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Interview with the Cookie Doctor, aka Dr. Sanford Siegal

We recently had a chance to interview Dr. Sanford Siegal, the creator and face of Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet.

In the interview he defends that his cookie diet is not a fad, we discuss the ingredients used to make the popular cookies, and he tells why at 80-years old he’s still a constant presence at the bakery.

Live from his Florida bakery, Dr. Siegal gives us a behind-the-scenes peek at the very room where his 35-year-old cookie plan is baked and packaged daily.

Click here to watch the video interview, where you’ll also find a giveaway for a Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet prize pack!

Dr. Siegal’s Announces New Plan 10X Cookie Diet

Dr. Siegal Plan 10X Cookie Diet LogoThe wildly popular Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet recently released a new variation on their classic weight loss program, featuring newly formulated cookies. The Dr. Siegal’s Plan 10X consists of smaller, better tasting cookies that are intended to be eaten more frequently throughout the day.

The classic Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet, which is also still available, is centered around 90-calorie cookies that are eaten six times per day, whenever you are hungry. The New Plan 10X cookies are 60 calories, and one or two should be eaten every two hours, up to 9 cookies per day. On both plans, you will eat a 700 to 500 calorie dinner every day, which should be as healthy and nutritionally balanced as possible.


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Jets’ Kris Jenkins Loses 34 Pounds on Cookie Diet

What seems like the kind of diet a big ol’ defensive lineman would gravitate towards? Besides something like Atkins or any other diet that would allow them to nosh on steaks every day, maybe one that is centered around cookies.

And that’s what New York Jets defensive lineman Kris Jenkins resorted to in order to drop some excess weight on the eve of his team’s training camp. With the help of Dr. Sanford Siegal’s Cookie Diet, Jenkins lost 34 pounds in the off-season. That brings the 6′ 4″ Jenkins down to 359 pounds, which even by today’s NFL standards is huge.


Snooki Weighs 100 Pounds After Cookie Diet

Snooki reaches her weight loss goal eating cookiesThere’s been a lot of news about the diets of theJersey Shores girls. J-WOWW has been gushing about the hCG diet on her website and interviews. Snooki has been touting Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet.

In a press statement from Dr. Siegal’s, Snooki has officially reached her goal of losing ten pounds. It took the reality TV star three weeks to lose the weight and signature puff. “She is ecstatic about reaching her goal and finally feels comfortable with her weight and image.” According to our calculations, that put the petite Snooki at around 100 pounds, a healthy weight for her four-foot-ten frame.

Snooki says that in addition to eating the meal-replacement cookies she is going to curb her drinking habits. “If I go out I am going to have a drink, but I am not going to have 10 drinks like I usually would,” she said of the party-happy atmosphere that surrounds her.

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Snooki Does the Cookie Diet

The tiny little powerhouse from Jersey Shore known as Snooki wants to lose some weight. At a petite 4’10” tall, 110 pounds is a lot for her, stating that she used to be a fit cheerleader at 90 pounds. To drop her goal of 10 pounds, she’s going to follow the Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet.

Watch now as she talks about her unhealthy habits that helped her put on the weight, and why Dr. Siegal agrees that on someone of her size ten pounds is reasonable.

Dr. Sanford Siegal Wants to Pay 1,000 Pound Woman to Stop!

Last week we told you the dumbfounding story of Donna Simpson, who is trying very hard to become the heaviest woman in the world. Currently weighing more than 600 pounds, she consumes 12,000 calories a day to help her achieve her goal. That’s what some adults should eat in an entire week. A 2007 Guinness Book of World Records title holder for being the world’s biggest mother, Donna has the support of her boyfriend in this catastrophic endeavor.

As people near and far to this New Jersey resident reach out begging her to rethink her “project,” if you will, one weight loss professional is putting his money where her mouth is in an attempt to stop what he calls “a prolonged suicide.”

Dr. Sanford Siegal is the world-renowned weight-loss expert behind the popular Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, a meal replacement program that provides fiber- and protein-rich cookies and shakes. According to a press release published on his behalf, he wants to pay Donna to not only stop trying to gain weight to reach 1,000 pounds, but pay her to lose weight. (more…)

Kim Kardashian Tweets Herself into a Cookie Diet Lawsuit

Oh, to be a celebrity who is a celebrity for the sake of being a celebrity. Kim Kardashian, who stars in the E! channel’s hit reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is well paid. Kardashian has a contract with in-stream advertising company Ad.ly to plug products, reportedly for an obscene amount of money – $10,000 per tweet!kim kardashian

I’m not sure what that comes out to per second, but let’s do a little math. If an average tweet is 20 words, that’s $500 a word. Ugh.

But, not all is wine and roses for our little Kimmy. Apparently, the doctor behind Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet has sued her for allegedly defaming him on Twitter. Heck, all she has to do is write a couple hundred words, and hand the income over to the Cookie Doc, and be done with it.

Last October, it is alleged that Kardashian tweeted that Dr. Sanford Siegal was “falsely promoting” that she was on the Cookie Diet. “Not true! I would never do this unhealthy diet! I do QuickTrim!,” is what she allegedly posted on her Twitter page. “If this Dr. Siegal is lying about me being on this diet, what else are they lying about? Not cool!” (more…)

Bankruptcy- That’s How the Cookie Diet Crumbles

Smart for Life Weight Management Centers is closing shop, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Boca Raton, Florida-based company was entangled in a dispute with Miami-based SM Licensing Corp. and Dr. Sanford Siegal over using the term “cookie diet” for its weight loss program.

Smart for Life started as a licensed franchise of Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, but lost the right to use the terminology in its advertising and web address last year.

A half million people have turned to Dr. Seigal’s Cookie Diet over the span of three decades. There are several nutritious cookies to choose from, in tasty flavors such as chocolate, oatmeal raisin, coconut, banana, and blueberry. You can learn more about Dr. Siegal’s program in our review of the Cookie Diet right here.