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Is Your Spouse Making You Fat?

amie adcockGuest bogger Amie Adcock is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in Philadelphia. She is currently pursuing her Wellness Coaching certification and writes fitness and nutrition articles for several sites. You can read more about Amie on her website, The Life of an Exercise Nut. Amie is also one of two winners of DietsInReview.com’s FitBloggin’ contest.

They say opposites attract, however, this can sometimes lead to undesirable results. You may want to get up and go to the gym, but you stay on the couch because your partner wants you to watch another episode of your favorite TV show. When out to dinner, you know the grilled chicken and mixed veggies is a healthier option, but you are encouraged to order the pasta with cream sauce because you need to “live a little.”


Olympian Tanith Belbin Benefits from Weight Gain

tanith belbinI lost a lot of weight. Eighty pounds, to be precise. It took me a long time to accomplish, but when I was finally finished, the funniest thing happened. People told me that I was too thin. I scoffed. As if one could ever been too thin, I thought. Don’t they know how hard I’ve worked, and all I ever wanted was to be skinny? I continued to work out twice a day, often to the point of exhaustion, and it wasn’t until I fell asleep at a stop light on the way to martial arts that I realized that maybe, the naysayers might have had a point. Now that I’ve gained back a few pounds, I’ve noticed I run faster and longer, lift heavier weights, and in general, feel better.

Olympian Tanith Belbin has had a similar revelation. If you are a fan of ice dancing, you may have noticed that the skater has gained a little bit of weight – ten pounds, to be precise. A silver medal winner in the 2006 Olympics, Belbin switched coaches in 2008 and the first recommendation for the skater was to gain weight. She was not convinced, though, and realized that her hesitancy was rooted in problems with eating. She said, “I swear, I’m not eating anything and I’m exhausted and cranky and stressed and all of those things that make you gain weight even more.” (more…)

Fitness for Moms Inspiration from Bookie Boo of Mamavation

Sometimes you meet someone so amazing, so inspiring, that there are no words to describe. (That doesn’t stop me from trying, though.) Recently, I attended the Blissdom conference, and I was lucky enough to meet Bookie Boo of Mamavation and learn about her amazing weight loss story.mamavation

Over the course of two pregnancies, she lost an incredible 170 pounds and now helps other women work towards weight loss and healthier living. Here she discusses weight loss tips and making small steps, such as dropping soda from your diet and starting over again and again.


Fitness Tips for Busy Moms by MizFit Online

mizfitI’ve been a follower of MizFit Online for years. I am constantly inspired and amazed at all she accomplishes and how she motivates women everywhere to get in exercise. I recently attended the Blissdom conference and I was lucky enough to be able to grab MizFit for a quick interview.

Here she is discussing how, no matter how busy we might be, there are ways to get in the exercise. Listen as she discusses the rule of “10-10-10,” how to be creative while fitting in exercise, and the concept of NEAT – Non Exercise Activity Thermogenisis.


Essential Kitchen Tools for Healthy Cooking

devin alexanderSo last week I introduced myself (Chef Devin Alexander) and assured you that cooking is the answer to making sure you get and stay healthy. Now you may be thinking, “That’s easier said than done, Devin.” Don’t despair, stick with me right here on DietsInReview.com in the upcoming weeks and not only will I share some healthier versions of your killer favorites (that are just as killer to your taste buds, but not to the rest of you) and I’ll show you all sorts of other novice-chef must-knows for healthy living. Not only will I fill your head with all of the must-have info, I’ll be giving away some awesome (and valuable!) stuff! So don’t miss a week with me!

