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Healthy Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

By Jessie Gorges

This Sunday is Mother’s Day so, this year, don’t get caught waiting until the last minute to only buy your mom some half-dead flowers from the drug store.

Candy and jewelry are common gift ideas, but chocolate will only add inches to your mom’s waist, and, with the skyrocketing price in gold, who can afford jewelry? Show Mom how much you love her and how much you care by getting her a gift that will keep her healthy and happy.

Check out these gift ideas that will put Mom on the right track to living an active lifestyle.

Shape-ups ($100): This gift is perfect for the mom who hates, or doesn’t have time, to go to the gym. These tennis shoes, with an elevated sole, promise to tone your muscles by simply walking. Just a 20-minute walk will have her calves tingling from all the toning.


NutriSystem Gift Cards Make Gift Giving Healthy and Simple

Gift cards for clothing or iTunes is nothing new in the world of holiday presents, but gift cards for healthy living? Now that’s a novel and refreshing gift idea.

Weight loss giant NutriSystem has just launched NutriSystem gift cards, a perfect and healthy way to encourage someone you love to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here is how NutriSystem gift cards work: Purchase a gift card in any dollar amount from $10 to $500 and give it to someone who is new to NutriSystem, an existing member or someone who simply wants to sample the NutriSystem line of portion-controlled meals and snacks. Unlike most gift cards, which expire after a certain amount of time, these gift cards have no expiration date and they don’t contain any hidden fees or service charges. Chances are, when you give the gift of health, especially around the New Year, a NutriSystem gift card is likely to get cashed in pretty quickly. (more…)

Lululemon, Nike, A Course in Weight Loss and Beecher’s Mac and Cheese Amongst Oprah’s Favorite Things

Where as Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music prefers the simple things in life, like rain drops on roses and warm woolen mittens, Oprah prefers the fabulous, and she also likes sharing. That’s great for the approximately 300 guests in her studio audience today, as they’re going home with the most fabulous bundle of gifts the talk-show host has ever given away. Friday’s Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things (with a second audience receiving these gifts in a special episode today) is a farewell to this popular annual segment, as she enters the final half of her 25th, and final, season.

With more than 20 items on the list, including a cruise, jewelry, and one of our favorite organizations, KIVA, we were glad to see a few items that will help motivate people to get in shape. We thought you health-conscious individuals might enjoy them, too. And while we can’t give them away in a confetti- and shriek-filled party, we can point you where to find to them. (more…)

Top Fitness Gifts for 2009

If you’ve got a health or fitness enthusiast on your holiday gift list this year, then we’ve got a few suggestions to make your shopping a little easier.

These are a few of the hottest things on the market right now, all geared toward helping the recipient live a more healthful life.

– You’ve seen these on the Biggest Loser contestants’ arms for a reason, they work! Stay on track with weight loss goals with this digital device that monitors calorie intake and burn for the day.

spin bikeSpin Bike
– Spinning is one of the hottest trends in fitness right now. You can skip the classes and tackle a spin workout in the privacy of your own home.

food scaleFood Scale
– Portion control is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet. Using a digital scale in the kitchen can ensure your meals meet serving recommendations. (more…)

Biggest Loser Products On Sale

biggest loser productsKnow a fan of The Biggest Loser who is working toward a transforming their own life? Then encourage them with these Biggest Loser products that are sure to make great stocking stuffers or holiday gifts.

Now through December 11, NBC is running a special 10 Days of Deals! Each day three items will be marked down to incredibly low prices, but only for that day. Some of these must-have Biggest Loser items include:

12/2 – Biggest Loser Waterbottle, only $7.99 (save $4)

12/3 – Biggest Loser Workout Cardio Max DVD, only $8.99 (15% off)

12/4 – Biggest Loser Boot Camp, only $9.49 (15% off)

12/5 – Keep Walking Jillian Quote Tee, only $16.99 (save $8) (more…)

Top 10 Ways to Make Mom Healthy and Happy on Mother’s Day

mother-and-daughterAnd, really, every day, because who doesn’t want a healthy, happy mom?

  1. New fitness shoes. Whether she’s a walker, runner, or cross trainer, Mom could probably use a fresh new set of shoes. Don’t forget to add in a pair of socks!
  2. A pedometer. A basic “count the steps” model or a no holds barred GPS tracker, help mom keep her fitness moving in the right direction.
  3. A new exercise DVD. Help her get her groove on with some fresh new moves. (more…)

Think Outside the Candy Box this Valentine’s Day

Instead of the usual dinner out this Valentine’s day, try some more physical and healthy ways to show your lover how much you care. Here are some ideas:

  • In place of chocolate, try those newer fruit basket assortments. Or some delicious assorted nut boxes (avoid the chocolate and/or candy covered ones).
  • Plan a picnic (weather permitting) where you can enjoy a romantic sunset while taking a stroll and burning a few calories. (more…)

Top 4 Treadmills for the Money

Christmas time is here at last and shopping for the perfect gift is hard to do sometimes. I have a few friends that are shopping for treadmills this year and want to know which treadmill they should purchase. First, you need to figure out what you are looking for in a treadmill and what you will be using it for. Are you walking, jogging, or do you need incline or decline? Next, you need to find a treadmill that has the right motor/horsepower that can handle your body weight. And lastly, you need to find the best treadmill for the least amount of money. Be careful, you get what you pay for and sometimes the best treadmill costs a little more.

I have researched the treadmill market up and down and I have found that the Proform 4.5 is one of the best products for the least amount of money. I believe it is on sale for under $600. This treadmill is packed with features including a 2.75 horsepower motor which can handle up to three hundred pounds of weight, custom display, iPod dock with speakers, and a great warranty.

Finding the right treadmill is like finding the right workout; you need to find what works for you and go with it. Good Luck and feel free to ask if you have any questions!!

Top 4 Treadmills For The Money

Proform 4.5

Sole F80

Bodyguard T240

NordicTrack S 3000

Top Fitness Gifts for the Holidays

The holiday season is among us and it is time to start thinking about some great gifts for your loved ones. What could be better than receiving a few fitness gifts for Christmas? Well, along with the holidays comes plenty of eating, partying, and more than likely, lack of exercising. A few new spicy fitness gifts may be the ticket to that lost motivation or dedication you may have had.

For example, a new pedometer is a great gift for the exercise enthusiast you know and will motivate them to do a few more miles or a few more steps per day. Another good Christmas idea is a heart rate monitor. This gift will help them track their heart rate and may allow them to push the intensity to the max. A new workout wardrobe sure would not hurt a thing either. What could be better than hitting up the gym in a few new outfits; besides maybe a new pair of running shoes (I hope my Mom reads this article).

Top Fitness Gifts For the Holidays


New Shoes

Heart Rate Monitor (more…)