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Top 15 Running Tips to Build a Healthy Habit

If you are looking to start a new running program or routine in the New Year, here are some helpful hints and tips to build the healthy habit- and make it stick.

Top Fifteen Running Tips:

  1. It’s never to late to start: Regardless of your age, the benefits of running are plentiful, from increasing your energy levels to decreasing your risk of heart disease.
  2. Contact your physician: He/she will more than likely perform a physical on you to be sure that you are as healthy and as free from injury as possible.
  3. Partake in a running program: This will help you stay consistent and motivated. A running schedule will allow you to plan ahead and know what is to come.
  4. Start with a run/walk (interval) program: This will help allow you to fight through the toughness of beginning something new. Varying between running and walking allows you to catch your breath while improving your stamina. After a while, you will be able to jog the entire time.
  5. (more…)

Nike + iPod Sensor Tracks Your Every Move

I recently purchased the Nike + iPod Sensor for my iPhone and Nike running shoes and I am a total fan!

The Nike Sensor can be used with any iPod or iPhone. You simply buy the sensor and place it in the sole of the Nike + running shoe and sync it with your iPod or iPhone. The fitness program tracks your distance, time and calories burned. No more going on blind runs where you have no idea how far you have gone, minutes you have ran, or the number of calories you have burned.


The Geek Diet

Do you know more about gigabytes than healthy bites? The Geek Diet may be right for you. Do you know more about your iPod than a pedometer? Then the Geek Diet may be right for you. Before I get on a Jeff Foxworthy-like rant, let’s take a look at what makes this diet what it is.

The Geek Diet isn’t really about what you eat, but how you eat your food. Author Mark Faithfull’s mantra is this: “effective long term weight loss is about psychology not biology – we lose weight with our minds not our mouths.”

The book’s title is a nice marketing angle, but anyone can enjoy the read and take something from it. You might think there are complicated scientific formulas, but nothing as complicated as quantum physics. In fact, it’s elementary, my dear. Faithfull opts out of giving menus, stating that it gets more complicated that way. You’re given some basic rules that he says are easier to handle. Here’s a little more on the principles behind The Geek Diet.

iPod? Don’t leave home without it!

I’m one of those spring cleaners who get an early start, as in, as soon as the kids are back in school. So there I was cleaning out a tote bag, and lo and behold, I found my iPod! I was afraid I had lost it, so when I found it again, it was like finding a $20 dollar bill in the dryer.

As a 40-year old mother of two, I struggle to find time for physical activity. However, today was a different story. Since I found my iPod two days ago, I put it in my messenger bag, which I take with me everywhere I go. Then this morning, just like every other morning, I took my 8-year old to school via the public bus, dropped him off, and then picked up my morning coffee. As I was paying for the coffee, I saw the iPod, got excited, and put in my earbuds. Immediately, the sweet sounds of Prince filled my head, and my mood lifted. I smiled at a perfect stranger, and had to suppress my urge to dance. As I moved towards the bus stop for the return trip home, I heard a voice in my head say “let’s walk instead!”, and I listened.

Two miles later, made effortless by the dulcid tones of Tom Jones and Sheryl Crow, I’m home and I’m pumped, realizing that had I not had my iPod with me, I would have missed out on the perfect opportunity to burn about 250 calories. To find out how you can rekindle your iPod romance, click here.