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5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Workout DVD

With so many different workout DVDs out there for you to purchase, it’s hard to know which ones deliver and which ones fall flat. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book or DVD by its cover, but in the world of workout videos, you can tell a lot from its packaging.

Read on for some tips on how to find a solid workout DVD that’s worth your money!

1. Look at the details. Have you ever taken the time to really read the back of a workout DVD? You can tell a lot about a DVD just from reading its packaging. For example, at the very bottom in small print it should say how long the DVD is. If it’s less than an hour, you know you’re probably not getting much for your money. Also, does the DVD say if the workout is for beginner or advanced exercisers? If it doesn’t say, just know that you may be taking a gamble on its intensity. Lastly, a good DVD will specify what equipment, if any, is needed. If you see dumbbells or other equipment being used in the photos on the packaging yet the back cover doesn’t specify what equipment it requires, beware! As I’ve learned, there’s nothing worse than popping in a DVD to realize you don’t have the equipment they’re calling for. Learn from my mistakes. (more…)

Can Yoga Socks Replace Your Yoga Mat?

Image via Gaiam.com

From pricey yoga clothing to custom-made yoga mats, the yoga world is brim with products that are intended to offer you a more comfortable, more fashionable and more flexible journey to enlightenment.

Enter yoga socks, a new creation that marries a regular sock with a yoga mat in order to provide you with a slip-resistant practice experience. Yoga socks are soft ankle socks that are fitted with small rubber pads all along the soles of the feet to prevent you from striking a pose and then slip-sliding your way flat onto your belly.

Plus, the yoga socks are supposed to offer you protection against exposure to foot fungi, which love the hot, humid and sweaty hardwood floors of the yoga practice room.

But do these yoga socks, which can also be used by Pilates practitioners, take the place of a yoga mat? (more…)

Sears Fit Club Helps You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Did you know that Sears is the nation’s number one fitness retailer? This nationwide mega store is now taking its expertise in fitness training and equipment and expanding it through the ever-growing world of social media with the Sears Fit Club.

The Sears Fit Club is a community committed to helping you get and stay fit through exclusive access to premiere articles, videos and expert opinions, as well as tips and encouragement from others. With a Facebook page and Twitter account, Sears Fit Club provides 24/7 support both over the phone and online to answer your questions while also updating you with their own health advice and fitness tips.

The Fit Club is comprised of five Sears associates who have faced or are currently facing a different fitness challenge. Through their online profiles, which are accessed through the Sears Fit Club Facebook page, you can read about their ups and downs, learn from their expert advice, ask them questions and offer your own health tips and suggestions. (more…)

Avoid the Quick Weight Loss Fix

Maruchy Lachance is president of Running Ninja!, a lifestyle brand for runners by runners. Running Ninja! offers a wide variety of apparel and gifts for runners to keep you happy and inspired while you’re on the run.

We have all seen the commercials selling those exercise devices that you strap on to a body part and it promises to work your muscles. And how about the “delicious” shake that promises weight loss. It better be delicious if that is all you are going to ingest for the next 30 to 60 days!

The secret I want to let you in on is that weight loss and fitness are not as difficult as these diet pushers want you to believe.

The average person is advised to eat between 1,800 to 2,000 calories a day. If you were to count those calories you would see that it’s a great deal of food. Why would you replace your caloric intake with a shake filled with chemicals when you can take in those calories by eating actual food? (more…)

Healthy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Do you just have no idea what to get the man in your life? Skip the neckties and dress socks, and consider some of these cool and healthy Father’s Day gift ideas:

1. Vegetarian Grilling Cookbook – It’s unfair, but a fact: manliness is associated with being a carnivore. But tell that to 6′ 5″, 250-pound NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez, or the heavyweight slugger Prince Fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers.