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Kristi Yamaguchi’s New Fitness Apparel Created with Busy Moms in Mind

Even if you think you look super awkward on the treadmill or in the weight room, you can at least look good while you do it. Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi just released a new line of active wear that is functional enough for the gym and stylish enough for the carpool lane.

The brand is called Tsu.ya and includes 18 pieces for the fall launch, available exclusively at Lord & Taylor department stores. The line includes basics like yoga pants, leggings, jackets, and T-shirts. Price points for the line range from $40 to $150, which is competitively priced with other fitness apparel lines. The apparel is only available in sizes extra small (XS) through large (L).

“As a mother, author and athlete life is pulling me in a lot of directions at once. I wanted to create something for the woman-on-the go, something that you can go to the gym in and run errands in after and still look put together,” Kristi told us of her inspiration for Tsu.ya. (more…)

Neon Colors Brighten Fitness Attire and Workouts This Summer

One of the biggest fashion trends of the season is not hard to miss. It’s neon! Reminiscent of the glowing 80s, the bright colors are getting official fashion endorsements across the media. E! News’ Giuliana Rancic was amongst the first to announce the style trend, as the fashion expert told viewers bright colors, particularly neon, would be the color to wear this summer.

Why neon for this season? As reported by The Washington Post, Ann Narayanan, VP of Women’s Merchandising for Old Navy, offered her opinion. “This is the season of color: color on color, color back to neutrals. Neons are just one of the amazing color trends that are important right now.”

Neon is an attention grabber, it screams “Look at me!” Marissa Rosenblum, Seventeen senior editor, comments on this season’s color trend, “The highlighter colors have evolved this season into accessories, beauty products, and outwear. There are still the T-shirts, colored jeans, hoodies, and athletic apparel.”

Bright colors aren’t just for the catwalk, neon has made its way onto fitness apparel, too. Even running shoes like Brooks are brighter that ever with plenty of unconventional shades and designs. It’s hard to miss the neon when walking into a sports store this season. Brands like Nike, UnderArmor, and Jillian Michaels K-Swiss collection have fused neon into their shorts, sports bras, shirts, tanks, and even socks! (more…)

ElectricFoxy’s Super-Charged Garments Zap Your Posture and Workout in to Shape

A dog can be trained to stay inside the perimeter of a fence by wearing an electric shock collar. The moment the dog gets too close to the boundary it will feel a mild current that is intended to teach the dog to stop. With a little bit of discomfort as reinforcement, the dog will learn to stay in the yard.

While people are generally more intelligent than our furry four-legged friends, some still need a little help recognizing the perimeters of their own body awareness.

Electricfoxy is the company behind the high-tech “wearable technology garment” MOVE. The wired tank works in conjunction with a mobile app that saves and tracks progress and patterns of movement. Programmed with four stretch and bend sensors, the MOVE garment, which looks like a flashy space-aged tank top, reads the body’s movements and assesses whether or not they are correct based on the desired outcome. When movements are out of sync with the data entered into the app, the wearer will feel an electric buzzing sensation in the area that needs to be corrected, keeping the body within the preferred parameter. (more…)

Yoga Pants for Brunch and Errands? Blame the Fashion Designers

By Chelsa Skees

Ever since fashion designers took a huge interest in dressing our athletes for the 2012 Olympic Games it got me thinking about how athletic wear has been taking on a life of its own. Not only have designers like Stella McCartney taken an interest in attaching their names behind fitness gear but the industry as a whole has taken notice of customer needs – which is to have stylish active wear that isn’t embarrassing to wear to the supermarket after a workout.

However, the argument could be that they possibly listened too well and are making fitness clothes a bit too cute, flattering, and stylish. Whether you are dogging-down or taking the dog for a walk, workout clothes have slowly seeped into our everyday life as an acceptable form of style no matter what the activity.

A few years ago you could see a woman strolling down the street in her ripped tee and sweatpants and knew she was either leaving or heading to the gym, but now you’ll see that same woman wearing sleek yoga pants and a moisture-wicking top to meet her girlfriends for brunch on a Saturday morning. I can’t even open a magazine these days without seeing celebrities also wearing stretch pants while sipping on coffee and shopping on some fabulous strip. (more…)

Summer 2012’s Most Fashionable Fitness Attire

By Chelsa Skees

Memorial Day has passed and officially marked the beginning of summer. If you haven’t already started, it’s time to get in shape to fit into those itsy bitsy teeny weeny little polka dot bikinis!

For lack of better options, women, including myself, used to workout in old ripped tee shirts and sweatpants which had been cut into shorts. However, the tides have changed in terms of sportswear and workout attire. Just as we have evolved our understanding of our bodies and exercise, workout clothing has changed as well. They have been designed to deliver us the best experience while exercising – from wicking away sweat and keeping us cool to increasing our performance to be the best that we can be.

I was never one to buy clothing to workout in, it all sounded so silly; “you mean, I am supposed to buy this expensive garment just to sweat in?!”. Nonetheless, I quickly realized after becoming a lover of spin classes and running to competing in biathlons and triathlons, that it is important to have the proper gear. That being said, it can be daunting to find suitable gear that you feel good about wearing, especially if you are a beginner to this active world.

