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Satisfy that Crunch Craving with Glenny’s

Any dieter will confess that cravings are their downfall. You want something chewy, or sweet, or salty, or crunchy. And sometimes- you just have to give in.

Recently, an issue of US Magazine featured actress Eva Mendes saying that sometimes, she just has to have Pringles. I’m not sure which variety of the crave-worthy snacks she indulges in, but here is what Calorie-Count showed for a serving (14 chips) of the original Pringles:
– 160 calories
– 11 grams total fat, 3 grams saturated
– 1 gram protein

The nutritionist Joy Bauer suggested to Eva and other crunchy-cravers that they replace the Pringles and other chips with Glenny’s Soy Chips. Actress Terri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives is a big fan, too! A 1.3oz bag of Glenny’s Soy Chips has less of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff, like:
– 110 calories
– 2 grams fat
– 7 grams protein

Glenny’s Soy Chips come in more than one dozen flavors- sure to satisfy anyone’s craving, whether that be salt and pepper, sea salt, white cheddar, barbecue, caramel, cool ranch or even apple cinnamon.

Check out Glenny’s for other healthier snack options like yummy little 100 calorie brownies, marshmallow treats and snack bars.

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I’m a biter…

… and I can’t help it. I bite pencils, I bite my children (not hard, more like a love nip), and I love foods that I can bite into, like crisp carrots or chewy licorice. And I’m not alone. Time and time again, today’s dieter is demanding a wider variety of healthy snacks to supplement their menu plan, while satisfying the need to chew. If you are a biter too, then you need to bite into Glenny’s snack line. Made in New York with only the finest ingredients, you can find chips, oven baked fries, bars and brownies which not only support your weight loss program, but they are healthy and delicious. I love having healthy snacks around for my boys to grab, and nothing about Glenny’s screams “diet”, making them perfect for the whole family.

The marshmallow treat is gluten-free, dairy-free (vegan) and certified kosher. I’m particularly impressed with the company’s committment to source non-genetically modified soy, a hot topic that many “healthy” snacks seem to ignore. Check them out here, and let us know what you think.