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9 Places You Can Workout Next to a Celebrity in LA, New York, and Chicago

OMG! It’s really them! That moment you realize you’ve identified a celebrity in the wild, out amongst mere mortals, living “just like us,” can be rather thrilling. For those who live in LA or NYC, it’s all too common to dine next to the hottest faces and grocery shop elbow to elbow with leading ladies, but for people in the other 48 states, running in to a celebrity on vacation is one of the souvenirs you hope to collect.

If you’re planning an active vacation this summer, hit these workout hot spots and you’re likely to sweat right alongside an OMG-moment-worthy celeb.

Picture or it didn’t happen, your friends will say after your excited tweet. But should you even let them know you know it’s them?

“When I see celebs in the gym, I think it’s poor personal etiquette to approach them during their workout,” advised Dan Flores, RTSm, a master personal trainer based in New York City. “I value my personal gym time and would hate to be interrupted. I would approach them after they were finished and on their way out of the gym.”

— New York City

heidi klum russell simmons

Central Park is no stranger to the rich and famous; in fact, it’s practically their cardio playground. Free to enter, take your morning run to one of the most famous landmarks in the world and you’re sure to spot a name or two worth bragging about. Heidi Klum, Russell Simmons, and Gwyneth Paltrow are on the extremely short list of A-listers you’ll run or down-dog along with!

The Mark Hotel has a state-of-the-art fitness facility that rivals any gym getting your membership fees. Book your stay here, and your workout may coincide with that of Oprah, Sarah Silverman, Larry David, David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, and even dignitaries like the President of France! (more…)

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Shaping Up for a Healthy Pregnancy

If Alessandra Ambrosio‘s baby bump is five months along, then she was barely in her second trimester when she did the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November. It may have been the biggest secret of the night, as Ambrosio admits she told no one about her second pregnancy. The supermodel showed off her new bump while modeling this past weekend in San Paulo, Brazil.

We praised her pre-runway diet as she prepared for the lingerie brand’s annual televised fashion show. She doesn’t skip meals, indulges her cravings sometimes, and gets plenty of exercise. All of this is advisable for any woman, but these habits get top marks for a pregnant woman.

During her first pregnancy, with now 3-year-old daughter Anja, she apparently allowed herself to indulge quite a bit. Her trainer Leandro Carvalho said, at the time, that Ambrosio “had to pay the price” after enjoying too much Brazilian food and ice cream. She was ready for the 2019 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just three months after giving birth. How so? She used Carvalho’s Brazilian Buttlift workout, a fitness DVD program you can do at home that uses techniques like squats, lunges, ballet and the Brazilian fighting style capoeira. (more…)

Heidi Klum Diet and Fitness Secrets

Heidi KlumWe’re all saddened by the recent announcement that Heidi Klum is separating from her husband Seal, but we have to admit that she looks awesome. After 4 kids and 7 years of marriage, Klum can still rock the runway along with her many spokes model gigs anytime with her slamming figure. How does she do it? We did some digging to find out how she keeps her body in tip-top shape, even after several pregnancies.

Post Pregnancy Shape up

To get her figure back in just a couple months after giving birth, Klum used The Ultimate New York Body Plan, designed by personal trainer David Kirsch. This diet is strict and not for the faint of heart, but it works.

During the first two weeks, all foods that cause bloating are eliminated; this includes dairy, fruit and refined carbohydrates (carbs). After two weeks, fat-free dairy can be added back into the diet, but refined carbs are restricted throughout the diet timeline. Carbs with a low glycemic index such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains are allowed in small amounts. Alcohol, bread and starchy carbs are prohibited.

Proteins are a major ingredient. Good sources are lean meats, lentils and eggs. Klum often starts her day with a protein shake and then follows with an egg white and vegetable omelet a couple hours later. Nuts are allowed as a snack between meals.


Ultimate New York Body Plan Gets Results, but Not the Healthy Way

by Descygna Webb

Finding a diet that gets real results in a short amount of time can be a difficult and often unrealistic task. Many everyday people look to celebrities for their diet advice and seek to have those coveted movie star bodies. One diet that has been used by several celebrities is the Ultimate New York Body Plan by trainer David Kirsch. This diet offers a hardcore workout routine to whip you into shape quickly. This plan is only two weeks long and it includes both diet and fitness components. The Ultimate New York Body Plan will help you lose weight, increase your energy, tone muscles, and give you real results. Some of the celebrity clientele that have used this program include Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, James King and Liv Tyler.

The program has been proven and you start off by taking a fitness assessment to see your starting fitness level. If your fitness level is not high enough, you won’t be able to start the two week program. There is a pre-plan program for those that need to build up their fitness for the actual program. During the two week program, you do customized workouts everyday based on your fitness level. Many of Kirsch’s celebrity clients have spoken about the difficulty of the fitness component. You may be exercising for up to 90 minutes each day and both cardio and weight training are included.


Heidi Klum Launches Trendy Active Wear Line for New Balance

By Alicia Rose

The newest trend to hit lifestyle branding comes from supermodel and established fashion designer Heidi Klum, who has partnered with New Balance to launch her new fashion line Heidi Klum for New Balance. The active wear collection launched on October 7, 2019 on Amazon.com and not only includes standard pants, hoodies and sweatshirts, but versatile sweaters, leggings, tunics, woven and knit tops, and dresses.

“Heidi Klum for New Balance combines New Balance’s expertise in fit and form with Heidi’s commitment to sophisticated style to create a versatile collection for women that is both everyday wearable and luxurious,” said Kerry Kligerman, Executive Vice President of Apparel for New Balance.

Ranging in price from $32-$168 (US dollars) the collection pieces are available in America, Japan, United Kingdom and Klum’s home country of Germany, and she says she is excited to launch a collection that is easy to shop and stylish to wear. (more…)