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Paul Bucich Lost 60 Pounds after Trading Late Night TV For Ironman Competitions

Paul Bucich, 38, of Ahwatukee, Arizona was your average active and athletic child growing up. It wasn’t until later in life that he fell into a string of bad habits that led him to put on a considerable amount of weight. Habits like watching television most evenings and consuming too much alcohol before and after meals sent his weight over 200 pounds, which came with some serious consequences.

Paul began to gain weight while in college thanks to heavy beer drinking and no longer participating in sports. Landing a desk job after college only further solidified his unhealthy lifestyle. At his heaviest, Paul weighed 210 pounds, but he wasn’t friends with anyone who exercised so it didn’t seem like a big deal.

Then in 2009 on a routine doctor visit Paul found out he had unusually high blood pressure for a male in his mid-30s and was prescribed high blood pressure medication. Paul had only taken this medication for a few months before he and his wife were challenged to a weight loss competition by a few of their family members. The prize was $400 and Paul wanted to win.

In addition to changing his eating to fit the 4-Hour Body diet, Paul also quit smoking and became more active. By the end of the competition, which lasted from April-May 2009, Paul was down 30 pounds, had completely given up cigarettes, and was off of his high blood pressure mediation. From there it was a slow but steady climb toward better health.

“I exercised after that and I did some cardio and started running. I couldn’t run more than 30 seconds when I started,” he said. “But if you push yourself pretty soon you’re running a minute, walking a minute. And then you’re running fast and jogging for a break between intervals.” (more…)