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True Food Shopper’s Guide: Your Guide to Non-GMO Foods

The term genetically modified organism or GMO is sneaking into many news stories as of late. Consumers are becoming more vocal about their rights to know what is in the food they’re purchasing. Currently, the U.S. has no laws requiring companies to label their foods as a GMO. Thankfully, The Center for Food Safety has created a food guide to aid shoppers the next time they head to the store.

The True Food Shopper’s Guide is a perfect tool for those looking to navigate any grocery store and avoid purchasing the unlabeled GMOs on the shelf. GMOs are foods that have been created in a lab. In these GMO labs, genes are artificially inserted into the DNA of foods crops or animals. The resulting GMO can be engineered with genes from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals, or even humans.

When polled, the majority of Americans said they would not choose a GMO food, if it were labeled. Since we do not have the luxury of labels, unlike most other industrialized countries, knowing what our foods contain is a mystery. However, the shopper’s guide takes away the wonder and puts the right to know back in the consumer’s hands. (more…)

Monsanto Children’s Book is Nothing but Propaganda

Giant biotech company Monsanto has taken a bold move with their latest project. The company has released a children’s activity book that is aimed at teaching the goodness and beneficial effects of biotechnology. Many critics, and there are many, are calling the books nothing more than propaganda.

Monsanto has been responsible for many negatives actions in the past. Some of their fouls have included dumping toxic waste in the United Kingdom and polluting creeks in Alabama with Mercury and PCB materials for 40 years. One of the most hurtful acts was how Monsanto essentially bullied local, family-owned farms with high-priced lawyers and court fees causing many to lose their farms. While all the actions prior have caused an outcry, this new light hearted children’s book has struck an even deeper chord.

In the midst of gaining approval to begin growing the first genetically modified corn seed, Monsanto has collaborated with several other biotech companies to release Biotechnology Basics Activity Book. The aim of the book is to teach children about biotechnology. It is doubtful the book will take an objective view as one excerpt explains how the process is actually a positive step for the environment.


Just Label It Pushes for Genetically Modified Food Labeling in U.S.

Genetically-modified foods. Ever heard of them? They seem to be stirring up constant controversy and the more I learn about them, the more uneasy I become.

Genetically-modified (GM) foods are genetically engineered organisms (GEOs) whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. These techniques use DNA molecules from different sources, which are combined into one molecule to create a new set of genes. Freaky stuff.

The interesting thing that most Americans are probably in the dark on is that more than 40 other countries worldwide are now requiring labels for GM foods. But with the FDA showing no sign of budging on this issue, there’s a new group of about 20 states domestically that are considering their own legislation that would require food producers to label GM foods.

While others become increasingly concerned, The FDA holds strong saying that GM foods pose no safety risk. But isn’t that what they said about pink slime? And after that news came out about that, supermarkets, schools and people across the nation turned up their noses at the stuff and demanded better. (more…)

Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Corn Crop Approved for Planting by Government

Monsanto, the multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation and the leading producer of engineered seed, just received government permission to test a large scale genetically modified (GMO) crop experiment. The engineered corn seed from Monsanto will be introduced throughout the country from South Dakota to Texas.

The project includes Monsanto testing their man-made corn variant. These crops are expected to thrive in dry and unfavorable conditions. The company feels their product could revitalize a large portion of the agriculture as many are experiencing abnormal climate conditions.

The first round of tests of the biotech crop are being done on farms owned by Monsanto. If the seed proves to be commercially viable it will be made for purchase in 2013.

This government approval marks a first. This is the first time the US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services has allowed the testing of a genetically engineered product that has been tailored to weather conditions such as drought.