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Biggest Loser Week 10 Recap

Last night’s episode of Biggest Loser will probably be one of the more memorable this season, for both the viewers and the contestants. From the contestant’s standpoint- spending a week with NFL stars Jerry Rice and Steve Young, as well as preparing Thanksgiving dinner with Chef Rocco- it doesn’t get much better than that!

Vicky was obviously the most excited, being a die-hard football fan, and Amy C. was obviously the least interested, something about not having ever watched a game. During the challenge I think everyone knew the blue team would work diligently to take out the black team, and that left Michelle steaming. They blue team then appeared to work diligently to hand the win to Vicky. She was, to say the least, ecstatic about winning her trip for four to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. Ed was the only one to walk away with $500 for catching the football. “Heba had already spent that money as soon as it touched my hands,” he remarked. (more…)