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Michael Phelps’ Diet Spoofed on SNL

During the Olympics, Michael Phelps’ diet was a hot topic of conversation. We shared with you his daily habit of consuming more than 10,000 calories. This past Saturday night, Michael poked fun at himself on SNL. The show was even sure to point out that unless you’re training and working out like Phelps does, it’s “almost certainly fatal” to subscribe to this approach.

Subway’s Jared Fogel even pointed out that “this diet sucks a footlong!”

Jared and Subway celebrate 10 years of weight loss

Jared Fogel, the “Subway Guy”, is on a nationwide tour promoting 10 years of maintaining his nearly 245 pound weight loss on what is now known as The Subway Diet. Amazing. He’s currently on a nationwide tour supported by a national campaign from Subway to celebrate and promote the achievement. You can sign his pants as a testament to your own commitment to follow a healthy diet and enjoy other interactive activities on the Subway site.

I’m really proud of him, and equally proud that Subway is beginning to take a serious stand in promoting healthy dining options. The new kid’s meal is terrific: Mini sub, raisins, yogurt, and low-fat milk. Subway is a healthier option than the USDA-subsidized school lunch your child eats everyday, and that was before the beef recall.

Diets In Review congrats Jared on such a monumental achievement in health and weight loss- and wish you luck in your continued efforts and success.