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Health Buzz: 17 Day Diet FAQ, Dancing for Fitness and Healthiest Menu Choices, and Rocco’s Meatballs

Each week in Health Buzz we feature stories from DietsInReview.com and feature those from our partners and friends around the web to keep you up to date on the latest in health, fitness and diet.

This week, hear the latest from the 17 Day Diet and find the healthiest fast food menu options. From Prevention Magazine we share why dancing is serious calorie burner. From That’s Fit, home workout tools that fit into any budget. And from USA Today, why teens who undergo weight loss surgery are experiencing bone loss.

Plus, this week’s featured recipe comes from Chef Rocco Dispirito.

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Health Buzz: The Best Yoga Vacations, the Bug Diet and Bariatric Surgery Counseling

The Best Yoga Vacations

Stretch your R&R dollars further with a yoga retreat. Many resorts offer a yoga-centric getaway, and we’ve rounded up a few choice locations, like Mexico, Costa Rica and Maine.

Counseling is an Essential Part of Bariatric Surgery

Our resident mental health expert, Brooke Randolph, discusses the necessity of therapy prior to undergoing a bariatric or weight loss surgery procedure.

Infographic: Starbucks Trenta Not the Worst Beverage Offender

At 31-ounces of iced coffee or tea, the Starbucks Trenta size is hardly anything to lose sleep over. However, at 64 ounces, almost the size of a 2-liter, the 7-Eleven Double Big Gulp is a calorie catastrophe. (more…)

Health Buzz: Taco Bell’s Beef, New Dietary Guidelines and Heart Disease Risk Factors

Lawsuit Says Taco Bell Doesn’t Use Real Beef

The fast-food giant is being called out for the less than 35 percent beef used in their tacos and burritos. However, Taco Bell is fighting back saying they use 88 percent, plus a secret ingredient, in these “truth ads.”

The New 2010 Dietary Guidelines have Released

The USDA and HHS released the pentennial report with new nutritional recommendations for Americans. Included is direction for consuming less sodium, sugar and saturated fat, and consuming more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Make Your Own Junk Food for Super Bowl

When you make food at home, you can control the ingredients and the portions. Try some of these ideas and recipes for serving healthier Super Bowl favorites at your party. (more…)

Health Buzz: Power Bracelets Fail, Naked Yoga, and Best Mac Apps for Diets

Power Bracelet Makers Admit to Having No Scientific Evidence

We weren’t exactly shocked to learn that these hologram bracelets, sported by average Joes and NBA greats Shaq and Kobe, did nothing more for your health or sense of balance than any other piece of plastic.

Best Mac Apps for Your Diet

Apple’s app store made a move to Mac desktops this past week, opening up a storefront for the creation of desktop applications. We’ve already found a few must-haves for health!

The Best Diet Tips You’ve Never Heard

We rounded up some of our favorite dietitians and asked us to give us their very best diet tips. The result is a lot of valuable information that’s not cliche and redundant. (more…)

Health Buzz: Walk a Marathon, 2011 Diet Trends, 3 Minute Core Exercise

The Diets Everyone is Talking about in 2011

The diets and weight loss plans you can expect to hear a lot of buzz as everyone takes on their new resolutions are on this list. The 10 popular diets include The 17 Day Diet, Weight Watchers PointsPlus and Suzanne Somers’ Sexy Forever.

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Save money on your new weight loss plan subscription or fitness purchase.

10 Breakfast Foods with as much Sugar as a Candy Bar

You wouldn’t eat a candy bar for breakfast, so why eat a smoothie that has as much sugar as four Mounds bars? We’ve compared 10 popular breakfast items, some considered “healthy,” to the amount of sugar in candy. You’ll be shocked, and want to makeover your morning meal.


Health Buzz: The 17 Day Diet, Weight Watchers’ New Points System and The Twinkie Diet Lessons

Weight Watchers Announces PointsPlus Program

It’s the biggest change to the Weight Watchers program in 13 years, and will completely change the way dieters count their POINTS.

Healthy Lifestyle Trumps Genetics

Blaming your mom for your heavy hips or your dad for your round belly? That excuse won’t cut it anymore thanks to new research.

The 17 Day Diet

The new book by Dr. Mike Moreno is primed to be the next big thing in dieting. Learn more about this low-carb, cycled method of eating that’s supposed to improve your metabolism for weight loss. Also, check out the Dr. Moreno’s appearance on Dr. Phil below.


Health Buzz: Healthy Thanksgiving Edition

Enjoying the Holidays with Food Allergies

With millions of Americans living with one kind of food allergy or another, it can make navigating holidays meals a trying task. Here are some tips to make it easier, whether you’re a dinner guest or the hostess.

Food Fight: White Meat Turkey vs. Dark Meat Turkey

Step in to our nutrition ring, as we put the debate to rest over which is better. Truth is, the difference is pretty negligible, meaning you can start fighting over the drumstick again!

Chef Rocco’s Serving Healthier Thanksgiving Recipes in Now Eat This

With tips for surviving and enjoying the holiday season and some of his low-calorie recipes from the cookbook, Chef Rocco is giving us one more thing to be thankful for. (more…)

Healthy Buzz: Sarah Palin’s Cookie Gate, Truth About McRib and 2011 Fitness Trends

Sarah Palin Bashes Healthy Snacks

It’s being called “cookie gate” as the former Alaskan governor mocks efforts by Pennsylvania’s board of education to reduce childhood obesity.

The Real Origins of the McRib

We couldn’t make up this kind of food science experiment if we wanted to. Hear from McDonald’s exactly how this 500-calorie pop culture sandwich is made.

Use Your Body as Effective Fitness Equipment

Your body weight propels you through walking, swimming, yoga and so much more. Put that weight to work to really get the most out of your strength training workouts – no free weights needed!

Biggest Loser Dessert Cookbook Releases

Chef Devin Alexander, the book’s author, calls it the first all-natural dessert cookbook. Its pages are filled in guiltless indulgences inspired by the Biggest Loser diet.

Health Buzz: Vigorous Booty Workouts, Best Packaged Foods and Russell Simmons’ Yoga Practice

Food Allergies at Highest Levels in History and Will Continue to Rise

New research shows that food allergies are at an all-time high and those numbers won’t get any better anytime soon.

Russell Simmons Says Yoga Speeds Up Our Evolution

Our interview with mogel and star of “Running Rush” reveals how yoga helps him balance his hectic personal and professional lives.

6 New Pumpkin Recipes for Fall

The Biggest Loser Resort’s RD introduces six surprising ways you can use pumpkin puree for healthier meals and snacks.

Healthier Food Stamp Use Urged by Officials

In an effort to help curb the growing obesity epidemic, the government is supporting limitations on items that can be purchased with food stamps, encouraging healthier purchases. (more…)

Health Buzz: The Veggie Recall, Halloween’s Friendly Side, Biking for Military Kids

This week’s hot health buzz from DietsInReview.com:

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Potatoes are a Smart Food for Weight Loss

When healthfully prepared, a potato should be part of your balanced diet. With more potassium than a banana and half a day’s worth of vitamin C, there’s no reason to fear this vegetable.

Scarrots New Junk Food of Choice for Halloween

Trick the neighborhood into a healthy treat this Halloween with these delightfully holiday-themed packaged baby carrots. (more…)