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How to Choose Your First 5K

A competitive swimmer into her teens and a cross-country runner in high school, Jane Couto, of MomGenerations.com, rediscovered her love for these sports only after a decade-long hiatus. She enjoys helping others rediscover – or discover for the first time – the rewards that come from an active lifestyle.

For many novice runners, a 5K is the ultimate first race. It’s a popular distance (3.1 miles), so finding one isn’t difficult. It’s long enough to require training, but short enough to be an attainable goal within a few months – or even weeks – depending on your fitness level.

Ready for the challenge? (The answer is “yes!”)  Here are some tips to help you choose your first 5K:

  • Race Size. Decide if you want your first experience to be a large, corporate-sponsored race with thousands of runners and a lot of fanfare, giving you the option to remain very anonymous. Or a smaller race, one to which you can bring a few proud fans and be sure they’ll see you as you run by and/or cross the finish line. There isn’t a right or wrong choice here – it’s a personal preference. (more…)