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Celsius: Your Negative Calorie Fitness Drink

“Negative calorie?” These are the words I read as I was asked to sample a new drink product on the market called Celsius. Out of sheer curiosity, I agreed to try the new beverage to see if it truly lived up to its tag line: “Your Ultimate Fitness Partner.”

Celsius claims to be a ‘negative calorie drink.’ And is also very clear not to call itself an energy drink, which have been linked to numerous adverse effects. Celsius markets itself as a drink that has been clinically shown to burn calories, provide long-lasting energy, and when combined with exercise, reduce body fat and energize metabolism.

Claims about the drink’s functions are backed by seven clinical studies, all of which were conducted at various locations to test individual claims of the product.

Celsius claims that their studies show moderate exercise combined with the drink can burn 100 calories per each 10 calorie, 12 ounce can. Additionally, Celsius claims to increase metabolism, provide energy, help reduce body fat, and improve endurance. All of these results can be expected when the drink is used as a pre-workout supplement, and the company claims the “MetaPlus” ingredient is where the power lies. (more…)