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Paula Deen Lightens Up her Recipes on The Dr. Oz Show

Tune in Tuesday, October 11, 2011 for Paula Deen on Dr. Oz.

Famous for never going light on butter and deep frying, the southern cooking extraordinaire will show viewers how to make her favorite meals for half the fat and calories. Most of Deen’s recipes are not exactly healthy, so be sure to learn how to enjoy the flavor without the guilt.

Deen also shares with Dr. Oz the health struggles she has battled and fought to overcome. Be sure to catch this fun and emotional episode.

Chris Powell Dispels Carb Myths on Dr. Oz

Tune in today, October 10, 2011 to catch Chris Powell on The Dr. Oz Show.

Health and weight loss superstar Chris Powell joins the show to challenge common thoughts about carbohydrates and weight loss. Powell and Dr. Oz will discuss how to boost metabolism and burn more fat through proper diet and exercise. Most intriguing is how they will explain how to use carbohydrates to win the war on weight.

Catch today’s show to learn how to battle the bulge once and for all.

Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation: Millon Dollar You Contest

Dr. Oz's Tranformation Nation LogoTune in to Dr. Oz today to learn about his new project, Transformation Nation: Million Collar You Contest. In partnership with Weight Watchers and Sharecare, he’s helping Americans slim down while competing to win $1,000,000. On today’s show, he will outline seven steps that you can follow to get healthier and lose weight.

Here are the seven steps:

  1. Tell a Friend
  2. Official Weigh-in/Calculate Your BMI
  3. Connect with Your Doctor
  4. Learn Your Family’s Health History
  5. Get More Sleep
  6. Assess Your Stress
  7. Start New Fitness Habits


Tune-In: Fastest Growing Cancers on Dr. Oz

Be sure to watch The Dr. Oz Show on Tuesday, September 20 to learn how to spot the warning signs of cancer.

The show titled “Stop the Fastest Growing Cancers Inside of You Before it’s Too Late” Dr. Oz plans to draw attention to the five fastest growing cancers, reveal the biggest risks and offer the biggest solutions.

Dr. Oz will also teach a 10 second cancer test to help you spot the warning signs of the deadly disease before it’s too late.  The episode is loaded with great information for all people, so set your TiVos to take care of your health.

Tune-In: Dr. Oz Confronts the World’s Fattest Woman

Tune in to see the world’s fattest woman on The Dr. Oz Show Thursday, September 22.

Dr. Oz hosts to a guest who is 700 pounds and gaining. Peaking at 600 pounds, Donna Simpson once aimed to weigh 900 pounds or more, pursuing her goal by eating 12,000 calories per day. She holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for being the heaviest woman to give birth, and appeared to be seeking to break more records.

Simpson once claimed claimed she was happy to be fat, but has now come forward and is asking for help to drop the dangerous pounds. Catch Thursday’s show as Dr. Oz tries to help this woman who is content with eating 20-30,000 calories a day.

Arsenic in Your Apple Juice: Dangerous or Perfectly Safe?

If you are one of the many parents now second guessing your decision to pack a juice box in your child’s lunch tomorrow, you are not alone. In a recent episode of the Dr. Oz Show, national health guru Dr. Mehmet Oz claimed that apple juice not only contains arsenic, but levels much higher than what is deemed safe for our drinking water.

According to an independent study conducted on behalf of the Dr. Oz Show, ten of the three dozen apple juices sampled came back with an arsenic level higher than the amount allowed in drinking water. Of these, Gerber, Juicy Juice, and Mott’s were three of the highest with 36 parts per billion, 22 parts per billion, and 16 parts per billion reported, respectively.

Yet, despite these results, the FDA wants you to feel assured that pouring a glass of apple juice is still safe to do. In fact, the FDA claims there is no public health risk associated with drinking apple juice and that they have been performing safety checks for years to ensure that what we drink is indeed safe.

A safety level for arsenic has not been set for juices and although this may seem alarming, the FDA states that the type of arsenic primarily found in juices is organic arsenic, an essentially harmless form. In the case of water, the primary source is inorganic arsenic which is the form typically considered to negatively impact health when consumed in large quantities.


Tune In: Arsenic in Apple Juice on Dr. Oz

The Dr. Oz Show has a full week packed full of must-see content.

On Wednesday, September 14, Dr. Oz will be discussing arsenic. He reveals that the chemical arsenic can be found in apple juice brands across in America, along with other products like candies, cereals, and cookies. Dr. Oz will be revealing specific brands he feels we must avoid to keep our exposure to arsenic to a minimum.

Check out this episode and inform yourself about what we’re serving our children and families.

Tune In: Ovarian Cancer Warning Signs on Dr. Oz

On Tuesday, September 13, Dr. Oz will be discussing ovarian cancer on his show.

Be sure to catch this episode as he reveals 5 warning signs for diagnosing ovarian cancer. The 5 warning signs  he plans to discuss are often unknown and missed by doctors. Dr. Oz will also discuss a test for ovarian cancer that all women should take right now.

Be informed about your health, and see if there is anything your doctor may be missing.

Tune In: Dr. Oz Conducts Urine Tests on Entire Audience

Tune in to Dr. Oz this Thursday to find out just what your pee means for your health.

Thursday, September 15, Dr. Oz is conducting a urine test for his entire audience. As awkward as it may be, he plans to discuss how the examination of our urine and bowel movements can help prevent major illnesses.

Diseases like diabetes, Crohn’s, kidney disease, and stomach cancer are all potentially discovered by evaluating the toilet bowl before flushing.

Be sure to catch the Dr. Oz show for this strangely informative topic!

Follow Up to Life at 700 Pounds on Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz Show LogoTune in this Thursday, July 28 to Dr. Oz for a follow up on Colleen, the woman who weighs 700 pounds. In a previous episode, Dr. Oz staged a health intervention for Colleen, who says she’s addicted to food.

In this week’s episode, we’ll learn about the steps Colleen is taking to change her life and lose weight. However, there are new obstacles in her way, as she struggles to get the support she needs from her husband at home. The couple appears on the show together to talk about how marriage is affected by morbid obesity, and to work through their problems.