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Find Allergy-Friendly Restaurants at AllergyEats.com

With the thousands and thousands of individuals suffering with food allergies, it can be hard to navigate menus or even find a restaurant where you can safely eat. I remember when I first learned that I had to avoid wheat, dairy and eggs. I was convinced I would never eat out again and avoided dinner parties with friends and family, not knowing what I would be able to eat. Many years have passed since that diagnosis and I have learned how to navigate foods to ensure I eat yummy, wholesome foods without feeling like I’m missing out. (more…)

Food Allergies at Highest Levels in History and Will Continue to Rise

In what may end up being the largest of its kind, a new study has found that food allergies are among the most common medical conditions in the U.S. Even worse, the problem seems to be growing.

The newly released study found that nearly three percent of Americans – about 7.5 million people – have a potentially life-threatening allergy to dairy, eggs, shellfish, and the most common allergen: peanuts. About 1.5 percent in the study tested highly positive for the antibodies, which are proteins made when faced with what the body sees as an allergen. Next up was shrimp, at one percent of the people in the study. (more…)

Power Food Pairings Increase Nutritional Value

Women’s Health has released a list of 9 Power Food Pairings – combinations of food items that give you more nutritional value when eaten together. Even better, they seem like pretty easy combinations to work into your diet. Check out Women’s Health for the full list and read my favorites below.

That time of the month may have you reaching for less nutritious foods, but research shows less pre-menstrual irritability in women who ingest the most calcium and vitamin D. Eggs are an excellent source of vitamin D, and broccoli provides easily-absorbed calcium. I tend to crave a little fat, so a broccoli and cheese omelet sounds ideal to me. (more…)

CONSUMER ALERT: Egg Recall Sparked by Salmonella Outbreak

Eggs RecalledThe Centers for Disease Control found that eggs are behind hundreds of food poisoning cases that occurred throughout July and June. Investigators in Minnesota, Colorado and California have traced the rotten eggs back to Wright County Egg. The finding has prompted a massive nation-wide recall, and the FDA is continuing investigation.

Food Poisoning Journal estimates that 280 million eggs have been involved in the recall. The list of major brands affected are Lucerne, Albertson, Mountain Dairy, Ralph’s, Boomsma’s, Sunshine, Hillandale, Trafficanda, Farm Fresh, Shoreland, Lund, Dutch Farms, and Kemps. The contaminated eggs were sold to restaurants and grocery stores. (more…)

Eat a Bigger Breakfast to Lose Weight

health benefits of breakfastThe August issue of Marie Claire reports that there are even more reasons not to skip breakfast. Although some people say they feel less hungry throughout the day if they don’t eat in the morning, they’re really slowing down their metabolisms and making weight loss even more difficult.

A study conducted at the University of Alabama-Birmingham suggests that eating more fat in the morning helps the body metabolize the fatty foods you eat during the rest of the day. However, the study was conducted with mice fed a fatty diet at different times of day, so more research will need to be done to find out if the phenomena is true for humans as well.


5-Minute Breakfast Crumble Recipe by Chef Jeffrey Saad

jeffrey saadAs a dad, there’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you’re taking great care of your kids. Part of that duty for me is sending my kids Sebastian and Isabella off to school energized and ready for the day. The high-quality protein in eggs provides the mind and body energy they need for long days.

My 5-minute breakfast crumble recipe has been a success for me because it’s quick and the kids love the taste! It’s incredible how you can take three simple ingredients and, by changing the way you deliver them, they become something new and exciting.

5-minute Breakfast Crumble
Serves: 2

– Two eggs
– 2 pieces bread
– 1 small, pre-cooked chicken/apple sausage (more…)

We Love Easter Eggs

eggsThis week we love eggs. In celebration of Easter, we’re applauding the incredible-edible egg, which is as close as you can come to a perfect food despite suffering ridicule in years past for its potentially cholesterol-raising effects.

Whether you love to scramble them, whip them up into a quiche, sunny side them up or hard-boil them, the egg’s versatility and its stellar nutrition profile makes it a no-brainer why these cute, compact wonders are at the top of any nutrition expert’s healthy-eating list.


Confused About How Healthy Eggs Are?

Famously fidgety comedian Lewis Black had one of his more famous rants about how infuriated he got with the health recommendations for eggs:

The people who told us about sun block were the same people who told us, when I was a kid, that eggs were good. So I ate a lot of eggs. Ten years later they said they were bad. I went, “Well, I just ate the eggs!” So I stopped eating eggs, and 10 years later they said they were good again! Well, then I ate twice as many, and then they said they were bad. Well, now I’m really f#%!ed! Then they said they’re good, they’re bad, they’re good, the whites are good, th-the yellows – make up your mind! It’s breakfast I’ve gotta eat!

I guess I’m just as confused as Mr. Black, because I thought the latest findings were already confirmed. But if I’m mistaken, here’s the latest: There’s no reason to limit your egg intake, as it has little to no impact on your cholesterol levels. (more…)

The 10 Healthiest Grocery Store Food Choices

The March issue of Prevention Magazine had a great article that will serve as a smart guide the next time you’re at the grocery store. All the marketing-speak and hundreds of choices can make choosing one food over another a difficult choice, especially when your goal is to be as healthy as possible. Here we share the good, better and best choice of 10 common grocery aisles.

Meat Counter

Egg Section

  • Good – Packaged egg whites
  • Better – Whole eggs
  • Best – Omega-3-fortified eggs (more…)

5 Healthiest and Budget-Friendly Breakfast Foods

Recent studies show that eating breakfast does keep you healthy and slim. According to National Weight Control Registry, individuals who lost 30 or more pounds and kept it off for one year or longer had something in common: they all ate breakfast. oatmeal

The reason is that breakfast prevents our bodies and minds from crossing over into the dangerous zone of starvation mode. When that kicks in, our bodies don’t metabolize food efficiently and we end up devouring everything in sight. However, picking up breakfast at your favorite java joint or running through the drive-thru may hamper your weight loss efforts and put a dent in your wallet.

Since saving money is on everyone’s minds these days, as well as keeping true to our New Year’s resolutions of healthy eating, weight loss and fitness, here is a list of the top five best breakfast picks that will keep you well-fueled and on your way to your best you! (more…)