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Obese Women at Greater Risk of Relapsing and Dying from Cancer, Study Says

A recent study shows a connection that overweight women diagnosed with cancer are more likely to have a relapse and die compared to leaner women.

The study was presented at the 8th European Breast Cancer conference (EBCC-8) in Vienna by Dr. Jennifer Ligibel.

It showed there was a 17 per cent increase in the risk of the disease returning after the initial treatment as well as the increased risk of death. This is compared with women who also suffered from the disease but were considered to be at a healthier weight. It also showed there was an extra eight per cent risk for overweight women compared to leaner patients.

This study discovered there is not a connection between overweight women being under treated due to their weight. Before this study, it was suspected that overweight women were not receiving the correct dosage of medicine and they were receiving the same amounts as leaner women. The study, that looked at almost 2,000 patients between 1997 and 1999, showed that the doctors were in fact adjusting the medication to fit the patients weight. (more…)

The Sex Talk is Easier Than the Weight Talk For Parents

Parenting is the most difficult, most important job you are ever going to have. While there are many happy, feel-good moments, there are also painful and uncomfortable moments; it’s all part of being a parent. Traditionally, one of the most uncomfortable moments for a parent was thought to be the discussion of “the birds and the bees”. While talking to your kids about where babies come from may be difficult, a recent study has revealed that there is another conversation that parents dread more.

The idea of talking to your kids about maintaining a healthy weight is so frightening for parents that more than 20 percent admit to never broaching the subject at all, according to research from the Raising Fit Kids study, a partnership between webMD and Stanford University. Compare that to 5 percent who are uncomfortable discussing alcohol, drugs, and smoking; 10 percent of parents who are uncomfortable discussing sex; and nearly 25 percent of parents who are uncomfortable discussing weight and health. It is probably the same 20 percent of parents that seem to believe that the pediatrician should be the one responsible for discussing health and weight with their children.


18th Annual Healthy Weight Week Celebrates Healthy Living Habits

Many Americans begin the month of January on a diet. After a week of eating greens, practicing cleanses and blending protein shakes, the second week of January is when we fall off the wagon and succumb to chocolate cake cravings. The third week in January? Stop dieting for good and commit to a balanced diet that you can maintain throughout the year.

Healthy Weight Week (Jan. 16-22) was created by health professionals to help us “celebrate healthy living habits that last a lifetime and prevent eating and weight problems, rather than intensifying them, as diets do.”

Instead of extreme dieting, Healthy Weight Week promotes healthy lifestyles for both children and adults of every size. Healthy Weight Week is meant to help people develop reasonable, rational diet and exercise patterns that they can feel good about.

How can you celebrate Healthy Weight Week? Francie Berg, chairwoman of 2011 Healthy Weight Week told the Monterey Herald, “Normal eating means having a healthy relationship with food that is natural, trusting and flexible.”