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Mindfully Eat Your Way to Weight Loss This Fall

In many parts of the country, fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Other bonuses of the season including being able to exercise outdoors without fear of heat stroke and the holidays are quickly bringing family an friends together. However, that’s also a downside. With the holidays comes the lure of many enticing foods that will quickly pack on the pounds. Fad diets that promise quick weight loss may show results at first, but many times lost weight is regained as soon as the holiday decor is taken down.

Before this holiday season gives you even more reasons to overeat, change your bad eating habits in favor of ones with lasting weight loss.

We spoke with Susan Albers, PsyD., a clinical psychologist and author of Eating Mindfully, to hear her advice on how to achieve weight loss goals through permanent changes in eating habits.

“Seventy-five percent of overeating is caused by emotions, yet most of our diets focus on food, which is why they fail,” she said. “They don’t teach what to do for cravings or slip ups.”

Instead of another diet failing, focus on what she calls mindful eating. It’s not a diet with menus or recipes, instead it’s about changing psychological habits. “It’s more about how you eat than what you eat,” Dr. Albers said. (more…)

Six Reasons to Start Your Diet on Labor Day

I’ve been writing for Diets In Review for a while, but I just found out recently that Labor Day is the second biggest diet day of the year; I am assuming following New Years Day.

With the rush of back to school and getting ready for the holiday season, I did not expect weight loss to be a high priority for many people. As the weather cools off and we look forward to boots and sweaters and layers, I expected fewer people to be concerned with dieting.

While I am slightly surprised to find out that Labor Day is the second biggest diet day of the year, there are reasons why it makes sense.

Back to school time, at least for me, brings to mind fresh notebooks and clean slates. If you grew up thinking of each fall as a new beginning, then autumn might be the perfect time for a habit change for you. (more…)

6 Ways to Eat Like a Skinny Person

Think people who maintain a healthy weight avoid junk food or are slaves to the gym? You may be right, but there’s a missing link you should know about. In fact, the way you eat can be just as important as what you eat, as evidenced in a study from Cornell University. During the study, researchers watched 213 diners at Chinese restaurant buffets and they found some fascinating differences in the ways thin and overweight people ate.

Want to eat like a skinny person? These tips should help:

Choose Wisely. Thinner study participants poured over food choices before filling their plates. Choose only foods you enjoy and that satisfy you—then leave the other stuff off your plate.

Chew Slowly. A difference of only three chews per bite separated the thin from the overweight in the study, but the difference isn’t as small as you think. In fact, increased chewing per bite of food has been linked to lower body mass index. (Your eating speed may also affect your diabetes risk; read more.) Chewing impacts satiety, so take some time with every bite. And be sure to check in with yourself throughout the meal, registering your hunger and fullness levels using the Hunger Scale.

Forget the Fork. Could chopsticks be a get-slim secret? The study certainly points to a difference—heavier participants tended to use forks to shovel in the food, while slender eaters slowed down their eating pace with chopsticks. (more…)

I Don’t Eat That: Four Words That May Help You Lose Weight

In a recent study found in Health Magazine, Vanessa Patrick, PhD associate professor of marketing at the University of Houston found that 80% of women who used the words, “I don’t eat that,” were able to hold to their good eating habits. On the other hand, only 10% of women who used the similar phrase, “I can’t eat that” stuck to their good eating habits.

“Saying ‘I can’t’ signals that you’re giving up something desirable, but saying ‘I don’t’ gives you a sense of empowerment,” said Patrick.

After reading this piece I couldn’t agree more. A couple years ago, when I was a sophomore in college, I had the pressure to look my best in my little-material cheerleading uniform while knowing I had gained about 10 pounds since making the squad. I used to look at the greasy box of fries my friends were eating and sadly say, “I can’t eat that.” What I didn’t realize was I was making it 10x harder on myself. Losing a few inches on my mid section was a huge goal of mine, but I was going about it the completely wrong way. Saying “I can’t eat that” felt like a slap in the face each time I said it, and it reminded me of the negative consequences and embarrassment I was facing. (more…)

The Benefits of a Small-Meal Eating Plan

For the average American on a busy schedule, eating several, small meals throughout the day can seem impossible. In fact, it’s a downright miracle if three, square meals on any given day actually happen.

As a result of this work-focused lifestyle that often strays from any diet concern, there seems to be a trend in skipping breakfast, eating out for lunch, and overdoing at night to compensate extreme hunger in the evening.

But we all know this isn’t the best approach to health; or at least we should know. The benefits of eating several small meals throughout the day have been touted by many health professionals, and include optimized metabolism function, weight loss, and getting to eat more often.

Stephanie Mansour – CEO of Step It Up with Steph – is a trainer and coach for a weight loss reality TV show called “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.” During the last season, Mansour helped one of her clients lose 83 pounds in just 12 weeks using the small-meal diet approach, focusing on five small meals throughout the day.

Mansour trains all of her clients this way, saying it regulates and speeds up the metabolism, spurs fat burn, and improves digestion. (more…)

Is Moderation in Diet a Myth?

By Abra Pappa for NutritiousAmerica.com

The end goal, for me, with all of my clients is to reach a point where living is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline. To discover an eating dogma that is ideal for the individual. An eating plan that supports every cell in the body and contributes to a feeling of abundance and vibrance. Which, for me, should also include eating a burger or a slice of pizza from time to time. Question is, is it really possible to moderate these indulgent meals? Or is indulgence a slippery slope?

