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Garmin Forerunner is a Stroke of Genius

Every phase of life has some tool or product that could make it better. For me right now, since I am training for a marathon, my focus is running. I have found some great tools to help me in this and one of my favorites happens to be a Garmin.

Watch now as I explain what the Garmin Forerunner is and why it’s now a part of my fitness regimen.


Get a Hot Beach Bod with ‘Insane’ Workout

One of the biggest pleasures in life is enjoying the sunny beach and over-looking the ocean. It is definitely one of the finer creations on this great Earth.

Today, we’re going to look at my Insane Beach Workout, which will leave you tired, sweaty, sandy, and refreshed all at the same time. Anybody can get a hardcore workout at their local gym or fitness club, but the beach is where it’s at!

The total body Insane Beach Workout below is designed to target every muscle in your body, and make your heart pound right out of your chest. For those with limitations, please be careful and talk to your physician before you start a new workout routine.


Split Workout #2: Weight Training

woman lifting weightsThe first split workout routine covered cardiovascular training and a chest, back, leg, and ab workout. Today’s focus is geared toward those who are struggling with the weights rather than the cardio.

As soon as you get to the gym go immediately into your upper body weight training routine (15-20 minutes), followed by cardio (30-60 minutes), and then to your lower body weight training routine (15-20 minutes).

I have put together an upper body and lower body workout for you below. Focus on moving from one exercise to another while trying to keep the heart rate up. I recommend performing two sets of 25 repetitions. Good luck!! (more…)

Split Workout #1: Cardio

treadmillI strongly believe that there are two kinds of workout people, one kind focuses more on cardio while the other focuses on the weights. I have designed a simple split workout routine to help you get the results you have always wanted. Today’s workout focuses on those that struggle with cardio. By splitting your cardio in half, you may help to push past that so called “plateau.”

This is how it works: As soon as you get to the gym, hit the cardio for your normal time (30 minutes), then move to your weight training portion (30 minutes), and then back to do some more cardio (30 minutes). This workout is designed to push you past the limit and to achieve greatness. (more…)

Find Your Target Heart Rate

I have been a personal trainer for several years now and the most popular question that I get asked is, “what should my heart rate be when I’m exercising?” My response to them is, “what is your goal or workout objective?”target heart rate

Honestly, when I exercise, I really do not even check my heart rate because I just push myself until I can’t push anymore. But, I am just a young buck and that is acceptable. I take this question seriously because most people need to pay attention to their heart rate so they don’t “over do it.” If your goal is to lose weight, you need to push yourself a little bit and get that heart rate up high enough to where you’re breaking a sweat. On the other-hand, if you’re trying to maintain or just working out to stay active, you need to try and stay in the target heart rate zone. (more…)