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10 Ways to Have a Healthy Girls’ Night Out

If you’re like me, you love a good girls’ night. It’s like a beach vacation after years of being landlocked – refreshing and always a blast.

But there’s just one problem with ladies-only gatherings: They often center around alcohol, heavy appetizers and way too much chocolate. While this can be a fun way to celebrate every once in a while, it’s not the healthiest habit to fall into especially if it’s a weekly affair.

But if booze and french fries are a trend you and your girlfriends are hoping to get away from, we’ve got a solution for you: A quick guide filled with 10 healthy and fun ideas to get your girls’ nights back on the healthy track.


5 Tips for Healthier 4th of July Travels

By Stephanie Mansour with Dana Shultz 

If you’re on the road this Fourth of July, that doesn’t mean your healthy ways should go out of town, too. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little indulgence in the way of food and decadent desserts, there something to be said about keeping things in moderation as to not totally blow your diet. Below you’ll find five simple solutions from fitness guru Stephanie Mansour, that will help you keep your waistline intact while navigating this holiday the healthy way.

How much of eating healthy on the road is mentality and how much is actual choices? 

Eating healthy on the road starts with a mentality. If you intend to eat healthy and even plan ahead, you will set yourself up for successful healthy eating. But if you don’t plan or have an intention to eat healthy, you’ll probably end up eating a fattening alternative. Make sure you are eating every 3-4 hours, including a serving of protein and fruit or vegetables. Even if you stop at McDonalds or Taco Bell – get a small portion of protein and load it with a side of veggies. Think outside of the box and always remember the protein plus fruit/veggie rule!  (more…)

Quit Smoking by Eating More Fruits and Vegetables, Study Says

If you’re struggling to put down the cigarettes, there’s a new tool that may be able to help you quit – and it’s probably not what you think.

Rather than the usual pill, patch or support system, researchers recently found that kicking the habit may be as simple as reaching for some apples and broccoli. This according to a new study published last month in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research that showed eating fruits and vegetables may help some people quit smoking.

Turns out fruits and veggies are the answer to being healthy once again.

This is especially exciting for the health community as researchers backing the study feel confident enough in the results to report that they may have identified a new tool to help people put an end to their smoking addictions.  (more…)

Drew Manning Completes Fat to Fit Journey by Losing 70 Pounds

For personal trainer Drew Manning, gaining 70 pounds on purpose was a personal choice. And not for the attention or to see if he could withstand the challenge, but to better empathize with his clients.

A lifelong fitness junkie, Drew took up personal training as a side job after earning her NASM fitness certification. Having never struggled with his own weight, he found himself wanting to better understand what his clients were going through. So, he decided to complete a year-long project in which he gained weight intentionally for six months and then spent six months losing it all again.


Eat Well Everywhere Travel Map Allows for Healthy Summer Road Trips

If you’ve been reading your Facebook or Twitter feed recently, you’ve surely been watching on as the the world prepares for their coveted summer vacations. And if you’re one of those lucky ducks who’s getting ready to set off for some carefree time in the sun, be sure to include the Eat Well Guide when you’re packing for your trip.

The Eat Well Guide is a free, online dictionary that contains more than 250,000 healthy eating options including fresh, locally grown, and even sustainably-produced food in the United States and Canada. Instead of succumbing to a drive-thru while you’re out of town, you can search the best cafes, stores, and even farmers markets near you to find healthy eats where you may be. This little tool will help you avoid making your vacation from work and school a vacation from your healthy eating habits as well.

Beyond the fantastic database of eateries, the Eat Well Guide also offers the Eat Well Everywhere Travel Map, which is available in app-form. This versatile function allows travelers to find healthy options near their driving route wherever they may land. (more…)

One American’s Journey Through A Korean Diet

“Sometimes love and appreciation for a different cultural food comes immediately. In Korea, the diet was a love I had to take a lot of chances on. It had to woo me, and I allowed it. Over time it has become a culinary experience that I will always cherish.”

These are the words of blogger, photographer and world traveler Andrew Phelps, who’s most recent resume addition includes English teacher in Korea.

During his more than two-year stint overseas, Phelps said one of the things that intrigued him most about Korea was the food. Born and raised on an American diet, the blogger says he was thrown into culture shock from the change in food the moment he and his wife arrived in South Korea.

“…Before I left U.S. soil to teach in the far east, I just assumed that all Asian food was similar to Panda Express. I couldn’t have been more wrong,” he said. “Korean food is incredibly unique to the Asian continent.” (more…)

Tyler Florence Releases Children’s Book, ‘Tyler Makes Pancakes’

Food Network star Tyler Florence is crossing over from chef to author with his new children’s book ‘Tyler Makes Pancakes.’

Florence is a proud parent himself to three kids, ages 15, 5 and 3. Being a chef, it was a natural desire for the new author to teach his own children about food. After realizing there wasn’t anything else like it on the market, Florence and illustrator Craig Frazier jumped at the chance to write a book that teaches children from a very small level – around pre-school age –  where food comes from and how to prepare it with several kid-friendly recipes.

‘Tyler Makes Pancakes’ tells the story of a 6-year-old boy named Tyler and his chubby dog, Tofu. The pair goes on imaginary adventures throughout the book, including a trip to a chicken coup on a nearby farm where Tyler and Tofu learn that eggs come from chickens. (more…)

The Benefits of a Small-Meal Eating Plan

For the average American on a busy schedule, eating several, small meals throughout the day can seem impossible. In fact, it’s a downright miracle if three, square meals on any given day actually happen.

As a result of this work-focused lifestyle that often strays from any diet concern, there seems to be a trend in skipping breakfast, eating out for lunch, and overdoing at night to compensate extreme hunger in the evening.

But we all know this isn’t the best approach to health; or at least we should know. The benefits of eating several small meals throughout the day have been touted by many health professionals, and include optimized metabolism function, weight loss, and getting to eat more often.

Stephanie Mansour – CEO of Step It Up with Steph – is a trainer and coach for a weight loss reality TV show called “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.” During the last season, Mansour helped one of her clients lose 83 pounds in just 12 weeks using the small-meal diet approach, focusing on five small meals throughout the day.

Mansour trains all of her clients this way, saying it regulates and speeds up the metabolism, spurs fat burn, and improves digestion. (more…)

New Study Shows People-Pleasers Eat More at Social Gatherings

Finally, an explanation as to why so many people tend to eat more food at social gatherings than in any other situation.

A new study shows that individuals who tend to be people-pleasers were found more likely to eat equal amounts of food as their peers, or more in order to make others feel comfortable, as compared to those who care less about making others happy.

The study examined 100 college students who were required to take a questionnaire to assess their sociotropy, a personality trait associated with people-pleasing. The students who scored high in people-pleasing categories were those who said they ‘tended to put others’ needs before their own, worried about hurting others, and were sensitive to criticism, among other behaviors.’ (more…)

How to Cook with Chocolate

Chocolate is one of my very favorite foods. Chocolate ice cream, truffles, dark chocolate bars – I love it in all forms. And contrary to what some might think, chocolate is actually very healthy – that is, when eaten in the right forms and in moderate amounts.

After all, not all chocolate is created equal – you won’t reap the same health benefits from a Mars Bar that you would from a few squares of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. So before you consider this article a license to go on an all-out candy binge, know the facts first and then proceed with your chocolate-loving habits.

What is chocolate? First, the egg before the chicken. Chocolate is derived from cocao beans, which are the seeds of the fruit from the cacao tree. The Aztecs were thought hold the cocoa bean in high value and even used it as currency. (more…)