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Dad Starts Healthy Lifestyle with Help of EA Sports Active

donny claxtonDonny Claxton joins us as a contributor for Men’s Health Week. Donny is a public relations executive who has embarked on a new adventure for the benefit of himself, his wife, and their seven children. He recently completed the EA SPORTS Active 30-day challenge and continues to use it along with other healthy habits to regain his health. Donny regularly blogs at DadsCenter.org.

On April 3, 2009, I began a journey to change my life.  In California to meet with EA SPORTS officials about the then soon-to-be released EA SPORTS Active, I made a commitment to my wife, Kari, and our kids, and the world, that I was going to change my lifestyle.

At the time, I weighed a staggering 369.78 lbs.  That was too much.  Way too much.

It’s now June 19, 2009, and I weighed in this morning at 340.65 pounds.  I’m almost down 30 pounds in two and a half months and I’m still dropping.  I’ve done one EA SPORTS Active 30-day challenge and I’m now doing a second. (more…)

Dad Thinks Losing Weight is Fun and Easy

The week of June 15 is Men’s Health Week at DietsInReview.com, just in time to celebrate the special men in your life. Bill Gookin joins as a Men’s Health guest blogger. Bill is a stay-at-home dad who has constantly struggled with his weight – he’s lost 115 pounds but keeps finding it again and having to re-lose it.  This time, with the help of some friends, he’s back at goal and determined to keep it off and stay fit. You can find him posting at Daddy Is Tired among other places…as long as he’s gotten a nap.bill gookin

That’s right, losing weight is fun and easy! It must be, because I’ve done it several times. In 1993 I got to my goal weight after losing 90 pounds. By 2002 I’d gained 115 pounds, so in 2002/03 I lost it again. Then by 2008 I’d gained 50 pounds, so lost it in 2008/09. Hmm…now that I think about it, it wasn’t much fun. And it’s lots of work. So what went wrong?

I tried to do it by myself. (more…)

Most Popular Diets for Men

man on scaleThe word diet comes with plenty of negative connotations. For men, the word diet carries with it a sort of female tone as well. Dieting has long been thought to be one of those things that women do, like shopping and pedicures. However, the tide is changing as more and more men are embracing healthier lifestyles and actively working to lose weight.

This week is Men’s Health Week at DietsInReview.com, and we want to highlight a few weight loss programs that are focused on the needs of men. (more…)

No Father’s Day Gift Necessary for Dad Who Lost 220 Pounds

tony posnanskiThe week of June 15 is Men’s Health Week at DietsInReview.com, just in time to celebrate the special men in your life. Tony Posnanski joins as a Men’s Health guest blogger. Tony is the author of The Anti-Jared. Tony struggled with weight loss his whole life until he realized he was not going to be fooled anymore. He has lost over 200 pounds and maintained it for four months. Tony works out six days a week, eats better than before, and has a new outlook on things!

“Daddy! What do you want for Father’s Day?”

In a couple of years, this is the question my son will be asking me! It is so amazing to believe that I am going to have a son this year! What is even more amazing is that my doctor’s projected me to be dead of a heart attack this year. (more…)

Seth Rogen Slims Down, Angers Some

seth_rogenIt’s quite possible that comedic actor Seth Rogen is getting more air time than any person on the planet right now. He would appear to be one of the least likely candidates for such exposure, what with his regular-guy pudgy physique and all.

Could you have imagined that he’d be one of the biggest stars on the planet if you were watching him on his cult TV show Freaks and Geeks way back at the turn of the millennium? But alas, he is… however, now he’s big only in the figurative sense. The normally stout star has slimmed down a waist size or five to play the Green Hornet. You would think this is a totally positive experience. But apparently he has “let down” some of his fans.

“I think for chubby guys, I was their guy, so they were like, ‘I can be chubby. Seth Rogen’s chubby, so who cares.’ But now I’m not so chubby anymore. So now they’re like, ‘I have to lose weight.’ I’ve let them down. I’ve blatantly sold out. It’s only for money.” (more…)

Men: Diets Make You Manlier!

We guys often let our testosterone get the best of us, leading to crazy macho expectations of ourselves. I won’t get into the specific character traits too much here, but you know the usual suspects. If you’re the type who needs to prove the girth of a certain body part via violent confrontation, large and loud motor vehicles, or playing loose with the facts of your sexual resume, maybe you should reconsider your views omanf dieting.

Formal dieting is largely a female endeavor. I figure this has something to do with the male psyche, as if watching what you eat may make you less of a man. But if your belly is expanding, you may have a particularly masculine issue to deal with: your sexual prowess.

In a new study, researchers found that obese men had lower levels of testosterone in their blood than their thinner counterparts. Researchers found that among 87 healthy men, ages 19 to 48, those who were obese were less likely to have ever fathered a child