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Nutritionist Joy Bauer Debuts “Joy’s Healthy Bite” on TODAY

America’s favorite nutritionist Joy Bauer, earned a little more air time this week. The star debuted a new segment on the TODAY Show this morning called “Joy’s Healthy Bite,” in which she covers the latest buzz in the health world including food trends, research findings and celebrity diets. 

We tuned in for today’s segment where Joy touted the health benefits of two of her favorite foods: Greek yogurt and avocados.

Joy reported that last week, the American Heart Association presented a study that showed people who regularly eat yogurt even just two to three times per week, are able to significantly reduce their risk for getting high blood pressure.

Not just any yogurt does the trick, Joy warns. Don’t pick yogurts that are high in fat and sugar. Instead look for those that are non- or low-fat, and then add your own sweeteners – about 1 teaspoon of sugar or honey – and a little fruit if you prefer. If you’re partial to buying flavors, Joy recommends checking the label to make sure there’s no more than 20 grams of sugar per serving.  (more…)

INFOGRAPHIC: Incentivizing Exercise Could Yield 360 Million Pounds Lost in the U.S.

From the time we are children we are encouraged to do things with some sort of bribe. Eating all of your dinner means you can have dessert. Cleaning your room means you can stay up late. Making good grades means a free ride to college. Making more sales for your company means a higher salary. So it seems natural that we’d want some sort of reward for losing weight and eating right.

New research from Humana confirms that “59% of Americans would be more motivated to exercise regularly if they were rewarded.” These rewards aren’t just a latte from your favorite coffee shop, but larger prizes and gifts like airline tickets, movie passes, music downloads, or even hotel stays.

This raises an important question – isn’t your health the prize? Isn’t looking better and feeling stronger the prize? Isn’t getting off of diabetes medication, high blood pressure medication, and cholesterol lowering medication and saving thousands of dollars a year the prize? (more…)

The ABCs of Back to School: Anxiety, Butterflies and Coping

The week of August 10 is Healthy Back to School Week at DietsInReview.com.

back to school suppliesAmy Acton works with Humana’s Innovation Center for Crumpleitup.com. Amy is an avid blogger and loves to write about children’s health issues and pet ownership concerns. A project manager by trade, writer by passion, she currently lives in Louisville, KY with her toy poodle Champagne. Her life’s philosophy is ‘wag more, bark less’.

The transition from summer to school can be stressful. The thought of experiencing a new school, new classmates, new teachers, new classes, new schedule, etc. all in one day could give anyone an emotional meltdown. It is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or scared on the first day of school. I have compiled some back to school survival tips to make the transition less stressful. (more…)

Humana Challenges Kids and Congress to a Race

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one out of every three children in the United States is overweight.Humana, the health and supplemental benefits company, has an interesting challenge underway to help combat that horrible statistic. It’s called The American Horsepower Challenge, which is a part of the Humana Games 4 Health.

Here’s a nice background video on the event, including interviews with participants: