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Japan Cracks Down on Health Problems

Obesity isn’t just an American problem. We often think that we are the sole carrier of the torch, but it’s a global problem. Mexico, Argentina, Egypt, and Greece are only a few countries that have overweight rates (a BMI greater than or equal to 25) nearing the 70 percent mark, according to the World Health Organization.asian girl

Japan isn’t just “the Land of the Rising Sun”… but health care costs as well. The country is taking extreme measures to curtail expenses. The thing that is confusing is they are near the bottom of any list I see ranking overweight countries (by BMI). They are 163rd on the World Health Organization’s list of overweight (22 percent of the population).

Nevertheless, Japan’s health care costs have ballooned by 68 percent between 1989 and 2006, to $370 billion a year. Without doing a thorough analysis of everything that may be causing this increase in cost, maybe 1 in 5 people being overweight is enough for government officials to take action. (more…)

Japanese Weight Loss Plan is a ‘Nag’

The Japanese are known for some pretty off-the-wall game shows. Some are just weird, some unexplainable (maybe something lost in translation), but they are all interesting for their sheer wackiness.

Something else that I find myself a little lost on is a new Japanese weight loss plan. Metaboinfo.com has a pretty unique way to help you keep your eye on the prize – a virtual wife that will nag you to stay on track. I’m not sure if they offer nagging husbands for the ladies, which if not, would seem strange since most dieters are female.

The free service offers you one of four wives to choose from (and name) – a giggly maid, a cold businesswoman, a loving nurse, or a fashionable nail artist. (more…)