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Crystal Light Pure Fitness Hydrates Naturally

Crystal Light was the first powdered drink mix on the scene that gave you a low-calorie and sugar-free way to stay hydrated and quench your thirst. While the diet drink brand has been around since 1982 (actress Linda Evans was the original spokesperson), Crystal Light continues to update its offerings that marry new exciting flavors with less processed ingredients.

Classic Crystal Light is artificially sweetened with aspartame (NutraSweet), the no-calorie sweetener, but with the recent popularity of the Stevia plant, a  reduced calorie sugar alternative, has spurred a new line of drink mixes, Crystal Light Pure Fitness with Truvia, the trademarked brand of Stevia. And that is why Crystal Light Pure Fitness is one of our latest Food Finds. (more…)

Your Emergency Post-Labor Day Detox Plan

Despite your best intentions for Labor Day, you partied your butt off, which means you downed more drinks and hot dogs than you can remember.

The ideal situation would have meant you nibbled on watermelon wedges and sipped club soda with a twist of lime all day, but it didn’t happen. So, instead of beating yourself up, let’s move forward, shall we?

I usually don’t like to use the word ‘detox’ because I feel it insinuates that your kidneys and liver need help to cleanse your body, which they don’t: they’ve been doing it since the beginning of time. After a few days, weeks or even years of filling your body with junk, however, sometimes you have to get a little strict with your diet and exercise to filter it out.

In order to bounce back from your BBQ indiscretions, you are going to have to start now, scale it back and keep reading. (more…)

Flavored Water Isn’t a Substitute for the Real Thing

Water is life. Water transports vital nutrients in your body and flushes out harmful toxins, while lubricating joints, aiding in digestion and regulating body temperature. Water is also essential for weight loss to keep your metabolism running efficiently to allow you to burn maximum fat while curbing those dehydration cravings that love to mask themselves as hunger.

You know all of this. You know you are supposed to drink your eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to keep you properly hydrated, especially while exercising. All too often, however, people make the mistake of thinking if something is liquid, or marketed as a beverage, it counts towards your water intake. Not so.

Some are obvious: soda, coffee, tea and anything else with caffeine actually works against you, dehydrating your system and leaching calcium from your bones. They also pack a caloric punch that will undo any burn you just put in at the gym. Those are no brainers. (more…)

Make Your Own Flavored Water to Save Calories and Money

Flavored Water RecipesIt’s important to stay hydrated in the hot summer months, so here are 10 great flavored water recipe ideas to add some zing to your water. You’ll enjoy quenching flavors, save tons of calories, and even some cash!

1. Add a shot of cranberry juice to club soda. Club soda is calorie-free and cranberry juice can help boost your immune system. It’s even great with a few chunks of fruit, you can use apples, strawberries, oranges or whatever else is on hand.

2. Dropping a lemon wedge in water is a common way to add flavor, but try another kind of citrus: grapefruit, lime, orange or Mandarin oranges. You can also get creative and mix them together. We love blood orange and grapefruit.

3. Crush up a few mint leaves. It’s nice to let a pitcher of this ice water sit in the fridge to really make the flavor come out. (more…)

Biggest Loser and Brita’s Filter For Good Partner for Season 8

brita filter for goodOnce again, you’ll see Biggest Loser contestants staying well-hydrated on campus, but not with disposable water bottles. For several seasons the contestants have relied on a partnership with Brita’s Filter For Good program to help them hydrate and save the planet.

All contestants, trainers, and other Biggest Loser staff receive Filter For Good Nalgene bottles (BPA-Free!) and keep those filled with refreshing water via Brita pitchers and faucet mounts found throughout the house and gym. This helps the campus save literally tens of thousands of bottles of waters each season, and prevent all that waste from hitting our landfills. (more…)

10 Week Wedding Fitness Plan: Week 8

wedding fitnessLast week we discussed core stability training and the importance of staying hydrated. Over the next few weeks, we are going to discuss the importance of stretching. Today, the topic is focused on self stretching.

Wedding Season Week 8:

“Learn to relax. Your body is precious, as it houses your mind and spirit. Inner peace begins with a relaxed body.” (Norman Vincent Peale)

Tip: Remember to warm-up and cool down before and after your workouts. I understand that it takes time away from the actual workout, but it’s worth it. (more…)

Some Benefits of Water

Eight glasses of water a day… it’s the mantra of a healthy diet that nearly every human on the planet knows. While there has been some minor debate as to the exact amount we need to ingest every day, there’s no denying that it’s a cornerstone to healthy living. You only have to go as far as understanding our anatomy for the light bulb to go off.

The human body is about 60% water. So, since more than half of you is H2O, don’t you think you should do your darnedest to get your daily intake? Here are a few of the benefits of getting enough water every day:
1. Let’s start with the biggie: weight loss. Everything that happens in your body depends on water. It helps flush out the by-products of your food digestion. Your kidney and liver function depend on it. If you aren’t getting enough, they aren’t working efficiently, which includes efficiently metabolizing fat.
2. Reduce hunger. Many times when you feel hungry, your brain is just tricked into believing it when in reality you’re just dehydrated.
3. Stay beautiful. Being hydrated means your skin will be healthy.
4. If you just aren’t going, get more water. Constipation isn’t fun. And it may be happening because you’re dehydrated.
5. It’s a money saver. If you’re drinking filtered water at home, just think how much you’d save not buying soda.