ann Narayanan, VP of Women’s Merchandising for Old Navy, offered her opinion. “This is the season of color: color on color, color back to neutrals. Neons are just one of the amazing color trends that are important right now.”

Neon is an attention grabber, it screams “Look at me!” Marissa Rosenblum, Seventeen senior editor, comments on this season’s color trend, “The highlighter colors have evolved this season into accessories, beauty products, and outwear. There are still the T-shirts, colored jeans, hoodies, and athletic apparel.”

Bright colors aren’t just for the catwalk, neon has made its way onto fitness apparel, too. Even running shoes like Brooks are brighter that ever with plenty of unconventional shades and designs. It’s hard to miss the neon when walking into a sports store this season. Brands like Nike, UnderArmor, and Jillian Michaels K-Swiss collection have fused neon into their shorts, sports bras, shirts, tanks, and even socks! (more…)

Katy Perry is Popchips’ New Pop Star Endorser

A pop star signed to be the spokesperson for Popchips! Today’s news that Katy Perry will now be representing the “healthy” chip brand seems like a pretty perfect match. As perfect a match as salt, vinegar, and crispy potatoes.

More and more music stars are branching out from behind the microphone these days and creating personal brands that extend from perfume to clothes, and apparently potato chips. In a press release from the brand they name Perry as not only a new celebrity representative but also an investor. The singer will be working with them as a creative partner.

She isn’t the first famous face to enjoy this tasty snack. Ashton Kutcher is featured in advertisements for the brand; Katy’s face will start donning ads this fall. The campaign will be their first national advertising push, and “will combine Katy’s unique style and personality with our mission to put the fun back in snacking,” said a release at Popchips.com. (more…)

Free Workout Videos With Top Fitness Trainers on the BeFit YouTube Channel

OK YouTube users, if you haven’t heard of it already, it’s time you do. BeFit is YouTube’s newest destination for fitness content from
Lionsgate. What is it? It’s a website filled with free workout videos for anyone and everyone, and one of the best parts about it is many of them are lead by some of the top trainers in the fitness industry such as Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin and Jane Fonda.

Another great thing about BeFit is the wide range of different videos. Maybe you like to focus on specific workouts like Pilates, yoga, and abdominals, or maybe you just want to dance and have a good time while burning calories. Either way, they’ve got it all. Each day a new workout is featured on the homepage and you can currently find about 189 different videos uploaded onto the site.

Right now the highlight of the site is their new 90-day workout program with the purpose of quick results. There’s a playlist of different workout videos for each day of the program. You can expect to perform workouts involvoing strength, cardio, flexibility, yoga, and high intensity drills. You’ll be instructed by two hosts, fitness trainers Samantha Clayton and Garret Amerine. (more…)

Jillian Michaels’ 3 Skinny Summer Cocktail Recipes

Cocktails and summer go hand-in-hand, but the calories take out all of the fun. Empty calories at that, you’re sipping on something that contributes nothing nutritionally but demands more of you at the gym. It’s practically a lose-lose. Except that there are ways to make “skinnier” cocktails, those with lower calories thanks to fresh ingredients rather than mixers.

“Some of these calories can end up being 600 calories, like a pina colada… rum and coke, all this crap is way way up there,” said Jillian Michaels about the calorie counts in popular cocktails. “But when you use little teeny bits of splashes of flavor, or fresh juices, soda water, and healthier things…the damage isn’t so bad.”

She’s one of the most popular and renowned fitness experts in the country, but did you know she’s also a former bartender? She created three cocktail recipes perfect for summer and each has 130 calories or less. That’s a steal that won’t land you in the gym a minute longer than you want to be. (more…)