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Win a Free Go Caddy: The New Compact Exercise Bag

If you’re like me, when you head to the gym, you want your experience to be as simple and quick as possible. One common annoyance is finding an efficient and handy way to carry your water bottle, car keys, cell phone and membership card, without lugging in your huge purse or clunky gym bag. Those days of lost keys, misplaced gym passes and water bottles left on the treadmill console are long gone, thanks to the Go Caddy.

This past December, the makers of the Go Caddy, an ingenious slender tote and water bottle holder, sent me a sample of their compact device. I tested it out at the gym just before the holidays. After using this handy efficient mini-bag that fits over your shoulder, I was pretty sold and now I’m using it not just for the gym but when I’m running errands and don’t want to carry my huge purse with me.

Here’s the skinny on the Go Caddy:

The Go Caddy is a compact tote that is equipped with tons of little compartments to easily fit all of your essential items that are normally spilling out in your purse, gym bag or wallet. It’s made from MicroFiber that can be cleaned on instant in case it drops in a pile of dirty snow or gets a splash of coffee on it.


January Diet Giveaways for Your Resolutions

These giveaways have ended.

We’re starting off 2011 with several giveaways! It’s your chance to take home some of the most talked about diet and weight loss programs of the new year for free! Act fast though, these giveaways aren’t going to last!

Denise Austin’s Get Energy!

One winner will receive a copy of Denise Austin’s new book, Get Energy!, all about helping you feel more energized. A second winner will receive a copy of the book, plus a four-pack of Denise Austin’s DVDs. Drawing 1/31/11

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Choose Your Goody Bag Giveaway

The American Cancer Society’s Choose You movement is encouraging women to embrace healthier habits to to prevent cancer and cancer-related deaths. The goody bag includes a Choose You shirt, flower pin, pedometer and more! Drawing 1/31/11

The Mommy Diet Giveaway

We’ve got an autographed copy for Alison Sweeney’s new book! The Mommy Diet’s all about getting fit before, during and after pregnancy so you can be a happier, healthier mom. Drawing 1/31/11

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