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Don’t Sabotage Your New Year’s Resolution Before You Start

How many of you are thinking that you have one last day before your new diet starts with the New Year? Such thinking could be sabotaging your diet before you start.

When driving home for the holidays (or when you take any long familiar drive), you are likely to increase your speed as you pass familiar sites that let you know you are starting to approach your destination. In the same way, as you focus on the impending restriction, you are likely to allow yourself extra indulgences in this last week of the year.

These extra indulgences do have an impact on your weight, your health, and even your metabolism. You are also familiarizing your palate with sweet or rich foods, teaching your body to expect such things. This can increase the chances that you will experience cravings for such things in January when you intend to avoid them. Life change is hard work, and you may be making it more difficult by indulging prior to restriction. The cravings are not a need requested by your body, but your body expecting consistency.

Jenny Craig Metabolic Max Personalizes Your Diet Resolution

The wildly popular and well respected Jenny Craig has ventured out of the “one size fits all” diet realm. The Jenny Craig Metabolic Max Program offers a personalized plan suited to each individual’s metabolism.

With the Metabolic Max Program, you will enjoy the trademarked one-on-one support from Jenny Craig and Jenny’s Cuisine just like with the original Jenny Craig weight loss system. While on the program, you will eat three meals a day and one snack. The majority of the food you eat will be Jenny’s Cuisine, a prepackaged meal system that is brought right to your home.

What sets Metabolic Max apart is that it includes a BodyMedia FIT Armband and BodyMedia FIT Activity Manager. The BodyMedia FIT products allow you to better log your activity level, calorie consumption and calories burned.


2010’s Most Popular Diets

Top Diets of 2010At the end of December, the staff at DietsInReview.com likes to takes a look at the past year’s most popular diet and fitness trends. Some will be fads and others will be familiar and dependable, but each year this represents the interests of the public.

This list of the 25 most popular diets is compiled from the most viewed diet reviews from January to December of 2010. Essentially, the list is created by our readers: these are diets that you have been searching for and reading about, the diets you have been trying out and commenting on.

In 2010, we see our list dominated by Jillian Michaels‘ products, although Weight Watchers remains the most popular diet for the third year in a row. Acai slipped in popularity, while cookie diets proved to be a fad in 2009. Newcomers to the list include the controversial pregnancy drug hCG, the baby food diet and the Flex Belt.


Positive Feedback Found to be the Key to Online Weight Loss

It appears that a little “pat on the back,” positive reinforcement, or constructive criticism are all good things for weight loss. People who take part in online weight loss programs see better results when they receive feedback.

A study, which included 179 people who were taking part in Shape Up RI, an annual online 12-week community weight-loss competition in Rhode Island, found that people who had a computer-generated feedback component lost the most weight.

The study had three groups: one with just the standard Shape Up RI program, another with the standard program and additional video lessons, and those with both of these plus added feedback. The group that lost the most weight, 7.7 pounds on average, had all three components to their program. (more…)

My Trainer Bob versus Jillian Michaels Online

Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper are two of the biggest names when it comes to weight loss. As co-hosts of the hit reality series, the Biggest Loser, Jillian and Bob have each created their own mini diet and fitness empires with books, DVDs, cookbooks and now online programs.

Jillian Michaels Online and My Trainer Bob were both designed to make their sage and result-friendly expertise accessible to anyone interested in losing weight and getting healthier – no blue or black T-shirts needed.

Here is a look at how these two programs stack up against each other. (more…)

Why Women Gain Weight and Don’t Know Why

Guest bloggers, Kenneth Schwarz PhD and Julie North Schwarz are the authors of Maria’s Last Diet and Breaking Up with Food. Dr. Kenneth Schwarz is a psychologist and psychoanalyst specializing in personal change and goal achievement. Julie North Schwarz writes about the non-food issues related to women’s weight loss. For more help with the psychological side of dieting, visit their website: Maria’s Last Diet.

Sometimes weight gain comes unannounced, uninvited, unwelcome, an intruder into your life. And yet, upon closer observation, there are reasons. You just weren’t looking their way.

The reasons, if not purely physical and metabolic (which they can be, but not often) have their origins in psychology, feelings, coping skills and life situations.

The reasons are there, but many times they creep in and exert their influence without your permission, and without your conscious knowledge.

And yet, as people, we have enormous reserves of brainpower: We can think; we can investigate; we can observe; we can change things. (more…)

Fifty Percent of Women Say They Would Rather Give Up Sex Than Gain Weight

Fifty Percent of Women Willing to Sacrifice Sex for WeightlossWhat would you give up to avoid weight gain? In a survey conducted on behalf of NutriSystem, half of women said they would rather go without sex for a summer than gain 10 pounds. About a quarter of men agreed. However, more than half the participants polled felt that they needed to lose weight in order to feel sexy, about 66 percent.

The survey, called the NutriSystem Diet Index, also asked what people would be willing to give up for a summer in exchange for a flat stomach. Fifty-four percent said they would sacrifice watching TV or shopping, 42 percent said they would give up using a cellphone and 38 percent said they would forgo their computers. “What this shows is that people are highly motivated to not gain weight,” said NutriSystem vice president of research and development Bruce Daggy. “They recognize what it will do to their feeling of well-being and fitness.” (more…)

Women Last Only 19 Days on a Diet

On Average women only sick to a diet for 19 daysOn average, women last only 19 days before falling off a diet, reports The Mirror. The research also shows that they begin diets three times a year on average. Chips, chocolate and wine were cited as the most common foods to break down dieters’ will power. The period between 3 and 8 pm was found to be the most difficult time of day to stick to a diet.

The average diet attempt costs women in the UK £161.75, or $249.18. “Women tend to go all out in a bid to shed pounds,” said one expert. “But sticking to a restricted diet for any length of time is difficult, which is why it is better to introduce a more realistic routine involving regular exercise and healthy eating. Rather than embark on expensive diets and impossible fitness regimes which are hard to maintain it is better to introduce long term lifestyle changes which will have lasting benefit.”


Tapeworm Diet on the Tyra Show

Tapeworm Diet on the Tyra Show

UPDATE: This episode will air again on Monday, 5/23/11.

Swallowing tapeworms to lose weight may seem too out there to believe that anyone actually does it. Two women who are willing to try it will be guests on the Tyra Show tomorrow. They and Tyra will be shown the ropes of the tapeworm diet by a specialist who sells the intestinal parasites over the internet. You’ll see how big tapeworms can really get inside your body, plus learn about the potentially fatal risks. (more…)

Never Diet Again Follow Up on the Oprah Show

Image via: Oprah.com

Tune in this Monday, July 12, 2010 to the Oprah Show when Geneen Roth, author of Women, Food and God, returns to discuss the nitty gritty of ending the battle with food.

With books flying off the shelves since Oprah first had Roth on the show in May, Oprah put anyone who has ever battled with their weight or dieting up to a 60-day challenge to apply Roth’s Seven Rules of Eating and see where it takes them.