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Meet the Future of Meat…

Is the idea of meat grown in giant tanks known as “bioreactors” a good thing for mankind? On the surface, you would think “NO!” Don’t mess with Mother Nature, right? But wait just one minute all you do-gooders… there may just be a little method to this madness.

The Norwegians are at it again… this time they are trying to save the planet from the environmental perils that come with raising farm animals for human consumption. There’s the methane that cattle emit. Not to mention all the carbon-producing resources that go into raising them.

Scientists are working on various procedures to cultivate meat in a lab, and while filet mignon is not considered a near-term possibility, hamburger sure is. The main benefits of such eye-raising scientific inquiry is that if you’re cultivating meat in the lab, you cut out all the environmentally-damaging procedures to get that juicy burger on your plate.

I, for one, still have reservations about eating meat grown in laboratories, but who knows… it may be the only choice for carnivores someday. Here’s more on the fascinating research.

A Club worth Joining? Celebrity Fit Club

Celebrity Fit Club is the weight-loss program that is changing the lives and figures of stars on VH-1, and can change your life too. On the hit VH-1 show, stars are put through the paces by Sgt. Harvey E. Walden, IV while following the Fat Smash Diet developed by Dr. Ian Smith and delving into their emotional issues regarding their weight with the help of psychotherapist Stacey Kaiser. This three-pronged approach to weight loss helps celebrities shed pounds at a healthy rate and keep them off.

Now regular folks can achieve the same success as the celebs with a line of products by the experts from Celebrity Fit Club. A website offers you a diet profile and a workout plan designed just for you based on the profile. It also offers access to a community of fellow dieters to help support and encourage you. You can also access insider tips, advice, and help from the same experts the celebs use!

Dr. Ian Smith has two books out: The Fat Smash Diet and Extreme Fat Smash Diet. The meal plans and diet restrictions featured on the Celebrity Fit Club website are based on these books, but the best results can be achieved using the books and website together. The Fat Smash Diet teaches you about portion sizing that helps curb hunger and how to prepare healthy, delicious, filling meals.

The Celebrity Fit Club weight loss program is gimmick free. It endorses the only proven methods of weight loss—diet and exercise—in conjunction with confronting psychological issues that cause overeating. Of course, you should always consult a doctor before deciding on the best weight loss plan for you, but if you’ve seen the show then you know what amazing results can be achieved using this plan!

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