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15 Diet and Fitness Apps for Blackberry

Smartphones offer a convenient way to stay on track with your diet and fitness goals anywhere you go. It’s important to find the app that will best meet your needs and with which you are the most likely to interact on a regular basis. If used wisely, these apps can be an important tool in meeting your goals:

Total Fitness
Price: $4.99

  • Database with calorie and nutritional information, including restaurant foods
  • Activity Diary and calories burned
  • Exercise suggestions with instructions and animations
  • Information can be displayed graphically
  • Track body measurements, blood pressure, body fat, pulse and weight.


The Simple Secret for Boosting Your Weight Loss

John McGran, chief editor at Diet-to-Go, has been covering the fields of diet, fitness and health since 2000. He writes from the perspective of a dieter rather than a dietitian.

Each year Americans spend billions upon billions of dollars on fancy diets, pills, gizmos and gadgets, when the real secret to more effective weight loss is the price of a pen and notebook.

Yes, my fellow dieters, the right way to double the number of pounds you lose is also the write way – keeping a food journal!

That’s no misprint. Keeping a food journal – and jotting down every last bite of food you eat throughout any given day – can lead to double the weight loss for those who pick up a fork more than they pick up a pen.


Foobi iPhone App Helps Balance Your Diet

Keeping track of your food intake is the mainstay of every diet and weight loss plan. We are all familiar with the low tech version of food journaling– carrying a notebook and pen with you wherever you go in order to jot down each morsel that crosses your lips. I did it for a long while when I was actively losing weight – but often, I forgot my notebook and I’d either have to remember the meals or write them down on a scrap and then remember to transfer when I returned home. However, I always have my iPhone with me, and the new Foobi app would have been just the answer to this struggle.

Billed as “A refreshing, fun and effortless way to track and balance your meals,” Foobi is a colorful application designed to help you keep track of your food intake with the flick of a finger. (more…)

Calories Counts on Food Labels and Menus Don’t Add Up

food labelResearchers at Tufts University looked at 10 frozen food items and 20 restaurant meals and found that they are serving up more than what dieters are asking for. According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, prepared foods may contain an average of 8% more calories than their package labels own up to and restaurant meals may contain a whopping 18% more.  Some individual restaurant items contained up to 200% more calories than expressed on the menu.

Eeek! What’s a dieter to do? Well, before you go throwing out your food journal read this article for some perspective. Without question, this study suggests a potential threat to weight loss for people who are counting calories as a means to weight loss. Yes, it would be great if the FDA stepped in and said “Hey, these labels need to be more accurate.” But if you wait for the government to change a regulation you’ll be old and gray before you reach your weight goal. So, take matters into your own hands with these simple tips. (more…)

10 Tips for Achieving Successful Weight Loss

successful dieterI train at a gym in Beverly Hills, California and have had great success with the majority of my clients. I swear its as simple as watching what you eat and exercising five days a week.

Several female clients of mine have come to me over the past few months and stated that they really wanted to lose weight. I told them to write down everything that they ate and what activities they did each day outside of the workouts that we were doing together. After a few months of keeping a food journal and activity log, every single client saw results and were completely satisfied with how they were feeling and looking.

Below are the top weight loss tips and a sample exercise routine that I use with my clients who are trying to lose weight. (more…)

Announcing traineoPLUS Launch with DietsInReview.com

If you’ve ever tried an online weight loss service, you’ve never tried one like traineo. traineoPLUS is a service that allows you to conveniently record your eating, exercise and progress to goal weight loss. And while that might not sound revolutionary, their newest tool, traineoPLUS, is.traineo

We’re pleased to announce that DietsInReview.com has partnered with traineoPLUS to deliver a robust weight loss tool that is sure to help men and women alike better manage their new lifestyles.

Based on the scientifically-proven idea that those who regularly record their weight loss efforts are much more likely to reach their goals, and maintain them, traineoPLUS gives its users greater detail and information allowing them even greater opportunity for success. This is because traineoPLUS was created by a team of weight loss experts who have embraced the power of visualization. Recording your weight loss (and gain) each day, you’ll be presented with a highly valuable graph that presents your projected weight loss, what you should do to modify your habits to continue that progress, and the date at which you should reach the goal. (more…)

Daily Burn’s Food Scanner iPhone App is an Essential Food Journal Tool

daily burn iphone appIf you count calories, food journal, or are simply concerned with keeping track of what exactly you’re consuming each day, then you must try the Daily Burn Food Scanner app for the iPhone. This hot new app might be the best new thing to happen in dieting and weight loss. Using the camera in your iPhone (any model), you can scan the UPC code on packaged foods, and within seconds have the complete food label in front of you. The best part, it will also log all of those nutrition facts for you.


The Most Important Step to Successful Weight Loss

food journalMore important than picking the diet plan you ultimately decide to follow, more important than adding exercise, more important than knowing your real weight – as opposed to the number you optimistically assign to your driver’s license – there is one step that you need to take before you can ever succeed at true and lasting weight loss. You have to realistically know how much you are eating.  Not the guesstimate, not the fantasy in your mind, but the actual cold, hard truth. (more…)

A Love/Hate Relationship with Food Journals

Melissa HenriquezToday’s guest blogger is Melissa Henriquez, a 20-something, married, PR professional and blogger on the side. Tying together her passions for writing and social media, in July 2008, she began her blog, Tales of a Disordered Eater, to help her overcome disordered eating issues. Between traditional therapy and blogotherapy, she’s been an advocate for women struggling with similar challenges.

Keeping a food journal has been a double-edged sword for me.

Without it, I never would have lost 35 pounds four years ago, and I probably wouldn’t have kept the majority of them off. Journaling has kept me honest, held me accountable, helped me plan my day. It enlightened me about portion-control and taught me how to make more nutritionally-sound food choices. (more…)

Keeping a Food Journal for Weight Loss is Beneficial

The idea behind keeping a food journal is making yourself keep track of exactly how many calories you are taking in.  The more detailed you keep this food journal the better.  Being very detailed is noting everything, i.e. instead of writing down sandwich you should write two slices of bread, two slices of turkey, one slice of cheese, ½ tbsp mustard, two slices of tomato, four cucumber slices, and ¼ cup lettuce.

food journalIn this food journal you should write down the food you are eating, what time you’re eating, the exact portion/amount you’re consuming, and the amount of calories and fat you’re taking in.  It also would be a good idea if you noted if you were eating alone or with someone else, the mood you were in or how you are feeling, the total amount of time it takes for you to eat, and if you’re doing something else while eating (watching tv, reading, on computer, etc.).

Studies show that people who stay dedicated and keep track of a detailed food journal lose more weight and actually maintain the pounds lost.  Food journals make you responsible for really observing what you are putting into your body.  Food journals provide you with evidence that cutting calories and choosing healthier foods really do translate into weight loss.

Also, you may find it beneficial if you write yourself a goal to obtain each week after looking back at previous journal entries.  An example could be, you notice that you are only eating two servings of veggies at dinner, so you decide to incorporate at least one more serving of vegetables everyday at lunch.

Keeping a food journal can feel tedious and time consuming, but if you stay dedicated and really put forth the effort to maintain one, you will truly benefit by losing those unwanted pounds and keeping it off!

Keeping your food journal can be as simple as a notebook and pencil, or you can consider using one of the many food journal products available. Check out these reviews to learn more:

Diet Power
Weight by Date
Diet Bug!