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Pros and Cons of Learning Yoga from a DVD

It used to be that if you wanted to workout, you had to leave you house to hit the track, the gym or a nearby trail. Thanks to the surge in workout DVDs, getting an amazing workout can be done at home. The conveniences of working out at home are undeniable, but when it comes to certain forms of exercise, like yoga, there are also some drawbacks from simply slipping in a DVD and getting your “Om” on in the living room.

Here is a look at the pros and cons of learning yoga from a DVD. (more…)

Common Gym Injuries For Beginners

Beginning the gym process is often scary for most people- they fear the unknown. Don’t let the thought of joining a gym for the first time scare you. Everything will be alright and you will soon feel that you a part of a gym family.

Finding the right gym is often the toughest part. You definitely need to take in to account the distance you will be traveling, whether or not the gym has the right equipment (weights, day-care, fitness classes, etc.) to help you meet your needs, and reasonable memberships rates. The next step is to familiarize yourself with the workout process. Beginning a new fitness routine is rather challenging and often hazardous to the body if you’re not completely careful. I recommend contacting a fitness expert with questions or help with setting up a new fitness routine. Recent studies show that beginner gym “go-ers” are more likely to injure themselves compared to the entire gym population. Below is a list of injuries that you need to be aware of so you can be sure to steer clear of them.


Sneaky Ways to Squeeze in Stretching

If you’re anything like me, stretching is your least favorite part of a workout (even though you know you need to do it and it feels good!). Working on your flexibility is so important for injury prevention, improved circulation, alleviating muscle soreness and more! So, if you’re like me and have trouble finding time to stretch, try these three sneaky ways to squeeze stretching into your everyday routine. By working flexibility training into your usual routine, there are no excuses!

1. The great shower stretch. Stretching after you workout is so great because your muscles are warm. You know when else your muscles are warm? In the shower! Tack on a few extra minutes in the shower each morning to do some neck rolls, forward bends or even some chest or back stretches. Not only is it good for you, the warm water makes it feel fantastic!


Improve Posture for Surprising Health Benefits

Do you have good posture? Are you hunched over at your desk while typing on the computer? Proper posture may not seem like that big of a deal, but realistically, it truly is. Proper posture is about more than holding your head up high; it is crucial for eliminating any unnecessary strains to certain muscles, joints, bones, or organs.

With correct posture, you can look taller, slimmer, and come across as being extremely confident- all of which are “A-OK” in my book. (more…)

How to Communicate With Your Doctor About Fitness

We go to the doctor for many reasons, but usually not until we have to. Preventive care and health counseling is severely lacking among adults in this country. We spend countless amounts of dollars on dieting and exercise products, yet we spend very little time consulting professionals about it.

Your physical and mental health history can greatly determine which type of fitness path you should embark on. It’s always wise to consult your doctor about diet and exercise. Many dieters don’t make the effort to do so for one reason: they don’t know how. We talk to people everyday, but to truly communicate with our doctors (or other health and fitness professionals) there are some key strategies we can use.

Prepare yourself. More specifically, come prepared to ask questions. Write them all down beforehand so that you don’t go home and realize you forgot to mention something. Be very detailed with your questions. Make an effort to be specific. Doing so will prompt your doctor to be just as detailed with his answers. To avoid multiple (and unnecessary) visits, don’t forget to ask if there are specific diet and exercise techniques that your doctor recommends you stay far away from. Write down his answers for future reference. (more…)

Gym Mistakes You May Be Making

The gym is arguably the best place to get a workout. Many are open 24 hours, are stocked with the latest and greatest equipment and the vibe can push you to work out harder and longer than you would at home… if you avoid these common gym mistakes.

Sticking exclusively to cardio. Women especially tend to stick exclusively to cardio, and miss the opportunity for a well-rounded workout. Cardio is important, but so is strength training, and avoiding the weight room and machines will rob you of its benefits. Muscle boosts metabolism, builds sleek muscles and increases bone density, so don’t skip it. (more…)

How to Prevent and Treat Runners’ Chafing

Chafing is often thought of as just an irritating side effect of running, but that annoying itch can quickly turn into an open, bleeding wound that will have you thinking twice about your next race.

Chafing occurs by the combination of sweat and friction: either your clothing rubbing against your skin, or your skin rubbing together, like in between your thighs. There are a few ways to prevent chafing, however, and relieve its painful symptoms if the unfortunate happens to occur.

Friction is the chafing culprit, so lubrication is your best defense. To keep your skin from rubbing raw, apply a lubricant to notorious trouble areas, like your armpits, nipples and inner thighs. The tried and true favorites of avid runners are petroleum jelly, udder cream and bag balm, but any lubricant will work.  Many athletes also put lubricant on their feet to avoid blisters. (more…)

The Shaun White Workout for Snowboarding

Shaun White winning the gold in Vancouver.

Who is Shaun White? For those that don’t know, Shaun White is an Olympic snowboarder. He was born in the San Diego area in 1986 and has been skateboarding and snowboarding since he was six-years old. He overcame two major surgeries to correct a heart defect before the age of one, and he’s been proving himself as a champion ever since.

Shaun’s parents would take him to the local mountain range as often as possible (Mammoth Mountain). At the age of seven, Shaun entered his first amateur snowboard contest and won. This win earned him a bid to the nationals where he finished just outside of tenth place. His mom, Cathy, then sent a homemade video of Shaun’s snowboarding ability to Burton; who in-turn offered him a seven-year sponsor. He then turned pro at the ripe old age of 13. Shaun then went on to capture a gold medal in the halfpipe at the 2006 and more recently 2010 Winter Olympics. (more…)

11 Safety Tips For Runners

woman runningWhile the benefits of running are extensive, it can also have its down sides if you don’t take precautions to be a safe runner. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you hit the road to ensure you return short nothing more than breath and sweat!

1. Map your trail: Always figure out your path before you start your run as this will keep you from getting lost or ending up in a dangerous place.

2. Run during the day: Try to run during the day or follow a well-lit path. This will help prevent any possible danger that could happen at night.

3. Take a partner: A running buddy is always a safe bet in case of injury or to keep would-be assailants away. (more…)

Top 5 Upper Body Exercises to Prepare for Horseback Riding

woman riding horseHorseback riding is an amazing hobby and I wish that I could find the time to do more of it. I’ve been discussing workouts that help riders develop the strength needed. We’ve discussed the lower body exercises to help prepare your body for the jolts and shock of horseback riding, as well as the core strength needed to help you maintain proper posture.

Although your upper body is less of a factor, you still need to train it properly to prevent possible injury, soreness, and to help maintain good posture. (more…)