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Spring Break Skin Care Tips for Sun Protection

Out of all the things preoccupying your mind as you prepare for Spring Break, I doubt that skin cancer and premature aging receive the priority that they need. It’s easy to ignore the dangers of poor skincare during life’s care free, unadulterated moments but I assure you that the consequences could be dire. Preventing skin disorders and diseases is easier than you think, it just takes a little bit of careful planning.

UV rays cause the most damage during midday. Avoid the sun between the hours of 10:00 and 4:00. If you can’t resist the beach (and really, who can?) then make sure you take appropriate measures to protect your skin.


Proactiv and Healthy Living

Proactive ProductsWhile it might seem foolish to say that a simple topical medication could encourage weight loss, a healthy lifestyle, enhance natural beauty, and restore personal self-confidence, the current society we live in—fixated on external appearances and superficial “give always” concerning personal character—demands a level of individual presentation that is well-above what is easily and naturally attained. Thus, as technology increases the speed of our society and, with it, our everyday interactions, it is all the more important that we make use of the technological advancements available in order to have a fair chance at competition.

It is in this manner that Proactiv, a line of topical creams used to prevent clogged pores that result in acne, is suggested as an agent in promoting health, weight loss, beauty, and confidence.

On the personal level, acne is an easy enough problem to accept and deal with. But on the social level, acne can devastate one’s self-confidence. Because of the shallowness of many people’s outlook on life, individuals with acne may be singled out as dirty, ugly, or even stupid. It is an unfortunate fact, but there are many foolish people in the world who judge people entirely by their appearance. Because of this, the individual suffering from acne may feel he or she is inferior to others. Feelings of inferiority can result in depression, overeating, and a general neglect of appearance, which will only make matters worse.


Indoor Tanning Found to be a Mother-Daughter Bonding Ritual

A large part of maintaining excellent health is staying away from excessive carcinogens. Smoking, drinking and tanning, among many others, can all cause cancer. The World Health Organization recently classified indoor tanning as a class 1 carcinogen, placing it in the same ranks as tobacco. Some professionals argue for the occasional use of sun-therapy for the treatment of depression and dermatologic conditions. Alas, my purpose today does not include debating the safety of UV rays or the effectiveness of sun therapy – I’ll save that for another time.

The indoor tanning habits of more than 200 female students were studied at East Tennessee State University. The results were published by The Archives of Dermatology and brought to my attention, courtesy of The New York Times. Nearly 40 percent of the students went tanning for the first time with their mom. These girls were much more likely to become habitual tanners later in life. Girls who first went tanning with friends started, on average, at 16 years old. The other girls who went with their mom for the first time started much earlier, at about 14 years old. Dermatologists are concerned that indoor tanning at any age, but especially so young, greatly increases the person’s risk for skin cancer.


5 Tips to Control Exercise Acne

cynthia baileyGuest blogger, Cynthia Bailey M.D., is a practicing dermatologist and skin care expert in Northern California. Her skin care products and advice can be found at Only the Best Skin Care. Follow her on Twitter @cbaileymd and become a fan of Only The Best Skincare on Facebook.

Most of the time exercise is great for your skin giving your complexion a healthy vitality and usually improving acne. For some people, however, exercise causes breakouts.

This exercise acne is different from other forms of acne because it’s caused by the overgrowth of a yeast germ called pityrosporum that normally doesn’t cause pimples. This yeast germ lives in everyone’s skin, but for some people, sweating makes it grow in the pores causing pimples. The harder you workout, the more you sweat and the more you breakout.  (more…)

5 Ways to Prevent Loose Skin after Weight Loss

extra skinHaving loose, excess skin is often the result of losing an extreme amount of weight. Every “body” is different, thus varying how the body handles the situation. Some people can lose a great amount of weight and not have any excess skin while others are the exact opposite. The elasticity and condition of your skin before weight loss and during weight loss determines how much, if any, skin you are left with.

The Human Integumentary System, or skin, is a living organ and actively adapts to the body’s internal and external environments. So, when you lose an extreme amount of weight, you are not only losing body fat, but losing lean muscle mass as well. Below is an example by fitness expert, Ron Brown, of how this entire process works. (more…)

Summertime Nutrition Tips

hand washingSummer is here which means there will be plenty of long days spent outside by the beach, lake, or poolside. It’s very important to apply and re-apply plenty of sunblock, but the sun can effect other parts of your body, not just your skin.  Below is a list found on WebMD of sun problems and associated foods that can help your body bounce back from the sun’s powerful rays.

Dry or Damaged Skin

  • Caused by: sweating more in summertime causing your skin to be less supple; chlorine in pool water and saltwater can also dry out your skin; finally the very common sunburn really can dry out your skin. (more…)

The Best Foods for Healthy Skin

woman at spa with cucumbers on eyesHave you tried all those creams and ointments on the market in hopes of obtaining that glowing, radiant skin you’re seeking? Have you tried products from the grocery store? Did you even consider your diet and the foods you eat as a means of obtaining that flawless skin you desire? Below is a list of skin beautifying foods. Try them out first!

  • Water. Good hydration plays a vital role in keeping skin looking healthy and even young. Though the amount you need per day varies, a good amount to shoot for is around eight glasses a day. Water helps to keep your cells hydrated, while moving good nutrients in and toxins out. (more…)