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Fitbloggin’ 2012 Speakers Announced with DIR’s Brandi Koskie Presenting

Last night the blog community was anxiously awaiting a single email. No, nothing from a publicist with a new product for them to write about and giveaway. This time, an invitation to giveaway their knowledge, tips, advice and insight for growing the smallest of blogs into centers of influence. Last night, Roni Noone, the woman behind Fitbloggin and “too many blogs to list here,” as she is known to say, released the speaker list for the 2012 Fitbloggin’.

This is the third annual Fitbloggin’, a conference for bloggers focused in the health, fitness, and wellness niche. Held each year in Baltimore, bloggers come from across the nation, and even abroad, to meet up with their online colleagues and friends, network with influential writers and advertisers, and simply have a really good time away from it all.

DietsInReview.com’s director of publishing, Brandi Koskie, was named as a speaker, as well as more than 20 others. Brandi will be hosting a 45-minute presentation on the event’s second day called “Get Down to Business: Drive More Traffic Through SEO,” and will help introduce some simple and effective tactics that bloggers can use to bring more readers to their sites.

Other notable Fitbloggin’ speakers who our DIR team has had the pleasure of working with include: (more…)

February Giveaways Include FitBloggin, New Sonoma Diet, Flat Belly Diet and Chobani Greek Yogurt

Keep that fit and healthy new lifestyle going with some giveaways of products (and events!) that support your weight loss goals!

The New Sonoma Diet Giveaway

Two winners will each receive a copy of The New Sonoma Diet, an updated and improved version of Dr. Connie Guttersen’s bestselling health program.

See The New Sonoma Diet review.

Flat Belly Diet Book Giveaway

One winner will receive a copy of The Flat Belly Diet, from the editors of Prevention Magazine. Get the weight loss plan that boasts a 91 percent success rate!

See The Flat Belly Diet review.

FitBloggin’ 11 Ticket Giveaway

We’re hooking up one health-minded blogger with a free ticket to the FitBloggin’ 11 conference, scheduled for May 20-21, 2011 in Baltimore. (more…)

Win a FitBloggin’ 11 Ticket

Winner Selected 3/1/11: DUBYAWIFE

We are attending FitBloggin’ 11, and we want to take you with us! Well, at least one of you.

It’s a really intimate and engaging conference for bloggers who are focused on fitness, health, and of course networking and learning!

Thanks to Roni at FitBloggin’, we’ve got one conference ticket to giveaway. One blogger will attend for free! Respond in the comments below why you really HAVE TO, WANT TO, NEED TO go to FitBloggin’ 11, and why this ticket, valued at $250, should be in your hands.

Simple as that!

One winner will be drawn at random on March 1, 2011 and notified at that time. (more…)

Yoga for Bloggers

Anyone who has sat at a computer knows just how tough it can be on the body. From sore wrists to tight shoulders, the physical effects of the digital age are definitely taking their toll on our bodies.

And nowhere is this more true than for bloggers who spend much of their day perched over their computers or laptops typing feverishly away sharing their news and voice to any who will listen in cyberspace.

Just last weekend, I had a chance to participate in the FitBloggin’ conference. In addition to attending the entire conference, I led a yoga for bloggers workshop, designed specifically for those of us who clock hours sitting on our bums, listening to our hamstrings tighten as we blog about anything and everything.

Here is a clip from the yoga for bloggers class demonstrating triangle pose.

And for those of you bloggers who could not attend the conference, here is a look at a few highlights from the yoga for bloggers class. (more…)

3 Simple Medicine Ball Workouts

Guest blogger Karla Walsh is a Health & Human Performance and Journalism student at Iowa State University. As a health journalist and blogger, Karla is passionate about fitness, nutrition and all things wellness-related. She is currently preparing to become a Certified Health Education Specialist and will graduate from college in May. You can read more about Karla on her Web site Healthful Bites or follow her on Twitter. Karla is also one of the two winners of DietsInReview.com’s FitBloggin’ ticket giveaway!

Besides a new workout outfit, pair of shoes or the latest club tunes, nothing perks up my exercise routine like a new tool to try out. Among my favorite dumbbell swaps? The medicine ball!

Mixing up your usual strength routine can have huge muscle-sculpting benefits. Besides helping weight work seem new and fun, a medicine ball targets your core more than traditional weights since you utilize varying ranges and planes of motion.

Here are three of my favorite exercises that you can try the next time you are at your workout facility or your well-stocked home gym!


Is Your Spouse Making You Fat?

amie adcockGuest bogger Amie Adcock is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in Philadelphia. She is currently pursuing her Wellness Coaching certification and writes fitness and nutrition articles for several sites. You can read more about Amie on her website, The Life of an Exercise Nut. Amie is also one of two winners of DietsInReview.com’s FitBloggin’ contest.

They say opposites attract, however, this can sometimes lead to undesirable results. You may want to get up and go to the gym, but you stay on the couch because your partner wants you to watch another episode of your favorite TV show. When out to dinner, you know the grilled chicken and mixed veggies is a healthier option, but you are encouraged to order the pasta with cream sauce because you need to “live a little.”


FitBloggin’ Ticket Giveaway

UPDATE: On 2/1/10 we drew and notified the two winners. Congrats to “Karla” and “Amie,” and thanks to everyone who participated.

Hey all you fitness and health bloggers! We’re going to FitBloggin’ 10, are you? fitbloggin tickets

We really want you to be there with us, so we’re offering up free conference tickets to two bloggers. Two people will each receive one conference ticket, you just have to tell us how badly you want it! Respond in the comments below and let us know why you need/want/have to go to FitBloggin’, and why one of these tickets, valued at $99.95, should belong to you.

It’s that simple!

Two individuals will be drawn at random on February 1, 2010 and notified at that time. (more…)

Heather Ashare to Host Yoga for Bloggers at FitBloggin’

We’re proud to announce that our resident yoga expert, Heather Ashare, will be hosting a yoga for bloggers session at the FitBloggin’ ’10 conference. The conference is a gathering of fitness and wellness bloggers from around the country, and this hour-long session will be just what they need to kick-off a weekend of learning and networking. fitbloggin

If you’re attending the conference, you can expect:

A fun and energetic yoga class specifically designed for bloggers and writers whose passion for sharing their expertise as health advocates finds them sitting behind computers for way too long. With a focus on posture, shoulder alignment, and lower back strength, the class will raise heart rates, stretch hamstrings and lighten the mind. All levels are welcome. (more…)