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VitaCraves: A Sweet Vitamin Supplement for Adults

vitacravesLast November, I wrote about gummy vitamins and how they are now marketed to adults. I’ve found myself dipping into my daughter’s stash of gummy vitamins, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick up some for myself.

At the time of my previous post, I couldn’t recall the name for the gummy vitamins for adults that I saw in a commercial. Well, I’ve found them. Supplement company One-A-Day has combined gummy candies with vitamins in their new VitaCraves Adult Multivitamins. Vitacraves are available in fruit and sour fruit flavors for about $9. (more…)

Gummy Vitamins For Adults

gummy vitaminsAs a young Army brat in my tween years living in Germany, I have distinct memories of enjoying the original German Gummy Bears, known there as  Gummibär (rubber bear) or Gummibärchen (little rubber bear). I also enjoyed another German treat that made its way over to the States, Capri Sun, but that’s getting off subject a bit.

My wife and I have been giving my three-year-old daughter gummy bear vitamins for a year or so now. We’ve found it an easy way to get her to supplement her very finicky diet. And I even find myself occasionally dipping into her stash. (more…)