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5 Companies Fighting the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

With one in six children in the U.S. now considered obese, our nation has a big problem on its hands. But thankfully, some innovative companies are developing fun and healthy ways to help kids battle the bulge. 

The first idea is from brothers Ernest Ebio and David Catanghal who love doing Crossfit workouts and wanted their kids to be able to join in the fun. So they created a company called WOD (workout of the day) Toys, which sells kid-sized barbells, medicine balls and kettle bells for instants and toddlers.

The toys are safe for little ones to slug around as they weigh between one half to four pounds each, and are made with kid-friendly materials such as plastic, polyester and leather.

Since its inception, the company has seen near instant success and is already doing $10,000 in monthly sales. “Kids love to mimic their parents,” Ebio told CNN in a recent interview. “My daughter can be with us [now] and have fun with these toys while mommy and daddy work out. As she grows up, we hope she associates exercising with something fun and positive and develops a love for fitness.”