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Former Biggest Loser Trainer Kim Lyons Announces New Online Diet

Kim LyonsKim Lyons, former Biggest Loser trainer and author of Your Body, Your Life announced a new online personal coaching program yesterday. The site is called Fast Track to Fat Loss, and will connect clients to real trainers. The trainers will work with clients to create personalized diets and workout plans using behind-the-scenes techniques from Kim’s time on The Biggest Loser. Trainers will also check in with clients daily to help them stay on track and answer any questions or concerns.

Kim is also publishing a new book, The Biggest Loser: The Biggest Loser Secrets. “It broke my heart to see my contestants go home and put weight back on after leaving The Biggest Loser Ranch. It is a huge flaw with the show. My goal was to create a program where people not only lost the weight, but they also kept it off for good. That’s exactly what we’ve done,” said Kim in a press release.