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Economy Puts Pinch on Healthy Eating

There are many extravagances that are shoved aside during economic downturns. But one essential is being ignored as well – good nutrition. A new report by a consumer watchdog found that 24 percent of adults in the UK say that eating healthy is less of a priority in the current economic crisis. Oddly, 76 percent of the people polled think that the government needs to take action to make healthier choices easier.economy

The group called Which? also found one positive side effect of the forced penny pinching: people are planning to quit smoking.

But when it comes to food choices, why do they have to be unhealthy? Granted, when people have less money, cheaper processed foods are probably going to make their way into the grocery cart. But aren’t there other things that can be taken out of the budget for the difference between packaged foods and fresh fruits and veggies? Apparently not, since nearly three in five said they would buy more fruit and vegetables if they were cheaper. (more…)

LA Weight Loss Centers Closing, Customers Enraged

I’m still new to some of the worries surrounding the LA Weight Loss centers. In my preliminary research, it seems that closings have been going on for at least a year, and customer complaints for at least that long. (During 2008, it closed 400 Pure Weight Loss sites, its sister brand.)

There are franchises across the country that are closing down. According to WCNC in North Carolina, all 10 LA Weight Loss Centers in the Charlotte area just closed. The suspicious part of it all is that it’s happening without warning to their paying clients.

The sign on one business door blamed the closing on the bad economy and indicated that the centers will soon contact clients.

“We have some that are out of a couple thousand dollars between what they’ve paid for membership, in annual membership and then what they purchased in food that they haven’t received in food yet,” said Tom Bartholomy, President of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont, North Carolina.

Bartholomy says there is no legal recourse according to state law in North Carolina. The Better Business Bureau suspects hundreds of people will be out of money.

Bankruptcy- That’s How the Cookie Diet Crumbles

Smart for Life Weight Management Centers is closing shop, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Boca Raton, Florida-based company was entangled in a dispute with Miami-based SM Licensing Corp. and Dr. Sanford Siegal over using the term “cookie diet” for its weight loss program.

Smart for Life started as a licensed franchise of Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, but lost the right to use the terminology in its advertising and web address last year.

A half million people have turned to Dr. Seigal’s Cookie Diet over the span of three decades. There are several nutritious cookies to choose from, in tasty flavors such as chocolate, oatmeal raisin, coconut, banana, and blueberry. You can learn more about Dr. Siegal’s program in our review of the Cookie Diet right here.

High Gas Prices Good For Weight Loss

While rising gas prices is generally seen as a negative thing, there are a few good side effects associated with it is as well. Firstly, it helps ween people off of gas guzzling vehicles. But another one is much more surprising: thinner waistlines.

Gas pumping

The expense of filling up at the pump has gotten to the point where people are opting to walk or ride a bike, and hence, losing weight. Bike shops across the United States are reporting record sales, and Britain is even promoting a national “Bike Week” to encourage commuters to pedal to the office.

According to research by Charles Courtemanche of Washington University in St. Louis, for every dollar increase in the average real price of gas, overweight and obesity levels in the United States will decline by 16 percent after seven years.

Looking in the rear-view, Courtemanche’s study also attributes the expansion of American waistlines between 1979 and 2004 in part to falling gas prices. Similar research published in the European Journal of Public Health found that European countries with higher gasoline prices tend to have lower rates of obesity.

The economic impact also has us eating out less, which is bound to positively affect people’s waistlines.

If there are any initiatives in your community like the Bike Week in the U.K. – let Diets In Review know in the comments! Tell us how you’re staying active and saving money at the pump.