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The Best Healthy Holidays Tips from Shape Magazine

In a live video chat yesterday, Shape magazine’s senior associate health editor Bahar Takhtehchian shared her best tips for beating the bulge during this holiday season. The chat was sponsored Fiber One, which is launching a new line of high-fiber brownies. Aside from all the tempting holiday foods, Takhtehchian says it’s easy to gain weight this time of year because “a lot of people associate eating with relaxation.”girl exercising while wearing a santa hat

Takhtehchian says that by planning to make smart meal choices, you can avoid unwanted weight gain despite the many temptations of the holiday season. Her first big tip is always eat a filling breakfast, even if you know you’ll be eating something rich later in the day. Starting the day with a meal that has plenty of protein and whole grain, which can keep you fuller throughout the day and less tempted to eat something you shouldn’t. In the afternoon, Takhtehchian recommends eating a lighter lunch and a snack. “Snacking will rev up your metabolism,” she explains, as long as you pick foods with plenty of fiber, like a handful of almonds or a piece of fruit. For those with a sweet tooth, she also suggested the Fiber One brownie. “One of the benefits of fiber is that it does keep you full,” she says.

The health editor also offered tips for navigating holiday parties. Takhtehchian advises against ever going to a party feeling hungry. “When you show up starving, you know what happens,” she says. “You eat everything in sight.” Instead, eat a filling meal before arriving. Cocktails are another healthy diet downfall, not only because they’re loaded with calories but also because one drink too many will lower your guard against unhealthy foods. Pick cocktails that are low in sugar, and swap soda water for tonic. “Vodka soda is one of my favorites,” she says, adding that you can give this drink a kick with a wedge of lemon or lime. Another good strategy to avoid extra calories is to drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage.


Join Biggest Loser Club, Win a Membership for a Friend

Biggest Loser is back tonight for its 12th season! There are 15 new contestants competing as individuals, and two new trainers, to shake-up The Ranch and keep all of us trying just a little bit harder. Are you ready to make some major changes too?

While less than 200 people have ever made it to the ranch out of the millions who apply, you can still live the Biggest Loser lifestyle at home with the Biggest Loser Club online. You’ll have access to nutrition guidance, meal plans with Biggest Loser-approved recipes, workout plans, and community support all conveniently online.

Sign-up today for Biggest Loser Club, the official diet and fitness program used by the contestants and personalized to fit your goals and lifestyle. You’ll receive a special introductory rate of $39 for three months and receive three free gifts (Biggest Loser fitness books and cookbooks).

If you sign-up by 10/31, one individual will receive a three-month online membership for free to share with a family member or friend. (more…)

Interview with the Cookie Doctor, aka Dr. Sanford Siegal

We recently had a chance to interview Dr. Sanford Siegal, the creator and face of Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet.

In the interview he defends that his cookie diet is not a fad, we discuss the ingredients used to make the popular cookies, and he tells why at 80-years old he’s still a constant presence at the bakery.

Live from his Florida bakery, Dr. Siegal gives us a behind-the-scenes peek at the very room where his 35-year-old cookie plan is baked and packaged daily.

Click here to watch the video interview, where you’ll also find a giveaway for a Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet prize pack!

Learning to Eat Better with My Body Tutor

MyBodyTutor.com Logo

I like to think of myself as a pretty healthy person, so when I started a two-week trial run with MyBodyTutor.com, I didn’t expect it to change how I eat very much. I hoped it would give me some personalized workout tips, and help keep me honest about how much sugar I eat. I was surprised to find out all the ways I could eat better every day, and by how very hands-on this online diet program really is.

My Body Tutor is a one-on-one nutrition and fitness counseling service that provides you with a totally personalized weight loss plan. When you sign up, you will be paired with a Body Tutor, a trained fitness and diet expert who will guide you along your weight loss journey. Before you start, you will have an initial call with your tutor to talk about your goals, fitness level and to help them get to know you.

Adam Gilbert, the founder of My Body Tutor, was—well—my body tutor. In our initial call, I proved to be a pretty atypical client, because my goal is to eat better but not necessarily lose weight. Adam was up for the challenge, explaining that we can all work to be a little healthier. He explained his eating philosophy: cut down on simple carbs, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and be sure to get protein with every meal. He also recommended eating some protein and complex carbs every three hours, either as a snack or light meal, to keep my energy and metabolism up.


Win a Biggest Loser Arc Trainer from Cybex

Giveaway Winner Announced: Andi Swanson Guthrie

See Andi’s inspired entry on our Facebook page. She’s a two-time cancer survivor and former athlete who plans to keep the BL Arc Trainer in her “inspiration room.” Congrats Andi!

It’s the biggest giveaway we’ve ever done at DietsInReview.com, and one of our deserving fans is going to be the winner!

Last month we told you about the all-new Biggest Loser Arc Trainer from Cybex, the first piece of home gym equipment by from the popular weight loss show. Research shows that this ski machine-stepper-elliptical-trainer all-in-one piece of equipment burns 16 percent more calories than working on an elliptical machine alone.

The results can be seen in Patrick House, season 10 winner of the Biggest Loser, who credits his win and 181-pound loss to working with this machine. “My win was literally powered by CYBEX. I especially love the Arc Trainer, which enabled me to burn more calories in less time. I spent hours on it every day on the Ranch.”

Are you ready to burn more calories in less time? Then visit our Facebook page to enter the Cybex Biggest Loser Arc Trainer giveaway!

To enter:

1. Post a photo on the DIR wall taken where you would place the BL Arc Trainer

2. In the description, tell us in 75 words or less why you need to have this machine

DietsInReview.com with Cybex will review the entries and announce the winner May 27, 2011. (more…)

Win a 3-Month Biggest Loser Club Pass

We’re down to the final weeks of Biggest Loser season 11, a time when we really start to see all that hard work pay off. The transformations are never short of jaw-dropping, especially for the ones who did a lot (or most) of the work at home.

