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Courtney’s Summer Challenge Week 3 – Get Your Hydration On

We are so proud of everyone who is taking on Courtney’s Summer Challenge! Two weeks down, ten to go, can you handle it? The answer is yes!

The week 3 challenge is just what we need for this heat wave. Courtney’s got three words for you: “Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!” Watch the video now to get started:

A special shout to TRICIA, who wins the week 2 prize! She’ll receive a DIR T-shirt and some free guac from our sponsor, Wholly Guacamole.

We are so proud of everyone who is taking on Courtney’s Summer Challenge! Two weeks down, ten to go, can you handle it? The answer is yes! 

The week 3 challenge is just what we need for this heat wave. Courtney’s got three words for you: “Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!” Watch the video now to get started:


A special shout to TRICIA, who wins the week 2 prize! She’ll receive a DIR T-shirt and some free guac from our sponsor, Wholly Guacamole.

Four Ways to Stay Cool During Record-Breaking Heat

With this week’s record breaking heat, which has been blamed for five deaths in Tennessee, Maryland and Wisconsin, some experts predict an unusually hot summer for the United States.

According to MSNBC.com,  a new study from Stanford University predicts that global climate change will lead permanently to unusually hot summers by the middle of the century. So, as the summers heat up, what can you do to stay cool and keep hydrated?

Lather Up: With excessive heat often comes excessive sunshine and no matter how much time you plan to spend outside, sun safety is critical for preventing skin cancer. Use sunscreen with an SPF30 or higher daily for protection and if you’re planning on spending the day outdoors, up the ante to an SPF45 or higher.


Helping Your Child Athlete with Hydration

Playing sports has a multitude of benefits for kids. Beyond the understood exercise, children learn time management, how to get along with other players, and most importantly, the necessity of teamwork. One of the most important, and least emphasized, skills that children will learn while playing sports is the necessity of proper nutrition and how it relates to both endurance and results.

Have you heard the saying, “You only get out of it what you put into it?” That saying seems tailor made for sports. As adults, we know the importance of fueling ourselves correctly, being certain to be adequately hydrated and well rested. These lessons are not usually at the forefront of a coach’s mind, however, and when you spend time ferrying your kids back and forth, it can often slip to the bottom of your priority list as well. After all, you’ve got to remember where the practice has been scheduled, remember to get the kids there on time AND the gear – something’s bound to slip your mind.

Arguably the most important aspect of the children/sports/nutrition triangle, and the one easiest to overlook, is hydration. Sure, we send our kids to practice and games with a water bottle – but do we make sure that they drink it all? And is the beverage that we’ve given them the best choice? How many of us have seen the swarm of players at the end of a game, grabbing a sugar sweetened drink pouch and thought to yourself, “Is that really the best beverage choice for a player who has just run for an hour?” Let’s take a look at hydration as it relates to the child or teen athlete.


Tips to Get Bathing Suit Ready Fast

Christina is a mom, registered nurse, and blogger. She fully admits to both a love of too much food and a love of the couch, two vices she struggles to overcome on a daily basis. In the past two years, she’s lost nearly 50 pounds through diet and exercise, some of it chronicled on her blog, Losing My Hind.

Bathing suit. *shudder*

In the past, just the words made me want to hide under my bed until the back-to-school sales started. I’d specifically avoid any events labeled “pool party” just to protect myself from being seen in a bathing suit. When I did need a suit, I’d agonize over shopping for one. After gaining a lot of weight post-baby, I purchased bathing suits with an eye on coverage, not fashion. Which of course meant I always went right for the skirted suits. The bigger the skirt, the better.

Let’s be honest, though: if you actually want to swim, bathing suit dresses are not comfortable. The fabric floats oddly in the pool, and when you get out the cold, wet fabric sticks and clings to your legs.


3 Ways to Easily Avoid Dehydration Dangers

Debra Roby is certified as a Personal Trainer through NASM. She trains private clients in the SF Bay area and is developing an online coaching business. She blogs at Weight for Deb.

