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Staying Healthy At The Race Track

It’s May in Indy, otherwise known as race season, which culminates Memorial Day weekend with The Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indianapolis 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. General lawn seating, where they allow grilling and camping, is only $20, so it’s a popular event to attend. Whether you prefer IRL, Formula 1, Nascar, or another type of racing, staying healthy at the track can seem like a challenge, but it does not have to be.

What to Drink
Alcohol is often a big part of attending a race. Although it is not necessary to enjoy the experience, many do want to drink since it is a day before a holiday. Beer is by far the most popular drink at any race; keep it light with our list of the Top Ten Lowest Calorie Beers. Drinking liquor can keep the calories low, but be careful what you mix with it. Water, club soda, diet tonic water, and diet sodas have no calories, but beware of the damage to your health diet sodas have been known to cause, such as heart attack or kidney problems.


Inside the Insane Mind of an Indy Mini Participant

indy-500-mini-marathonEven though I’ve never considered myself a runner, after being on the sidelines photographing for my marathoner/inspiration a couple of times, I signed myself up for the 2008 500 Festival Mini Marathon because everyone does it and it doesn’t feel overly competitive. It was my first race ever, and I was so impressed with myself. Starting back in corral Y I walked the first mile until I got through some of the mass of humanity. I started running and did not stop. Of course I signed up again!

In August I had surgery to repair a labreal tear in my hip joint from a 2006 injury. (Yes, I learned to run with that injury.) I told the surgeon and physical therapist that teaching dance is part of my income and I was going to run the mini again. Running had become an important escape for me. I probably started teaching dance before I should have and my recovery slowed. It was nearly Spring before I was allowed to start trying to run, and my training wasn’t very consistent. (more…)