There are as many dietary theories as there are people in the world. If you don’t subscribe wholly and completely to one specific (and seemingly strict) dogma (i.e. vegan, raw, paleo) yet you live a supportive healthy life filled with glorious whole foods, would you say you practice moderation?

Are there actually people that successfully practice moderation? Or is it truly necessary to adhere to a strict eating plan in order to transform your life with food and reach your health goals?

Here are my top 3 tips to make moderation possible and bust the myth that it is not! (more…)

3 Crap Excuses For Not Getting Healthy Destroyed!

By Abra Pappa for NutritiousAmerica.com

On one’s journey to wellness there is knowing what to do and then there is actually doing it. Between the knowing and the doing is a great divide that is filled up with a variety of elements that prevent the “doing.” Mostly, it is filled with excuses.

I have heard them all, but through the years there are a few that religiously resurface over and over and over again.

#1 I don’t have time

Yes, I know we are all extraordinarily busy. Life is moving at a rapid pace these days and it oftentimes seems nearly impossible to have a minute to breathe, never mind a minute to steam some kale. Seriously, a MINUTE to steam some kale. Listen, we all have issues with time management, but that’s all it is, management. Give yourself the greatest gift ever, drop all that you are doing and invest just 10 minutes in a healthy activity. Drink a glass of water, plan a weekly menu, stand up and do some squats. When faced with a time challenge it is within you to manage it. Healthy does not mean slaving away in the kitchen for hours each day. Fit does not mean spending an hour in the gym every day. Begin with a 10 minute commitment each day and fill it with 10 minutes of nourishment. Gradually you will see that healthy activities actually grant you more time. It’s magical. As you feel better you have more focus and energy to do better. (more…)

4 Reasons You Should Start Tracking Your Workouts

By Jeffrey Crews for WeightTraining.com

Exercise is crucial for a healthy body. However, exercise often takes a back seat in one’s daily routine. According to a study in 2008 by the BLS, only 20% of people over 15 years old exercised in the most active region of the United States. Clearly there is an eminent need for exercise in America. Rather than making up excuses, why not find ways to enjoy exercise? Tracking your workouts is one of the many things that can really help you start exercising and continue to improve. The following are four reasons everyone should track their workouts:

Show Where You Need Improvement

Tracking your workouts will allow you to look back and find the areas you could improve in. Fitting exercise into our busy schedules is not always easy. How can you make it easy to become healthier? Taking the time to track every workout allows you to see which exercises you are doing your best. You may find some areas that might need a little more work and be able to address them properly. (more…)

Dr. Oz’s Diet Tips for the Lazy Girl

It’s clear by our nations’ current health status that many, if not most, of us feel getting healthy is too much work. Or it requires giving up all the good things in life. Dr. Oz will be offering tips on how to take the easy way out and still reap health benefits. Today’s Dr. Oz Show is titled, “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Healthy.”

Now, Dr. Oz has dedicated his life to teaching people how to get healthy, so the title is a bit strange. However he’s speaking out to those who are admittedly lazy and showing them things they can do with minimum effort to gain maximum results. He tells his guest, “if you’re going to be a lazy girl, do it right.”

Dr. Oz will demonstrate how you can skip workouts and he’ll explain how one can “burn calories without exercise.” The doctor will even discuss how one can eat what they want and still lose weight and prevent cancer. He tells the guests they don’t have to cook, in fact Dr. Oz says, “you can order pizza, you can order Mexican, or Chinese.” (more…)

5 Reasons Not to Ditch Your Diet This Weekend

When 5:00 on Friday hits we let our inhibitions run wild. Adults running from their jobs on a Friday evening looks a lot like the last day of school – mass exodus. We trade our pencil skirts for yoga pants and get 48 hours to just not care. Is that the best approach? Probably not.

Everyone says they’re going to start a diet on a Monday. So why make yourself live in a constant cycle of re-starting every Monday? Here are five things to consider before you uphold your Saturday night cookie bake-a-thon.

1. Stop thinking of it like a diet. If you’re on a diet, then the cyclical nature of five good days and two “bad” days just feeds the machine. However, if you’re just living, just eating well, being active, and being cognizant of your habits, then it’s not about ditching a diet or splurging or rewarding yourself.

2. Keep it all in balance. If you over do it on dessert at your friend’s wedding, then don’t stop for ice cream on the road trip home. If you’re kicking off the weekend by grilling burgers on Friday night, maybe grill chicken on Saturday. It’s OK to give in a little, but you don’t have to throw away all of your efforts just for a little weekend romp with calories.

3. You finally have the time. You spend all week rushing through breakfast, getting to work on time, packing lunches, racing from meetings to soccer games and trying to make dinner. It’s all too much for most of us. So if you’re ever guilty of saying “I don’t have time,” then consider two whole days that aren’t eaten up mostly by work. Hit a yoga class, go for a run, heck, just go play at the park with your kids. Just move!

4. Stop working against yourself. If you’re starting off two days behind every Monday, your goals are just going to keep getting pushed further back. Just keep moving forward. Carrots are a lot easier to chase than to go hunting for.

5. The sweet taste of accomplishment. Imagine waking up on Monday morning and not regretting, not rethinking your weekend, and just embracing the week ahead. That would feel pretty good, right? Not to mention a lot better than a case of the Mondays! Try balancing your goals with your urges this weekend and see how much better you feel come Monday morning.

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