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And you thought your egg white omelette was fat-free?

You may have heard about the latest news that came out this past week regarding the fat content of our favorite non-stick cooking sprays. These sprays are made of oil, often vegetable oil, so they most certainly contain fat. In fact, one can of your favoring spray can contain more than 800 calories! The longer you spray, the more fat and calories you’re adding to your scrambled eggs or stir-fry. If this item is a dietary kitchen essential of yours, spray once and get your finger off the trigger quickly.

New varieties, made of olive and canola oils, are more frequently available at the grocery store.

Research Shines Favorable Light on Sun Exposure

Sometimes health news can be frustrating. Eggs are bad for you. Eggs are good for you. Fat is bad. Fat is okay, carbs are bad. Well, now research is shedding new light on the health effects of sun exposure. It says that moderate sun exposure outweighs the risk of cancer. I doubt this is an invitation for bringing back the tanning oil.