This week, I’m ready to tackle the kitchen. Whether you consider yourself an avid collector or a newbie when it comes to kitchen tools and gadgets, there are a few basic pieces that I highly recommend to assist you in preparing your healthy meals efficiently. I know it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re deciding which key pieces to purchase for home cooking. Or, if you’re like me, maybe your kitchen gadget collection has grown to encompass so many pieces, it might be time to pull out the essentials and move the rest into storage to free up some space. Whether you’re just getting started on building your equipment arsenal or looking to streamline your current collection, below are the key pieces for making your healthy cooking adventures effortless! (more…)

20 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make

Happy New Year! Now that 2009 is safely behind us it is time to embrace the newness of 2010. Not only does today mark the start of a new year, but also the start of a new decade. new year 2010

There are many New Year’s Day traditions, including eating a bowl of black eyed peas for luck, watching college bowl games, taking down the holiday decorations, and even resolving to make some grand change in the coming weeks and months.

The bowl games sound like the most appealing, but you’ll no doubt find yourself mulling over a resolution. The thing is, most people make some bold decision to make drastic changes in their lives, and no matter how much commitment to that goal they wind up falling short. It’s not because they aren’t capable, but instead that we just aren’t programmed to accept that much change so quickly. Especially when it comes to our favorite food, cigarette, TV show or other vice. (more…)

Interview with Ali Vincent, Author of Believe It, Be It

ali vincentWhen Ali Vincent was in Los Angeles going through the final stages of casting for Biggest Loser season five, she took out a small bell, a gift from a friend, and started shaking it at her mom chanting “Believe It, Be It!” No one could have predicted then that those four words would be the mantra that would carry her to become the first female Biggest Loser and that it would be the title of her first book.

“Believe It, Be It” published last month and provides an intimate look at Ali Vincent’s life – what got her to her starting weight of 234 pounds, what pushed her to follow her dream and win Biggest Loser season five, weighing 122 pounds, and how she lives her life today, still listening to her mantra.

Listen now as I speak with Ali about the book, her lifestyle, and what her advice is for everyone about to start those New Year’s resolutions.


Dieting 101: Setting Realistic Goals and Reaching Them

We’re working on a plan for healthy weight management without dieting. If you’re just joining us, you need to catch up. Read the last post, Dieting 101: Getting Started, and make sure this is a journey you want to be on. If you’ve rejected dieting and prepared yourself for changes, it’s time for goals.weight loss goals

Setting realistic goals is so important. You build success upon success. By starting small, you will repeat the easy changes and they add up to big results. So first thing, give yourself permission to set easy goals. Take the struggle out if it!

Goal-Setting Tips

  • Think short-term: What is a small change you can do today and repeat tomorrow? Maybe you do no exercise at all. How about measuring how active your lifestyle is with a new, inexpensive pedometer. Wear a pedometer and see how many steps you take. If you have a desk job, I’d be surprised if you get more than 3,000 steps a day and you need 10,000. Does this motivate you to walk 30 minutes at lunch or after dinner? (more…)

Dieting 101: Getting Started, For the Last Time!

dietLet me just start this post series with a statement. I don’t believe in “diets.” Diets do not work because they are too restrictive. Diets are something you start and then stop. Whatever you do when you stop can lead you right back to the place you came from – or worse! If your feelings of deprivation and restriction are large, chances are your “boomerang” back once you lift the restrictions will be huge. How would you like to end that cycle once and for all? If you’re with me, read on. If you’re not, come back when your latest fad diet experience fails you.

Step 1: Reject Dieting for Good

Can you do it? Can you actually say to yourself that years of dieting has not worked for you and it’s time to try something that does? Go ahead. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself instead of deprive yourself. (more…)

Helping Kids Have a Healthy Holiday

healthy holidayMy kids love the holidays. Adore the holidays. Fantasize about the holidays. Not just for the presents, which of course are the centerpiece, but for the treats that we always seem to have around. The cookies, cakes and fudge that seem to magically appear and multiply, the junk foods that we seem to rely on just a little more due to overwhelming busyness – the holidays are a treacherous tightrope of dieting pitfalls. Mention making your holiday eating healthier, though, and you are apt to get a backlash from your family. How can you help your family have a more healthy holiday without ruining the enjoyment for everyone?

  • Most importantly, model healthy behavior. If you are busy scarfing down the sugar cookies, it’s difficult for your children to be happy with a plate of carrot sticks. Make great choices for yourself and your kids will follow suit. (more…)