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Hershey Sponsors FREE Consultations with a Registered Dietitian

Hershey Moderation NationChocolate is delicious, but we all know that it’s easy to over do it. Even chocolate giant Hershey admits that there is such a thing as too much chocolate. That’s why they’re helping people connect with registered dietitians around the nation, as part of their Moderation Nation campaign. Hershey is collaborating with the American Dietetic Association to promote “moderation, not deprivation.”


How to Choose the Right Professional to Help Meet Your Goals

Lifestyle change is difficult work and often requires the support of others. When undertaking a major life change, it is generally important to seek the assistance and guidance of professionals to encourage you and equip you with new tools and information to help.

When trying to lose weight, change eating habits, or increase exercise, you may need a coach, therapist, trainer, and/or a nutritionist, all of whom can help you in different ways. Even better, you can assemble a team of professionals that surround you with support, information, tools, and techniques to get your best results.

Coach: A coach collaborates with you to help you achieve the goals that you set through a structured, solution-focused process. Coaching differs from traditional therapy in that the focus is on what can be done today to improve your future, rather than working through the difficulties of the past or the present. Coaching generally involves homework and accountability and coaches are often able to be more flexible in working with clients over the phone or online. (more…)

20 Ways to Cut Calories

Emily Fonnesbeck is the Registered Dietitian for the Biggest Loser Resort, and joins us today to share some must-have tips to help you manage calorie consumption and weight loss.

Chances are you have heard some of these suggestions before. But just because you have heard them, doesn’t mean you are actually doing them! Take a good hard look at what you are currently doing and decide where you can slash some calories.  Some of these are easy as long as you are committed!

1.  Quit drinking your calories. This includes milk, juice, alcohol, sweetened tea and coffee with sugar and cream. You’re quenching thirst with added calories.

2.  Eat more often. That’s right, if you are going too long in between meals, you are probably overly hungry and eating too much.

3.  Switch to leaner proteins. Poultry or fish instead of red meat. Skim or low fat milk and dairy instead of whole. Beans, legumes, nuts and seeds work well too! (more…)

Mitzi Dulan and Tony Gonzalez Offer Sound Eating Advice in The All-Pro Diet

Take one part sports dietitian, mix with one part professional football player, and add a dash of whole food recipes. Pop it in the oven and eventually you get an excellent book called “The All-Pro Diet: Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Live Like a Champion” (Rodale, 2009).

I sat down with Kansas City Chief’s Tony Gonzalez’s sports dietitian and co-author Mitzi Dulan, RD to get an idea about what the book has to offer people trying to lose weight. Mitzi explains how eating mostly whole plant foods and avoiding heavily processed foods can help you manage a healthy weight.

Listen now as we discuss some of the recipes in the book, like the coconut banana smoothie. YUM!


Cheryl Forberg Discusses “The Biggest Loser: 6 Weeks to a Healthier You”

I had the great pleasure to sit down with superstar dietitian Cheryl Forberg, RD, who just so happens to be a professional chef and the nutrition expert behind the wildly successful weight loss on NBC’s The Biggest Loser! She talked with me about her latest book, The Biggest Loser: 6 Weeks to a Healthier You, which released yesterday. Plus, read on to see how you can win a copy for yourself!

Rebecca: Cheryl, you’ve authored several wonderful books for Biggest Loser so far and I was personally a big fan of Biggest Loser Simple Swaps, what makes The Biggest Loser: 6 Weeks to a Healthier You different than other books?

Cheryl: There are many books on the market catering to dieting and weight loss. One of the distinctions of The Biggest Loser eating plan is that the quality of the calories is as important as the quantity. Our eating plan has evolved since we began 10 seasons ago, and I’m happy to say that it’s continually improved in terms of including less and less processed food choices. (more…)

Elisa Zied’s Nutrition at Your Fingertips Offers Credible Nutrition Information

It’s National Nutrition Month and the second interview in our series will be a big help to anyone who has struggled with trying to find what’s “fact” and what’s “false” when it comes to nutrition information. I love the “information age,” don’t get me wrong, but for people who just want quick facts you can trust, it can be a total nightmare. You read one thing on one website and then something totally different on another.

