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Health Buzz June 1: US Olympic Dietitians, Toys Fighting Childhood Obesity, and Healthy Asian Cuisine

Hopefully Memorial Day didn’t throw off your week too much. Before you get right back in to weekend mode, take some time to catch up on some news from DIR and our friends.

US Olympics Team is Taking a Record Number of Dietitians to London

The summer Olympic Games are approaching and we have to give you all the details about the fantastic event. Jennifer Gibson and Shawn Dolan, two of the dietitians traveling to London with the US team, took some time to give DIR an interview. 

 5 Companies Fighting the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Five companies developed toys in effort to fight childhood obesity. Some toys range from kid-sized medicine balls, kettlebells, and barbells. Fruit and vegetable kits are another toy helping kids teach kids to eat health. Teaching our nation’s children the importance of health and fitness is just what the country needs.

9 New Summer Sandwich Recipes That are Fresh, Simple, and Healthy

Try our simple and healthy summer sandwich recipes. These sandwiches go further than just ham and cheese. There are 9 different recipes, one is bound to be a crowd pleaser! Test them out at a BBQ, get together, or just have them as a snack! (more…)

Health Buzz May 25: Skechers Lawsuit, Glow in the Dark 5K, and a Memorial Weekend Feast

Before you start your Memorial festivities, take some healthy news and Memorial dishes from DIR and our friends.

Mike Crooks Joined a Gym and Lost 133 Pounds 

Mike Crooks is a 24-year-old nurse in Florida. Mike had been overweight most of his life, and weighed 377 pounds. He signed up for a membership at a local gym and seven months later Mike dropped down to 204 pounds.

The Glow Run 5K Will Light up the Plains this Summer 

The Glow Run 5K is making its way to the plains. The run will take place at night and runners are encouraged to wear as many glow-in-the-dark items as they want. The event is described as running through a sixty-foot black light tunnel and laser light shows. DIR friends in the Midwest sign up fast, Glow Run 5K will take place in Kansas City, Wichita, and Omaha.

How to Get Your Refund From the $40 Million Skechers Lawsuit 

Looks like Skechers made some false claims about its Shape-Ups. If you purchased Skechers Shape-Ups after August 1, 2008 you may be entitled to a refund from the company. Skechers agreed to pay $40 million to settle the lawsuit. The amount you’ll receive from Skechers depends on the type of shoe and amount of shoes you’ve purchased. (more…)

Health Buzz May 18: Sports Bra Horrors, hCG BS, and a Perfect Weekend Dinner

Before you dive head first in to the weekend, give yourself a healthy dose of news from DIR and our friends. Plus, we’ve got a perfect spring dinner lined up for you.

News from DietsInReview.com this week

Prairie Fire Marathon’s Local Joes Start Running with DIR and Holly Perkins

DIR is sponsoring a team of runners for Wichita’s fall marathon. With a little help from trainer Holly Perkins, we’ll turn four local “joes” in to half marathon finishers.

Fitter Moms Have an Opportunity to be Better Moms

When mama’s healthy, everyone is healthier and happier. Mommy fitness groups across the nation are inspiring Cat Poland to get fit for herself and her two young daughters.

The Worst Thing Your Sports Bra Ever Did to You

Trapped inside a sweaty sports bra is one thing. Cutting yourself out or popping out during kickboxing is quite another. Don’t miss these tales from the fitcrypt!

News from DIR’s friends

Is HCG a Big Load of BS? – Kelly Turner Fitness

Tyra Banks Supports Vogue Decision to Stop Using Anorexic Models – iVillage

Milk: It Does a Complexion Good – HelloGiggles (more…)

Health Buzz: Fall Harvest and Health Tips

Fall is the perfect season to start a new diet or fitness regime. It’s great workout weather and there’s a bounty of healthy produce. In this week’s episode of Health Buzz, we’re featuring stories from Yahoo Shine, FitBottomGirls and our own writers here at DietsInReview that help you take advantage of the season’s healthy offerings. Don’t miss the delicious soup recipe from the mother-daughter team over at Feast on the Cheap.

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Health Buzz: Healthy Fall Episode

Health Buzz: Surprising Approaches to Improving Your Health

In this episode of Health Buzz, we’re taking a look at some of the more unusual things you can do to improve your health. We’re talking laughter yoga, healthy floor plans and good bacteria in stories from FitSugar, Eating Well and our own writers here at DietsInReview. Plus, there’s a secret healthy ingredient this week’s recipe from Nutritious America.
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Screen Shot of Health Buzz Episode 14

Health Buzz is a weekly show that features health and weight loss news from around the web.

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Health Buzz: Why Whole Grains Matter and Healthy Cooking from Around the World

We’re excited to introduce our first-ever special guest to Health Buzz! It’s Mary Hartley, registered dietician and nutritionist representing CalorieCount.com. In honor of Whole Grains Month, she digs into real reason whole grains are important for your body. Also in this episode of Health Buzz, our host Jamie Yuenger brings you 10 ways to reduce stress from Self.com and a great series about cooking healthy dishes from around the world by our own Maris Callahan. Don’t miss the recipe! It’s fall squash and Caribbean Chicken from FaveDiets.com.

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Health Buzz with Jamie Yuenger
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Health Buzz: Keeping Kids and Parents Healthy Together

In this episode of Health Buzz, we have lots of ideas to help kids and parents stay healthy throughout the school year.

Our host Jamie Yuenger shares stories from Care2, Everyday Health, our writers at DietsInReview and a great lunchbox recipe from Alison Lewis at Ingredients, Inc. We cover how recess is shrinking in schools arose the country and how MyPlate is being incorporated into this year’s curricula. We also have great advice for the parents of kids with gluten allergies, and tips to help parents get more exercise into their day. This year, parents and students can support each other in leading a healthier lifestyle.

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Health Buzz 11 Screen Shot

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Health Buzz: Make the Most of Summer’s Final Weeks

In this week’s Health Buzz, learn how to stay fit while you beat the heat and enjoy what’s left of this blazing hot summer.

With stories from Shape, SheKnows, MomGenerations, and our team, you’ll learn how to actually enjoy a swimming workout, how to finally fit yourself on the to-do list, make plans for your first 5K this fall, and get to the bottom of this whole raw food vs. cooked food argument (spoiler alert: it’s a bit of a tie!).

Plus, sip into one of the best recipes we’ve stumbled upon all summer – watermelon mojitos. In a popsicle. We’re loving Sugar And Charm for this one!

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Health Buzz: Soak Up Summer While You Can

In this week’s Health Buzz, host Jamie Yuenger shares some ideas for getting the most out of the final weeks of summer.

With ideas and guidance from FitBottomedGirls, Calorie Count, and our team, you’ll find an inspired new playlist and how to cut the guilt at BBQs. Plus, Panini Happy has a recipe for an unbelievable grilled peach panini.

It’s all in this week’s Health Buzz! Click to watch it now.

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Health Buzz: It’s All About Calories

In this week’s Health Buzz, host Jamie Yuenger shares some helpful information about calories.

With ideas and guidance from Prevention, My Daily Moment, and our team, you’ll learn how to cut and burn more calories. Plus, SheKnows helps break a few fitness rules, we talk about body odor that’s actually good for you, and Fitness Magazine has an incredible recipe for a grilled mushroom pizza.

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