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Vitality GlowCaps Make it Easier to Remember to Take Medications

Do you take prescription medications? Do you sometimes forget to take your medications? It happens to everyone: life is busy, hectic, and just plain ole out-of-control at times, and you forget to pop your daily pills. But, thanks to AT&T and Vitality GlowCaps, you never have to miss your medication again.

Vitality GlowCaps are pill caps that use flashing lights, audio reminders, phone calls, and SMS messages to remind you when it is time to take your medications. These nifty little devices will help you make sure that you stay at your healthiest state possible by buzzing, flashing, and doing whatever it takes to catch your attention and remind you it’s time to take your pills.

In addition to reminding you to take your medicine, Vitality GlowCaps also create progress reports for you, your doctor, and anyone else that you approve to have access to this information. These progress reports track how often you open your pill bottles and automatically refill your prescriptions when you are starting to run low, taking one less thing off your to-do list for you.


Alcohol a Bigger Threat to Society Than Heroin

Alcohol is perfectly legal in this country, and well it should be. When used responsibly, it should be okay to enjoy a few drinks if that’s you’re thing.

But, when you take the public’s view of alcohol and compare it to how they perceive illicit drugs, there seems to be something askew.

I’m not here to advocate drug use, but maybe to just put a little proper perspective on the dangers of alcohol compared to illegal drugs. It’s socially acceptable to enjoy a few drinks, and even when it gets out of hand, it’s often not taken seriously. We see all kinds of light-hearted, funny commercials about how guys have irrational urges to corral a six pack of Bud Light, the latest being a guy who is scared out of his mind of bungee jumping, but at the first sight of alcohol below, he takes the plunge. Funny, but Budweiser does seem to enjoy making guys look like hopeless alcoholics.

If we saw a similar commercial for marijuana, the public reaction would be, by and large, quite different. But should it be? (more…)

Woman Sues Relacore Because She Gained Weight

New Jersey’s Supreme Court has ruled in favor of allowing a woman to move forward with a class-action lawsuit against the makers of Relacore. Melissa Lee claims that she actually got fatter while taking the weight-loss supplement.

In court filings, Lee claims that she took Relacore for about four months and gained weight during that time. She contends that the makers of Relacore, Lee Carter-Reed Company, made false claims about the product in advertisements.

Before the Supreme Court’s ruling, a trial court and a state appeals court both denied Lee’s attempts to gain class-action status. (more…)

Avandia Heavily Restricted by FDA

Diabetes DrugIn July, it looked like the Food and Drug Administration was going to be Avandia’s saving grace, when a 33-person panel voted to allow the diabetes medication to stay on the market. Many felt the decision would stave off litigation against its manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline. But today, the agency announced a heavy restriction Avandia, although they will not be pulling the drug off the U.S. market. The European Medicines Agency, FDA’s counterpart in the EU, has decided to ban the drug.


Miss USA Tara Conner’s Diet

Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner

Former Miss USA, Tara Conner has spoken publicly about her drug addiction, which at its peak, meant popping upwards of 30 pills a day following her pageant crown.

Conner was awarded the title in 2006, but almost immediately reports began surfacing of her alleged drug and alcohol use. After testing positive for cocaine, Donald Trump, co-owner of the Miss USA organization, gave the beautiful but troubled young woman a second chance as long as she cleaned up her act in rehab. Without hesitation, Conner entered into a treatment facility and got sober.

While many people who use drugs to lose weight become underweight and malnourished because of the stimulatory and appetite-suppressing effects of the drugs, Conner has never commented on whether drugs had anything to do with her thin physique or whether diet supplements were part of her drug repertoire. But she does admit that after years of using drugs to find her identity, she was numb to food. (more…)

Fast Food Restaurants Should Offer Free Cholesterol Medication

Researchers at Imperial College London are suggesting that fast food restaurants could counter the health risks of eating their foods by offering customers free statins, a prescribed drug used to lower cholesterol, with their meals. I know, when I first read that, I thought it was a satire worthy of the pages of The Onion.

But no, the researchers are serious.

Statins are valuable due to their ability to reduce the amount of unhealthy LDL cholesterol in the blood and a person’s risk of having a heart attack.

In their research published in the American Journal of Cardiology, Dr. Darrel Francis and his colleagues calculate that the reduction in cardiovascular risk is enough to counter the increase in heart attack risk from eating fatty fast food. (more…)

Avandia Saved by FDA

FDA votes to keep Avandia on the marketTwenty members of a 33-member panel voted to keep diabetes drug Avandia on the market in some form, announced MSNBC. Only 12 members voted to pull the drug from the market, and one panel member abstained from voting. The Food and Drug Administration’s move should hold back litigation against GlaxoSmithKline Plc, Avandia’s maker.

The drug may be associated with increased heart risks, particularly in comparison with Actos, a type two diabetes drug. Research questioning the drug’s safety surfaced in 2007, but much of the data has been deemed inconclusive. (more…)

Asthma Diet: Avoid Food Triggers to Reduce Attacks

Do you have an allergy to food? If so, is there an asthma diet that can help you reduce symptoms?

I’ve had enough with my allergies and asthma. Frankly, I don’t even know if I officially have allergies, and if I do, what I am allergic to. When I went to my doctor a couple years ago, I was told that I have a mild case of asthma. But, nothing really regarding an allergy.

It’s time for me to start doing something about it, because it is a life-hindering issue. While I don’t have problems every day, I do often have issues with coughing attacks that interrupt my day, and are frankly embarrassing when around other people.


Taking Medication May Stink, but There May be Other Options

People often want to avoid taking the medications prescribed for mental health disorders. Over and over I have heard therapists and psychiatrists suggest to people that they would not question taking medication for blood pressure or diabetes; however, I recently read about research that suggests this may not be as true as we would hope.

It appears that some people may be terminating metaformin, a medication commonly prescribed for diabetes, due to complaints of nausea, stomach pain, and unpleasant after-taste. It appears the nausea is more a result of the smell of the medication than a side-effect of the drug. Eue de metaformin has been described as fishy, rotten, or like a sweaty sock. Luckily, the coating on the extended-release tablets seems to protect patients from that smell. Look for more information on this research in the February issue of Annals of Internal Medicine. (more…)

More Canadian Women Die of Heart Disease Than Men

canadian flagThe evidence has long supported the notion that men are at a greater risk for fatal heart disease than women. Not so, at least in Canada. While deaths and hospital visits related to heart disease have dropped 30 percent, more women are dying from the ailment than men.

The Canadian study came to its conclusion by analyzing the country’s national death registry. It started in 1994, and ended in 2004. While the overall number of deaths and hospitalization have decreased significantly, women have slightly edged out men at the end of the study at 50.7 percent of total heart-related deaths, whereas they accounted for 49.3 percent in 1994. Even with that number, the difference between men and women is much closer than one might think. (more…)