Here is a list of curated products tested and approved by yours truly. They will not only provide the best performance but you will feel just as great about wearing them as your workout will make you feel. (more…)

Russell Simmons Shares His Love of Yoga with New Lifestyle Brand Tantris

Every thing Russell Simmons touches turns to gold, and now the hip-hop mogul and avid yoga lover is launching a whole new business venture sure to be a hit. Simmons has announced he will be teaming up with Gaiia Enterprises Global Ltd. to develop Tantris, a lifestyle brand for men and women including yoga fashion and activewear, yoga equipment, prayer beads, and relaxation accessories.

Simmons fell in love with yoga and wants to share it with the world in the best way he knows how- with style.

“Yoga is meant to relieve the noise. After doing yoga, I feel alive and awakened. I want to give people that feeling or to teach people who want to learn more about yoga,” Simmons said.

You will only be able to find Simmons’ Tantris line in select department and specialty stores, but Simmons hopes to extend Tantris into its own stores, yoga studios and juice bars.


We Love FILA

Trying to find great workout clothes can be an impossible task. Sure, you could work out in an oversized t-shirt and baggy basketball shorts, but let’s face it – stylish exercise clothes can be practical and inspiring. The workout gear of the 70’s and 80’s has thankfully gone the way of the 8 track player and many companies use technology to create clothing that wicks, breathes and does everything except the super set, all while incorporating style and keeping you looking good! One such company is FILA.

Since it got its start in Italy in 1911, FILA has been well known for creating comfortable, functional exercise clothing that is both beautiful and high quality.

This fall, FILA announced two new product lines: Supplex and Body Toning System. Offered in bright jewel tones and modeled by real women in their advertisements, these workout clothes have quickly become my own personal favorites.

I was sent a pair of Supplex yoga pants, a BTS tank and capri pants for running. All three items fit well and made for comfortable exercise, with a bonus that they helped me look good while exercising. If I look good, I feel good. Silly and vain, but I’ll bet you nodded as you read it, didn’t you? But, you might ask – what’s so special about these new clothing lines?


Healthy Stocking Stuffers for the Whole Family

Hanging Christmas stockings never gets old. Even though you may be the one that packs them, it’s still an exciting and integral part of many families’ holiday traditions. Instead of packing them with candy, here is a list of pint sized products – every one of them completely tested! – that can help your family members get a leg up on a healthy, active lifestyle before the New Year’s Eve ball drops!

Handful Bras
– Originally created because company owner Jennifer Ferguson  couldn’t find a flattering sports bra, this pocket sized product is a dream come true for smaller breasted ladies. Holding you firm without flattening or causing the dreaded “Uni-boob” image, this is the one sports bra that does it all. I let my two older daughters try this bra, and it has already become a favorite. It doesn’t ride up, it flatters and holds everything into place. In other words, it does exactly what it’s *supposed* to do and none of what it isn’t.  Attractive enough to be worn alone, or flattering under a traditional work out top, this bra would make a wonderful addition to a Christmas stocking.

Myorope Balls – These “balls on a rope” appear innocent and safe, but one quick trial and you’ll know that these balls mean business! I’ve long been a fan of self-massage and trigger point pressure, even going so far as to carry a lacrosse ball in my boxing bag. It can be tricky to get the ball at just the right spot, which is where the unique design of the Myorope comes in. Offered in 2, 4 or 6, the design allows for one ball to be anchored and lets the rest get into every nook and crevice that needs help. If you’ve got a runner, CrossFit enthusiast or triathlete – or if you are a fan of foam rolling, these will be the hit of the day. (I’ve been badgered for my set every time I enter the gym!)


Do Not Try Adriana Lima’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Diet at Home

Last night Victoria’s Secret taped its highly anticipated annual fashion show, presenting the latest, and most over-the-top, lingerie styles. The brand has an elite team of models, some of the most well-paid, not to mention beautiful, in the industry. This year’s star-studded event will air November 29, and make us immediately regret second helpings of Thanksgiving mashed potatoes.

For the women who model for Victoria’s Secret their bodies are their tools of the trade. They catch a lot of criticism, as much as they do praise, for their long, lean, well-toned bodies. It’s not a look, or a lifestyle, that’s realistic for most women, and with that being said, it shouldn’t be imitated either.

Adriana Lima, one of the Angels, shared how she prepares for one of the biggest fashion shows of the year. Much like bras sold at Victoria’s Secret, her regimen is not one-size-fits-all. (more…)

Adidas Introduces a Minimalist Running Shoe Designed for the Gym

Adidas recently introduced a new minimal shoe called the Adipure Trainer. At first glance it may appear that they are jumping on the minimalist performance shoe bandwagon (yes, such a thing exists) but after taking a closer look, the Adipure Trainer is marketing their shoe for a whole other, and possibly wiser purpose.

The Adipure Trainer is just that, a trainer. It is the first barefoot training shoe designed specifically for the gym. Adidas does not call this a performance shoe, they are promoting it as a way to build strength and harness the body’s natural bio-mechanics. These are the elements that the other minimalist shoes promote as well. However, our feet need time to build up strength before we take them out of a stable shoe and take off for a run. This is why many people are getting hurt in minimal shoes, they are performing in them without proper preparation and their unadapted feet and body are suffering.

The Adipure is designed to take those gradual steps in training the body. The Adipure Trainer activates and strengthens muscles, builds balance and promotes dexterity. The shoes have independent toe separations and a quarter-inch profile. They are designed so that the foot can be close to the ground for optimal speed, balance, and agility during a conditioning workout. The shoe is supposed to mimic the foot and create a natural feeling that will still protect the skin and provide traction.