When we get mildly dehydrated – simply missing one to three glasses of water throughout the day- the symptoms are often weight gain, confusion and a craving for sweets. Because we do not recognize these clues as “my body is thirsty”, we go about addressing these symptoms incorrectly. Often our “cures” -coffee or soda, salty or sweet snacks or even a nap- make the condition slightly worse instead of better.

We’ve learned it’s important to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Sipping from one glass each hour throughout the day keeps our cells hydrated. When we forget, our body pulls water from where it can find it -our urine, our intestines, and our blood-to insure that our cells can continue to function. When this fluid is pulled away, it leads to kidney stones, bladder infections, constipation and more. More chronic dehydration affects our brain, leaving us confused or unable to concentrate.


Top 10 Diet Tips for Weight Loss

Diet season is here and why not start it off with a bang? Below are the top ten diet tips that will help you be successful in 2011. Good luck and enjoy the new you!

Keep hydrated: Drinking plenty of water is not only vital for normal body functioning, but it helps keep cravings to a minimum.

Add to diet, don’t take away: Try adding the recommended servings of each food group to your diet instead of cutting calories. The ability to maintain a diet is crucial for the long-term weight loss process.

Limit night-time snacks: Make good choices about late night snacking. Obviously, cookies and a large glass of milk is not the way to go. If you do have a late-night craving, snack on a low fat, low calorie food like a piece of fruit.


Avoid Digestional Cramping During Exercise

Endurance athletes, especially runners, are no strangers to digestional cramping: that feeling during a good run or cardio session that has you sprinting towards the bathroom instead of the finish line.

Cramping and discomfort are extremely common among athletes and runners and have been known to hinder, slow, and some times even prevent performance. Unfortunately, there is no exact known cause for this discomfort. Several researches believe that the cause of the pain is the continuous shaking and jostling of the internal organs during an extended workout, often make worse by when and what is consumed as a pre-exercise meal or snack.

A recent study reported that drinking fruit drinks or drinks high in sugar, eating dairy, high-fiber foods, and carbohydrates just before or during exercise initiates the pain.  A few ways to help reduce the risk of digestional cramping is to warm up before exercise and to avoid eating large meals before your exercise session. The more food and liquid you have moving around in your system, the better the chance your bowels are going to object.


Your Thanksgiving Day Survival Guide

We all like to think of the holidays as everyone’s favorite time of year, where families get together over delicious food to share stories and make memories. In actuality, while the holidays are a great time, if everyone is being honest, the holidays are full of chaos, stress, over-eating and the occasional screaming match between over-involved loved ones.

Yes, we all do enjoy the holidays, and Thanksgiving is the kick-off holiday function for the months of more holidays to come. One of the biggest stressors of the holiday season? Food and weight gain. The solution? The best offense is a good defense- a plan to keep those creepy calories at bay. Thanksgiving is, in a sense, an entire holiday based around one gigantic meal, but with a well-laid plan in place, you’ll be able to make it through Turkey Day without your elastic pants. (more…)

We Love HINT Water

We all know that water is important to our health. Staying hydrated is easy in theory; just go fill up a glass of water. Sometimes, though, it can be a struggle to drink just one more glass of plain water.

When you are out doing errands or at lunch with friends, it can be tough to find a beverage that’s not full of high fructose corn syrup or is artificially sweetened. Sometimes, you want something with just a little flavor that won’t be a dietary bomb. That’s the theory behind HINT water. The website tag line says it all: Drink water, not sugar.

From their website: The idea behind Hint is simple: pure water, nature’s original refreshment, accented with a hint of natural flavor. No sugar, no artificial sweeteners: Hint is a refreshing alternative to sodas, juice and other sweetened drinks and it tastes great. (more…)

Have You Tried the Water Trick?

Water in a GlassNutritionists have long recommended drinking water before meals, to help you feel full sooner. But new research from Virginia Tech shows that people who drank two glasses of water before each meal consumed fewer calories and ate less than those who didn’t. Over the course of the 12-week study, the group that had water before eating lost five pounds more.

Participants in the study were middle-aged, but researchers think that the trick can help anyone. “We think the water helped them better manage their hunger and contributed to feeling full,” explained Brenda Davy, PhD, RD, Associate Professor in the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise at Virginia Tech.