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A Do-It-Yourself Detox for Spring

With spring knocking ever so gently on our weather-proofed windows, it is that time to get ready for longer days, sunnier skies and more time spent outdoors. According to older systems of holistic healing like Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, spring is a call to do a clean sweep of our bodies and diets. The stagnant air of winter in combination with the lack of sunshine, exercise and too much time spent on the couch hibernating indoors has made us feel a little sluggish and perhaps even weightier, if you are one of the millions of Americans who puts on a minimum of one pound during November to March.

woman in bath

While detox products and cleansing programs line supplement shelves, you can do your own detox program at home without investing in fancy or expensive products or tonics. Yahoo Health recently posted a 5-step DIY detox regimen that includes a diet and herbal supplement regimen. The routine, which was created by Dr. Mao from the Tao of Wellness, is meant to spring clean your body and get it ready for the bright days of this celebrated season. (more…)