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Try This Hard Core Hip Workout

The hips are somewhat of a problem area for some women. The following workout will target and tone this region.

Although genetics plays the biggest role in the shape and structure of the body; dedication and hard work will always pay off. The hip region, also known as the coxa, is a synovial joint (ball and socket joint) and basically consists of the hip bone (innominate bone) and femur (thigh bone).


Protect Your Health for Your Great Grandchildren

generationsNature v. nurture is an important debate in both psychology and adoption, my two careers. I think it can be pretty big in discussing weight gain and weight loss as well. Is our body shape pre-determined by our genes or a result of the environment in which we are raised? I have generally taken the stance that we have certain genetic pre-dispositions; however, those can be altered through our behavior and environment. Apparently the relationship between genetics and environment is even more complicated than that. (more…)

Obesity Linked to Familial Behavior

healthy familyThere are many reasons why people avoid the assistance of a professional therapist. One common misconception (for which we can thank Mr. Frued) is that the counselor will always blame your mother for whatever difficulties you may be experiencing. There are many other factors that have influenced your current life; however, weight may be highly influenced by what you observe in your parents. (more…)

Obesity Gene is Not a Death Sentence

There has been research in recent years showing that being fat can be tied to a genetic predisposition. And I’m sure it’s made many an overweight person throw their hands up and say, “hey, there’s nothing I can do about it, may as well enjoy myself.”boy eating apple

But this isn’t a life sentence for those who inherit a variant version of the FTO gene. The “obesity gene” predisposes people to being fat, but it’s not an unchangeable fate.

“We know that genes affect our body weight set point. But so does our environment and our diet,” says child obesity expert David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD. “We can’t change our genes, but we can change our diet, and by doing so in a sophisticated way, we may be able to adjust that body weight set point in our favor.” (more…)

Are You Genetically Doomed to be Fat?

Obesity… is it all in the genes? While this isn’t totally new news, there is further evidence that you may already be predisposed to being fat. Researchers in Europe have identified a gene that they think boosts the risk for obesity.
The PCSK1 gene is the “guilty” gene. Just as people come in all shapes and sizes, the gene also has variants, each possibly playing a role in predisposing its carriers to being overweight.

“By the end of the year we will probably have identified a total of a dozen genes linked to obesity,” says Philippe Froguel of Imperial College London, who led the research team.

Don’t just resign yourself to throwing in the towel if you are having a tough time in your battle of the bulge. While it’s not completely clear from the article, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that it means they believe people with the gene, in any of its variants, are doomed to be fat no matter what. So, continue working hard on bettering your diet and fitness routine… there’s still no excuse.