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Healthy Recipes for Father’s Day Grilling

fathers day grillingSpend some truly quality time with your father this weekend and give him the gift of health with a cookout. This year, Father’s Day falls on the first official day of summer, giving you one more reason to get outside and grill! Whether you’re in the kitchen together chopping and dicing, or simply treating dad to a backyard lunch celebration, these grill recipes are sure to please.

Spicy Chai Grilled Chicken

Grilled Pork Roast

Cheeseburgers with Grilled Onions

Twice Grilled Chicken Fajitas

Grilled Salmon Burger

Caribbean Chicken Kabobs

Dads: Lighten up the Ego, and Your Weight

June 15-19 is Men’s Health Week at DietsInReview.com.

man diet denialMost men would rather die than diet. In my days as Senior Editor at eDiets.com, men always constituted a small percentage of our customer base. The reasons aren’t necessarily mysterious, but it’s not easy to pin on one culprit.

The male ego can be an odd and curious thing. Why do men think dieting is not “manly”? It’s true, dieting has often been associated with femininity. It’s also often done in a community-support environment, like Weight Watchers. And guys just generally don’t want to get together and discuss their weight and emotions. Now, if you’re talking about how many pounds we can lift on the bench press, that’s another story. (more…)

No Father’s Day Gift Necessary for Dad Who Lost 220 Pounds

tony posnanskiThe week of June 15 is Men’s Health Week at DietsInReview.com, just in time to celebrate the special men in your life. Tony Posnanski joins as a Men’s Health guest blogger. Tony is the author of The Anti-Jared. Tony struggled with weight loss his whole life until he realized he was not going to be fooled anymore. He has lost over 200 pounds and maintained it for four months. Tony works out six days a week, eats better than before, and has a new outlook on things!

“Daddy! What do you want for Father’s Day?”

In a couple of years, this is the question my son will be asking me! It is so amazing to believe that I am going to have a son this year! What is even more amazing is that my doctor’s projected me to be dead of a heart attack this year. (more…)