In comes Elisa Zied, a New York-based dietitian and author of the resource book “Nutrition At Your Fingertips.” I call it a nutrition “survival guide.” You don’t need to read this book cover to cover (but you could if you wanted). It is designed to be used like a dictionary. Want to know about artificial sweeteners? Look it up and get the latest facts. Confused over food labels? Look that up. Same with topics such as glycemic index, food allergies, and healthy weight loss.

Listen to our interview then read on to win the book.

Win a copy of Nutrition At Your Fingertips. Leave a comment below to be eligible, either a nutrition question you’re not sure about or share your favorite “myth” that you were able to bust with reliable information. Winner will be selected 3/31/10.

Get the Nutrition Facts from Dietitians on DietsInReview.com

March is National Nutrition Month and today, March 10, is Registered Dietitian Day. Even though we at DietsInReview.com focus on nutrition news, tips, and trends every day of the year, we wanted to take some time to bring some excellent content your way created by top dietitians.

Before I get to “the goods,” I want to explain why seeking advice from a dietitian is one of the best things you can do for your health. Dietitians are the health professionals that can help you make sensible changes to your eating habits. They can help you understand any medical-related nutritional changes you may need to make (from allergies to diabetes or a thyroid condition). Dietitians can help you finish your first 5K or Ironman competition and help you fuel for optimal performance. Dietitians can even help you shop and prepare healthy meals.

RDs complete a minimum of four years of study in food and nutrition, and many have advanced degrees all the way to PhDs and some are MDs and professional chefs as well. After college, RDs must compete for coveted internships that last about a year. Then, it’s a board exam. Basically, it’s a lot of work. I should know! I’m a career changer from the IT field… leaving a cushy desk job to become a food and nutrition expert was the hardest (and best) thing I have ever done. I love my job. The best way to find an RD is to look one up in your area. You can visit www.eatright.org.

Now, here are some of the best features and content on DietsInReview.com that comes from the food and nutrition experts – the registered dietitians! (more…)

6 Tips to Kick-Start a Healthy Lifestyle from the Biggest Loser Resort

In light of National Registered Dietitian Day, we welcome Emily Fonnesbeck to share some insights on ways to start living a healthier life. Emily is the Registered Dietitian for the Biggest Loser Resort.

January does not have to be the only time to create resolutions. I don’t think you ever need to wait until a calendar date to make changes. If you are really committed, you will start today. Here are some tips to kick-start a healthy lifestyle:

1.  Start small.  You may want to run a marathon eventually, but a 5K might be a better place to start. Make realistic goals that will be achievable in the short term. This will allow you to see results quickly and will keep you committed to long term goals.

2. Fit your goals to fit your lifestyle.  If you travel a lot, it might not be realistic to say you won’t eat out anymore. If you like ice cream, you probably won’t give it up. Be sure to take your lifestyle into account when making your goals. (more…)

Is There Room for Personal Responsibility in Health Care?

healthy familyMuch to my own surprise, I have largely stayed closed-lipped about the health care bill, town halls, and debates over these last few months. Part of the reason is that I have seen it mostly as a way to get health care to the under-insured and uninsured. Usually, health care is an area where I am vocal about the power and possibility of disease prevention. I want everyone to get on the “prevention bandwagon” and take steps today to be healthier – whether it is a community that secures funding to keep their pool and workout room open, or an employer who invests in “wellness” programs and health fairs, or families that decide to prepare a healthy meal at home and go for a walk together in the evenings.

There’s no doubt that the bulk of the nation’s health care costs are based on personal choices. Smoking, high blood pressure and being overweight are the top risks for early death, hitting more than one million early deaths each year, with physical inactivity, high blood sugar and alcohol use not far behind, according to an April study by the Harvard School of Public Health. The price tag for obesity has propelled to $147 billion a year, new government studies show, and smoking costs about $193 billion in medical expenses and lost productivity. (more…)

Dieting Words of Wisdom from Elizabeth Ward, RD

I recently had the incredible opportunity to interview Elizabeth Ward, a registered dietitian and author of Expect the Best: Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During and After Pregnancy. She was gracious and knowledgeable and consented to a brief interview during BlogHer ’09, where she shared her tips and hints for living a healthy lifestyle.