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Dieting Made Simple – NutriSystem

NutriSystem is a wildly successful weight loss program that uses the Glycemic index to help you lose weight while still eating foods you love. Prepackaged meal options and a healthy approach to hunger and snacking can help even the most difficult dieter achieve success.

The NutriSystem program includes a meal plan with 120 delicious pre-packed options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts! You select the foods you want online or over the phone and they are shipped right to your door, no cooking involved. All you have to do is add a few ingredients like fresh vegetables and fruits. After all, who has time to hunt down special ingredients for low-fat cooking, or to prepare one diet meal for yourself and something else for the rest of your family? All of the meals are perfectly portioned so there is no weighing, measuring, or counting calories or points. And if you have any questions, a counselor, nutritionist, and dietitian are a phone call or e-mail away.

The foods in the NutriSystem program are designed based on the Glycemic Index. They are low in fat and include the right amounts of protein, fiber, and good carbohydrates. This balance of ingredients makes each of the meals easy for your body to digest and turn into energy, without spikes in your blood sugar that can lead to energy crashes. Instead, you get to eat tasty meals five times a day that help you stay full and provide constant energy levels so that you have plenty of motivation to workout. Best of all, the meals aren’t standard diet fare. You get to have burgers, lasagna, pizza, and even chocolate desserts! It’s much easier to stick to a diet when you get to eat the things you love without feeling guilty.

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