If you’re one of the millions who want to start your weight loss journey on the ranch, then consider getting the same fitness and nutrition guidance without the glare of the cameras and annoyance of game play. Check out the Biggest Loser Club! Like many contestants, you can start and continue your journey at home, all the way to your personal finale.

Recently we celebrated the success story of member Brenda Turnbaugh, who lost 108 pounds since September 2009.

GiveawayWin a 3-Month Biggest Loser Club Pass

We want to help two people jump start their journey by giving away two 3-month Biggest Loser Club passes. You’ll get all the online access to recipes, meal plans, custom fitness programs, community message boards, and so much more!

To Enter

1. Comment below telling us what your weight loss goal is, and what you’re doing to get there

2. A second entry is counted when you share this post on Twitter using @DietsInReview and http://flwr.it/BLClub

Post your comment below to enter, or click to learn more about Biggest Loser Club and sign up today.


*DISCLAIMER: Only residents of the U.S. are eligible to win. Eligibility requires a comment on this blog post; a second entry will be counted with a tweet @DietsInReview using the URL http://flwr.it/BLClub. DietsInReview.com will draw one winner May 20, 2011 and will notify winners via the email used in the comment form. Winners have five business days to respond and claim prize or forfeit prize. Rodale may replace the prize with one of equal value if prize is not available. Prize value is $75.00; not redeemable for cash. Prize provided by Rodale.

Try Biggest Loser recipes.

Win a Women’s Health Prize Pack and Make Yourself Worth the Splurge!

For women, it’s all too easy to let our health become something we splurge on, rather than a priority. This spring, we want you to splurge on yourself, and make sure you are at the top of all of your hectic to do lists! Healthier women are happier women and that means we’re able to give better care and attention to ourselves, our children, our careers, and all the other people and things that demand our time.

Tell us in the comments below why you’re worth the splurge to win this Women’s Health Prize Pack!

One winner will receive everything she needs to get fit this spring! You’ll win a copy of the new Women’s Health Diet Book, a Women’s Health Total Body Workout DVD, a Women’s Health branded tote bag, and an MP3 Player. Plus, DietsInReview.com is going to throw in a DIR T-shirt! (more…)

Win 2 Tickets to the Biggest Loser Season 11 Finale

Winner Selected 4/11/11: Sarah Gilda Khan

Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve got two tickets to get you inside the Biggest Loser finale for season 11 in LA, Tuesday, May 25, 2011.

We’re going to make you work for it, though. After all, we only want to send the most die-hard and loyal of Biggest Loser fans to see the action in person and feel the winner’s confetti fall on their faces. (No one will stop you if you want to take some home as a souvenir.) So each day this week we’re going to post a Biggest Loser trivia question in our new Q&A Center. The answers can all be found on the site, but the true fans will automatically know the answers.

To win: You must answer all five questions correctly. Of those people, we’ll draw one to receive the tickets.

Ready to get started?!

Question 1: Which Biggest Loser contestant has won more challenges than any other?

Answer 1: Tara Costa

Question 2: Who is the heaviest contestant in the history of Biggest Loser, and what was his/her starting weight?

Answer 2: Michael Ventrella, 526 pounds

Question 3: Name all of the sets of twins to have competed on Biggest Loser.

Answer 3: Jim and Bill Germanakos, James and John Crutchfield, Dan and Don Evans

Question 4: In which Biggest Loser season did Jillian Michaels not participate?

Answer 4: Season 3

Question 5: Who was the first female at-home Biggest Loser?

Answer 5: Heba Salama

Click the link and post your answer on that page to be eligible.

We’d like it if you thank us, but really, Wholly Guacamole is generously providing these tickets. Isn’t that nice of them? They’re also giving away finale tickets plus a trip to the Biggest Loser Resort. Double down and enter their giveaway too!

Click to read the disclaimer with more information. (more…)

Earn the Gym Rat Badge on FourSquare, Get a DIR T-Shirt

How many calories can you burn checking in on FourSquare, the rapidly growing location-based social game? We’re going to guess about one, since all it really requires is stretching your thumb over the “Check In Here” button. However, a real-life game of foursquare, the popular playground game, can burn 350 calories in an hour. (See, a workout doesn’t have to be a workout, go play a game!)

Our team just returned from SXSW Interactive in Austin and aside from walking four miles round trip each day to and from our accommodations to the conference center, we did our best to “shape a healthier us” all week long; for instance, skipping the grilled cheese station for a sushi lunch. Part of that strategy was playing several rounds of foursquare at the Pepsi Max/FourSquare court. We even had an opportunity to meet Dennis Crowley, founder of FourSquare, and share with him one of the fitness-inspired business cards we’d created for SXSW. Thanks @Dens for Tweeting out a picture, and sharing this comment on Flickr: “Sweating like I’ve been at the gym for 4 hours.” (more…)

Do Our March Giveaways Got You Feelin’ Lucky?

Holy Chips and Salsa! It’s a Wholly Guacamole Giveaway

What’s better than guacamole and salsa? A cooler full of free Wholly Guacamole and Wholly Salsa! We’re giving five people coolers stuffed full of one of the foods we love the most.

Hilary Williams’ Sign of Life

After narrowly surviving a devastating car crash, Hilary Williams, the daughter of Hank Williams, Jr., persevered through 23 surgeries to rebuild her body and her life. Her inspiring story will touch anyone who has ever had to overcome the toughest obstacles in life. Win a copy of her book Sign of Life(more…)