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Best Gyms In Denver

Denver is the capitol of Colorado, as well as the most populated city, with a population of over 610,000 people. It is known as ‘The Mile High City’ because of its mile high elevation. Denver’s climate consists of four distinct seasons that average around fifty degrees.

Denver is home to the largest airport by land mass in the United States with a grand total of fifty-three square miles of coverage. It is also home to the Denver Broncos (football), Colorado Rockies (baseball), Denver Nuggets (basketball), and the Colorado Avalanche (hockey). Denver is an extremely fit city due to the wide variety of outdoor activities, but for those who want to sweat inside, below are the best gyms that help keep the Denver population at their top fitness levels. (more…)

Make Fitness Fun Again

It’s just a fact of life that motivation wanes. Whether you are the most seasoned exerciser, or a workout novice trying to build a fitness habit, you will find yourself at one point or the another dreading dragging yourself through one more workout.

The good news is, just like any stale relationship, you can breathe new life into your love for fitness by spicing up your routine. Here are some ideas to get your wheels spinning:

Sign up for a running group. You’ll make new friends, and gain a serious support group in your fellow runners, all for free. Check out rrca.org/find-a-running-club/ or check Craigslist.com for a list of clubs in your area. (more…)

Ciclotte Combines Fitness and Home Decor

Home exercise equipment is a convenient way to workout: no gym memberships to pay for, no commute to and from the gym, no worrying about what you’re wearing and how look and you can fit in a little exercise whenever you have a few spare minutes.

The downside, however, is home fitness machines are bulky and unattractive, so much so, that treadmills are now designed to fold up to save space and be less conspicuous, and a major selling point of home gym infomercials is that you can slide the machine under your bed or fit it in a closet. Fitness equipment is ugly, plain and simple, and sticks out like a sore thumb in an otherwise well-decorated, comfortable home.

But shouldn’t we be proud of our fitness equipment? If the point if it is to seamlessly fit fitness into our everyday lives, aren’t we selling ourselves short with equipment we are embarrassed to show off? (more…)

Gym Mistakes You May Be Making

The gym is arguably the best place to get a workout. Many are open 24 hours, are stocked with the latest and greatest equipment and the vibe can push you to work out harder and longer than you would at home… if you avoid these common gym mistakes.

Sticking exclusively to cardio. Women especially tend to stick exclusively to cardio, and miss the opportunity for a well-rounded workout. Cardio is important, but so is strength training, and avoiding the weight room and machines will rob you of its benefits. Muscle boosts metabolism, builds sleek muscles and increases bone density, so don’t skip it. (more…)

How to Stay Germ-Free at the Gym

Stay germ-free at the gym. Going to the gym is great. Even if you don’t make friends with the other members of your gym, it’s nice to do something communal. You can swap tips, share advice and it can help you stay motivated.

But there is one downside to exercising in any public place: a greater concentration of germs. People who work out in communal spaces are at a higher risk of getting sick from infections. Here are ten tips from FitSugar on how to stay germ-free during your workout.

1. Get the dirt on the cleaning schedule.
Ask how often the equipment gets cleaned. If the staff isn’t willing to show you the schedule, they’re probably not very strict about it. There’s reason to switch gyms if the hygiene standards don’t make the cut.

2. Use disinfectant on all equipment.
Even if it doesn’t look sweaty, spray it down or use a disinfecting wipe on all workout machines and weights. Spray works most efficiently if you apply it directly to the machine, not onto towels. Stretch out for a few minutes while it works, and then wipe it off with a clean towel.

3. Cover all cuts with Band-Aids.
Even if it seems insignificant, the smallest breaks in the skin are places where bacteria can penetrate. This includes blisters, hangnails, and dry skin with cracks. (more…)

Best Gyms in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a booming sprawling metropolis with about 17 million residents. No wonder traffic is horrible morning, day, and night.

The fitness business is going strong there, with thousands of personal trainers who are able to take advantage of the beaches, mountains, and amazing year-round weather to train outside of the gym setting. Although the majority of personal trainers freelance, others choose the gym setting to make a living. (more…)

Best Gyms in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the fittest and most health-conscious cities that I have ever lived. With a population of just more than 600,000, Sin City has a plethora of amazing fitness facilities that are jam-packed morning and night.

One of the most booming health clubs is the Las Vegas Athletic Club. It has six clubs in the Las Vegas area and each one has a steady membership base. It’s a step above most health clubs due to the hundreds upon hundreds of cardiovascular machines equipped with either personal televisions or cardio theater. It also offers a large variety of the best weight training machines, indoor running track, indoor pools, and tons of fitness classes for all fitness levels. For only $22 a month, this Vegas health club can’t be beat. (more…)

Curves Closes Thousands of Locations

While Curves fitness centers have been pretty easy to find in shopping centers all across the country, that has been rapidly changing in recent years. Since 2007, Curves International Inc. has closed thousands of its franchise locations.

Curves locations have shrunk by a third in the U.S., with 5,208 sites at the end of 2009, down from 7,748 at the beginning of 2007. More than 1,000 Curves chains closed in 2009, while just 35 new locations opened.

While franchisees and industry experts say that the closings are due to a failure to keep up with changing fitness trends (flexible hours, cheaper options), the company disagrees.


Top 3 Gym Machine Exercises

Finding time to exercise these days requires dedication and a huge time commitment. As a personal trainer, I am in the gym 24/7 and have no excuse not to workout. It is recommended that you work out for at least 30 minutes a day for five days a week. This includes walking, jogging, hiking, weight training, fitness classes, etc.

But after driving to the gym, changing clothes, and warming-up, it’s already been 45 minutes. Tacking on another 30 minutes is brutal. With that in mind, there are three machines in the gym that are extremely important to use if you’re lacking time: chest press, seated row, and leg press.


A Beginner’s Guide to Fitness Classes

Starting a new gym experience may seem a little overwhelming at times, that’s why I recommend hitting the fitness classes. Fitness classes not only offer an intense workout, but provide you the opportunity to meet some friends that share the same fitness goals and also learn a little more about which activities support certain areas of the body.fitness class

Most fitness facilities offer a plethora of different classes from spinning to yoga. Each class will target different parts of the body as well as different intensities of cardiovascular training. I recommend trying each class to find the ones that give you the best workout and that you find most enjoyable as well.

Before joining a gym, ask the membership representative to discuss the classes offered or give you a brochure about each class. Also, be sure there is no added charge for fitness classes. Most fitness facilities offer free classes as part of the membership fee, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure. (more…)